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WWW, August 2020 - It's been quite a while since there was any update on the Dubroom website. Quite a while since a new episode of Dubroom In-Site could be written, but finally here it is: Dubroom In-Site Number Thirty-Seven! Good news for music collectors, and for Truth seekers alike. Let's get started, shall we?


What on earth are favicons, other than a multiple of one favicon? Well, it's one of these things you see when you visit a website. It's on top of your browser, a little picture next to the url. It looks like this:

It turned out that all over the Dubroom website, there was another favicon. This one:

That was not really a preferable situation. So, action was needed. Since this website is hand-made, that is every page has to be edited by hand, the only action that could be taken was to manually edit every single page on the Dubroom website and add a little code that links to something relevant instead of the "Y!" thing. This has now been done. Thousands of pages edited.


Of course, in this process a quick look at every page was necessary. And oh boy, how much dead and wrong links were found! For example, there were a lot of links to LAST.FM, which used to host mp3 files. Not anymore. Changed them. For some reason, even some internal links didn't work. Changed them. And of course, had the biggest work. So many websites are gone, some eaten up by the big Tech companies while other simply vanished.

Of course, it is the year 2020. Most people only have a smart phone, and no longer collect music. It's a sad thing, because streaming services like Spotify and Itunes are not really that friendly to the underground music scene. In a way, we're just like in the days before the Internet when there were the official channels that everyone could access easily and the underground that you had to know how to get in.

And so, in these times where sites vanish and music gets lost, the Dubroom has opened a brand new feature:

Creative Commons Archive

A significant part of the music reviewed at was released under a Creative Commons copyright. Dubroom music released before 2014 or so was and also still is available under that copyright. It basically means that the music is free and can be freely distributed provided that no money is made of it, the stuff is left intact and the creators credited.

In order to keep (to name a buzzword) sustainable, every reviewed album and single track released under Creative Commons is now physically uploaded to the Dubroom's server and offered for free download straight off the website. The server actually carries -at the moment this is written- over 60 Creative Commons mp3 albums as well as some interesting single tracks, for example by Ziggy Marley. Until now, it wasn't really possible for the visitor of the Dubroom seeking to collect music to get all of this material in one section. 

Introducing the Creative Commons archive of

WWW, August 2020 - The Dubroom website physically hosts quite a number of mp3 albums and tracks released under Creative Commons copyright. This basically means that the music may be re-distributed provided no money is made, the music left intact and the creators credited. And so it is done here at the Dubroom. 

Just this month, the Dubroom webmaster went through all the links at again only to find a lot of dead links. Sure, that's because the Dubroom links to music hosted at other websites and these websites do sometimes change their content or worse, disappear from the web. That's where music released under Creative Commons copyright is such a blessing, because it enables the Dubroom to physically host the music on it's own server so that the music will continue to be available, even when the original sources disappear.

Now, as an extra service, all this material can now be downloaded from one place, the Creative Commons Archives. Nicely divided between single tracks and albums, everything sorted alphabetically as well, you can download the music at your leisure and enjoy the vibes.

Please, pay respect to the Creative Commons copyright idea. This means, that the music is offered to you for free and you are free to pass it on as well, provided that you do not ask any money for it, do not change the contents of the music and the zip files and pay credit to the original artists and producers that created the works.
Additionally, the Dubroom Net Label also hosts quite a bit of musical works, some even in WAVE format. You might want to check that out as well, as we've released quite a bit of music in various styles from analogue Roots Reggae to digital Dubwise and much more. And last but not least, we've dug up some lo-fi Dubroom Radio shows you might like. Or not.
Hopefully you like this extra service to help you get some of the best that has reviewed. Enjoy!

And this...

On top of the Creative Commons albums and single tracks downloads, there's a third download page. This page contains links to albums that have vanished because the websites that offered the free downloads have vanished. You can now find much the music scattered over YouTube on channels that upload all kinds of musical works, but not anymore as free mp3 download. So in order to serve the collectors of free and legal mp3's, the Dubroom's server now also hosts that music. We do so since it was offered for free and is no longer available, but under the condition that as soon as we get a message from the original sources to take something off-line, it will be taken off-line

The Churchianity Observer

Another significant part of the Dubroom has to deal with the faith. The faith in Yesus, in Jah. That's a faith in Him and thus not a faith in, well, let's say Babylon or the many things that are done in the name of "Christianity". A faith, the faith, in Yesus Kristos the Saviour of all mankind. 
And that's something completely different than being part of some religion or some system that claim Yesus but is far from it. Let's call that "Churchianity". How much the Dubroom has researched and documented this, from the thorough investigation of the Christafari Cult to many other, broader things, resulting  in the website. 

All of this was, and still is, a service for Truth seekers. Yet the name "Center for Research on Christianity" is regrettable. Christianity can be seen as the Body of Kristos, the collective of all believers in Him regardless of anything else. There's no One researching that other than back biters and haters of Kristos. 

So we move on.

The CRC has now been replaced by the Churchianity Observer and can be found at

Yes, he knows the word "church" ("Called Out Ones") in it's essence refers to that very same Body of Kristos but only in the original language. When we think of the word "church", we see that system. When we think of the word "Christianity", we can also think of Christ, Kristos.
There is no need to watch the flock of Jah. Jah watches over His flock.

There is every need to see just what is done with the Message of the Gospel, how the Church-and-State System functions, what they say to the flock, and much more .



Observing Churchianity.

When you love Truth, love Yesus, want to equip yourself not to get into stupidity, observe along with the Churchianity Observer. Here's a small introduction to
WWW, August 2020 - After several years of hardly any activity on the Dubroom website, here is the Churchianity Observer. An introduction.
Almost two decades ago the Dubroom founded the "Christafari Research Center", a website aimed at providing extra research material to the two books Dubroom editor Messian Dread wrote about this "Gospel Reggae Band". Later the "CRC" changed it's name into "Center for Research on Christianity", providing a more broad perspective on "Babylon Sponsored Christianity".

And now there is the Churchianity Observer, the follow-up for the CRC.
Basically the Churchianity Observer has a YouTube Channel where all kind of interesting and relevant material is gathered, a forum where you can interact about this very same material and more even without registration, and a research archive with downloadable stuff.

Although the Churchianity Observer is obviously very much against the false teachings and systems he exposes, but none of that comes out of an antichristian mind set. Quite the contrary! The only thing the Churchianity Observer wants to do is provide information to the members of the Body of Christ and other Truth seekers who seek to divide between true Christian Livity, a life of faith in Christ and the counterfeit systems of downpression that come in the Name of Kristos but in reality are ravenous wolves.  


I hope you're not only informed, but also provided with something that you like, whether it's about the music or about consciousness. Feel free to comment to this update at the Dubroom Message Board (registration NOT required) or visit and/or

One Love,
Messian Dread (Editor/Webmaster,

Sunday, August 23, 2020




WWW,  August 23, 2020 - Yes, we live in a troubled time. A time wherein the whole world has gone mad. A time wherein those who are totally impressed, confused, scared, seem to have the loudest mouths. That is, when you listen to the loudest mouths. As always, these are the usual suspects. The powers that be, the useful idiots, anyone but that one telling truth.

How long is it, that we know we are fed propaganda?

This website has exposed Babylon Shitstem, but it's webmaster (that would be me) went tired. I had a serious medical issue too, heart attack. Yes, you can laugh at me and say I am a weak heart. But you know not what you are talking about. So that's for the many enemies I gathered throughout the years, even decades.

But who are these "enemies"?

I cannot even name them. They are numerous. But what have they done, what was their message? That is clear when you see there is one thing I am "not allowed" to say. That "one thing" is this:

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"

Here is the link, in case you doubt me.

Yes, this is what I'm not allowed to say or preach.

And I can tell you why. 

Simple: Because it is the Truth!

You are not allowed to read the truth. You are not allowed to think further than the boundaries you are given.

But I can tell you this: we are part of a story of the Creator and His creation. We are His creation. And I urge everyone who reads this to find peace with the Creator. 

One Love,
Messian Dread

Sunday, April 9, 2017




WWW,  April 9 2017 - Just a few months after he was selected to be the next American president, Donald Trump proves once again how those that look at their preferential candidate as if he is the Messiah will turn out fooled.

Just a few days after the Americans announce that regime change in Syria was no longer top priority, there is an attack with chemical weapons and the blame is put on the Syrian president Assad. Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor of president Trump and close friend to Chelsea Clinton (indeed, the daughter of) tweets the following:

Heartbroken and outraged by the images coming out of Syria following the atrocious chemical attack yesterday. (LINK)

That's a true challenge for daddy Trump. Will he let his daughter continue to feel bad over something that happens or will he defend her, grant her her wish, or will he do what people elected him to do? In the mean time, we know the answer. Here's the next tweet:

The times we are living in call for difficult decisions - Proud of my father for refusing to accept these horrendous crimes against humanity. (LINK)

Yes, it happened. Donald Trump went to war in Syria, applauded by warmongers like John Mc Cain and Hillary Clinton. A big lesson to those that have put their trust in men by thinking they would basically elect the Messiah into the White House. Others went before them... Much more important is the fact that Trump's decision to is directly supporting the Muslim terrorists in their Islamic State and brings the world closer to WW3.

Click for larger viewA coalition of Russian, Syrian and Iranian forces have been dealing blow after blow to ISIS. They're heading to Raqqaa, the proclaimed capital of the Caliphate. How convenient or strategically was an attack with chemical weapons on a civilian population for the Islamists? As I heard it state: "Whenever ISIS need air support, they just have to drop chemical weapons".

In the mean time, Russian president Vladimir Putin said he would strike back next time the USA will bomb Syrian airfields. After all, Russia and Syria are allies and the Syrian airfields are vital infrastructure in the fight against the Mohammedan Caliphate.

Now, back to Trump's flip-flop.

He was elected partly because he wanted to stay out of Syria. No more neo-conservative or neo-liberal if you will regime change games. No more backing up ISIS forces and other Islamists. All of this as opposed to Hillary Clinton, of whom everybody knows she is a hawk and wants to start wars wherever she can.

Trump vehemently opposed Obama's warmongering policies (Tweet left) and so do the people who voted for him. Well known radio talk show host Alex Jones, for example. He basically sold out completely to Trump and surely inspired many to vote for the guy with the funny hair. Now he's trying to find a way out.

Others still "keep the faith". It is very interesting to see how Trump supporters now try to defend something they used to vote against. I've seen a comment by someone who said something to the effect of "Better that Trump start war, because I wouldn't want Hillary to do it". Yes, that is how blind people can follow a leader, trying to excuse him for doing the very same thing that he judged his predecessor for. 

Where this will all lead? We'll surely see it as things develop.

In the meantime: let's keep in touch.

One Love,
Messian Dread


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

All Things Work For Good



WWW,  March 29 2017 - Over two years since the last update. Apart from a few postings on the Dubroom Message Boards and Google+ as well as some interesting discussions on YouTube, nothing has come out from yours truly. So what has been going on?

Was it a coincidence that I had to get to the hospital just a few days before I would do my first performance of the year? This question has been running through my mind several times. Of course, it had to come one day, that's for sure. A thing that might illustrate my condition was the fact that my weight was a mere 53 kilo (116 pound). I thought I was 65 (143 pound). I was seriously underfed, which obviously had a consequence. So yes, it was a matter of time before I would end up in hospital. No doubt about it.

After my initial revalidation process, I gradually regained some strength. At first I couldn't walk for more than 5 minutes without having to rest. Currently I am driving my bicycle almost daily and I make trips of 40 kilometers (25 miles) on average. Takes me two, two and a half hour. While I'm riding, I'm listening to things. Debates, interviews, lectures, audio books. I'm catching up, that's a fact. It wouldn't have happened without me having to change my lifestyle significantly.

Still, I find it hard to simply ignore the timing of everything. 

The Bible says that "we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28). Not hard to imagine how can see my hospitalization and subsequent change of lifestyle in this very same context. You see, while I was doing all these musical things I did not have time to actually to an in-depth study of the Book of Books. To examine and deepen my faith, the most important thing in my life.

It begged the question: "What is more important, to entertain people or to grow in knowledge and therefore in fruit?" Asking the question is actually answering it. Sure there is a time and place for everything. A time to rejoice, a time to mourn. A time to be angry, a time to forgive. A time to share, for example my musical productions, and a time to just take and gain, in this case: knowledge and hopefully some more wisdom.

Recently I watched an interview with the very well known hard rock artist Alice Cooper. Turned out he gave his life to Jesus. He said something like: "You know, God said to me, now you've seen enough and now I want you for myself", something to that effect. I can see a bit of a parallel, even though I'm a born again Christian since 1985. Not being part of any Christian Industrial complex, just out there "in the world", as it is called. Performing at places where you average Christian doesn't go, just to share Jah Light. Sharing, giving.

A few days before I would perform, God at least put me out of action. I had nothing more to give.

In hindsight, I can see that this did not came out of nowhere, even though it seemed so at the time. I read updates from before. I think about the enormous fatigues I had while still feeling compelled to "trod on" as the saying goes. Even Christians were more interested in the music than anything else. For me it was no question, even though I did develop a view of myself being the band that plays the music while the Titanic is sinking about 5 years or so ago. No, there was no way for me or others to start realizing I was not the well that never runs dry.

My collapse two years ago changed all of that.

Because it's already two years, I can say that I think I am in a new phase in my life. Having made hundreds of tracks of which 95% are free to download, is that not enough? Do I need to produce more of the same, just for the sake of having a flow? It costs a lot of money, time and health to do so. 

I think the time is there for me to continue studying, learning, deepening my faith and staying reasonable healthy.

Let's keep in touch.

One Love,
Messian Dread

Friday, June 5, 2015

Discomix Danger: Kojak, Seamus Ikonya, Clifton Yeates, U Roy, Prince Jazzbo


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WWW, June 2015 - Five traditional Roots Reggae discomixes: it's a showcase EP. Five extended tracks, with the first half carrying the original Reggae riddim with full length lyrical content, followed by it's Dub version. Hence: Discomix Danger! Experience how Dub is actually transforming a Reggae track into a spaced-out piece of ear candy.

When the B-sides of Jamaican singles gradually changed from a mere instrumental version to a complete DUB work-out by ones like King Tubby's, all of this paved the way for the maxi-singles or twelve inch vinyl records: the extended mix containing both vocal and DUB version in one long stop mix, often called discomixes. This EP honors the tradition with five traditional discomixes, all created by Messian Dread in the Dubroom studio. Some material was pre-recorded in studio's like ARIWA, (most of) the vocals were licensed from Don Goliath but everything was completely re-arranged and fit into original Dubroom riddims.


1. Kojak - Prevail (Discomix) 7:24 (320 KBPS MP3)
2. Seamus Ikonya - Babylon System (Discomix) 6:24 (320 KBPS MP3)
3. Clifton Yeates - Come Hail The Lord (Discomix) 6:38 (320 KBPS MP3)
4. U Roy - Mash Down Satan (Discomix) 7:49 (320 KBPS MP3)
5. Prince Jazzbo - Natty Walk (Discomix) 8:22 (320 KBPS MP3)

Please do not re-publish the actual music, because unlike Dubroom releases before 2014, this release is © Messian Dread/Dubroom. Available for free: 128 Kbps/320 Kbps MP3 Files, CD Quality Wave Audio.



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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Release Announcement: Discomix Danger EP on June 5th 2015



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Weeks On The Edge Of Physical Life (Messian Dread Report February 19 2015)



WWW, February 19 2015 - There I was, just a couple of days before what would be my first live performance in this year, just a couple of days after an initial positive outlook and update I wrote about this 2015. There I was, in an ambulance on my way to the hospital where I found out I would have to undergo a life-saving surgery in yet another hospital. After three weeks of absence, I returned home yesterday and wrote the following report. 

It's a lesson which I never seem to learn: writing updates, sharing plans, finding out that things went different. You could do a research project analyzing updates and factual progress on this website. No difference about that when it comes to this report. This time, though, it's truly serious. Yesterday I arrived back home in a taxi after a three week absence and with the prospect of five weeks of recovery and an even longer revalidation process. Yes, indeed: a medical situation. A serious medical situation which -without intervention- would have caused my physical death. The direct reason I'm still here is the fact Jah used some magnificent surgeon and staff, intensive care personnel and a whole lot more medical people to keep this body alive.

In short: I'm out of the hospital, my body is recovering from surgery and situation. I'm unable to do most things I'm used to do, stuff like lifting things and working hours and hours in a row. I've got some serious fractures and wounds that need healing before they will turn into scars during the next weeks and only after that initial recovery will I have to go through a rather intense revalidation process. Yes, it's rather serious even though I'm not in any direct life danger anymore and with some adjustments I can, to quote the surgeon under whose knife I was for many hours, "get old".

At this moment, I can spend some time writing and I'll have to take short walks, but not too much. I get physically tired quite easy, can't do simple things like lifting a thing and even sleeping at night isn't giving the comfort it should give. I'm taking paracetamol 4 times a day to keep the worst pains away which is working wonders. Fortunately I'm a reluctant medicine taker so my body does respond very well whenever I do take a painkiller or whatever.

Exactly a week ago my wife got a phone call from the surgeon, that everything went well and I would soon wake up in the Intensive Care unit in the hospital, surrounded by all kinds of tubes and drains. During the surgery several vital organs went off-line and a machine kept me alive. Quite serious, especially when you're -like me- not used to all these things first hand. I only had a few medical situations in my life and they were all in the previous century. A broken arm, stuff like that.

In the two weeks before I could undergo the surgery, I was in the local hospital where I got the best care I could possibly get. The first week was one full of uncertainty, full of friends and family visiting and encouraging me with moral and practical support. In the second, things worsened and the seriousness of my condition became painfully clear. I had to focus on keeping my body alive and only my wife and father could visit me. I had to reserve every milligram of my mental strength to maintain my own condition, something completely new to me. In the same time I had to accept that I was taken care of, for that very same reason. This was all to keep my body from passing away...

At February 11 I was driven to a larger hospital where I spent the night, woke up at 6 am the next day and went "under the knife" about 90 minutes later. Some 24+ hours further on I was taken from the Intensive Care unit and was driven back to my hometown by ambulance the next Monday, February 16. Jah had blessed me with a quicker-than-average recovery and so I was released yesterday, February 18.

All of this leaves me in this current situation. Truly a time wherein the words "He Maketh Me To Lay Down" translate directly to my current condition, especially where it relates to this work on the Dubroom and "Planet Reggae". I still have to give most of my strength and energy to recovering. I know what I have to do, I have a very strong support base and some of the best and finest medical people to assist me in this process. This is a process, a project in which my body has to get fit so that my soul and spirit can do the things I'm supposed to do.

I'm not afraid for physical death. I've seen death in the face before. In fact, I know for a fact that the only reason I am not with Him in Zion already is because He wants to use me in this physical realm. For what, I don't know. That's not my business. It is my business to keep this body alive in every way possible. This rest and blessing is my drive to stay alive, not the fear of death itself. I wish that very same rest and blessing to you too, whoever you are and in whatever situation you are. 

Let me conclude this little report by saying that I do not have any plans other than to do what I can when I can. There is always a lot to do, but I haven't got any idea when I'll be working on what. After all, when my body isn't able to function there's very little I can do anyway...

One Love,
Messian Dread

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Has Arrived...



WWW, January 2015 - After a turbulent year both personal and in the musical field, this brand new year 2015 started nice and quiet. A New Year's greeting and update from the Dubroom webmaster.

A year ago, I was and was not looking forward to the upcoming year. It was around this day, that we've entered into a legal procedure which we knew would take about a year before it's completion. A very necessary procedure that would provide us with a much more stable living situation. We knew we had to go all through that 2014 in order to reach 2015 wherein this stable situation would be a fact. And yes, it is a fact. Thanks to Jah.

For me, personally, this means that we here have reached a situation where I -and others- have been working to establish in a seven yearlong process. After seven years, I can finally testify that Jah is good and what He promises comes to pass. 

So yes, a happy new year every body!

I've been quite productive musically during that final year 2014, a thing which I hopefully will be continuating in the upcoming year. For sure is that I'm scheduled to play music January 31 during JAH SESSIONS in my local home town of Drachten in the Netherlands. Another thing in the planning is to purchase a reverb and delay for use in a new studio set up. 

Pretty soon I'll start up the diesel engines again and begin to release more music, mixes, reviews and tutorials.

For now, I'm enjoying the vibe in this first year of what could be called a newly found freedom, the freedom to live the life I love and love the life I live. 

Not alone, in case you wondered. 

One Love,
Messian Dread

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