Friday, November 23, 2007

Blessing or Offense? (7) - Webmaster's Column

Dubroom Online - Edition November 23, 2007


WWW, November 23 2007 - Militant factions of homosexualists or churchicans are known to take offense in many of Reggae's lyrics and desperately try to Konform Reggae Culture as they see no way in which they could ever be part of such a Culture themselves.

They don't see one particular principal that helped to shape Reggae Music and Culture, even musically. But their blindness is a direct threat to the real Love and Unity in Reggae Culture, which is a Unification of people to chant down the real enemy and help each other to survive as victims of the very same system.

Babylon doesn't look to your particular view on homosexualism or the Bible. Babylon will try to feed of you and enslave you, so let's join together in Love and Unity in order to Chant down Babylon together!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

House Of Reggae #12 (MP3 Podcast Review)
Fasimbas Sound System - Drums Of Redemption (Video Review)

House Of Reggae #12 (MP3 Podcast Review)


WWW, November 2007 - None less than 16 tunes in what is another great selection of info-tainment by the master of the genre in this discipline of the Reggae Podosphere!

The 12th episode of Ian's House Of Reggae starts with a serious selection of the late 1970's, including an interesting Clint Eastwood riding the Uptown Top Ranking riddim that sound quite different than the one that made it into the UK Charts back in the days.

As our host takes us back further in time, he explains just what we're about to hear in his own way of "ire enthusiasm" with Jamaican Reggae and Ska music.

He doesn't ignore the themes that cause the many Sufferers tunes you can find in Jamaican Music through-out the decades, things which could be quite relevant for people who are just staring to get to know Reggae Music and want to find out what that great stuff they hear is all about.

One of those themes in the political violence and the declared peace after countless of people dies in the war between the rivaling political parties. The story behind Bob Marley's "One Love Peace Concert", for example. is very much related to this as well as the tunes that our host plays in another section of yet another great piece of info-tainment!


01. Ray Darwin - People's Choice
02. Sea & Waves - Born In The Ghetto
03. Ghetto version
04. Clint Eastwood - Badder Than You
05. The Clarendonians - You Can't Be Happy
06. Frankie Jones - The War Is Over
07. Freddie McKay & Jah Lloyd - War Is Over
08. Da'Ville - Love U Better
09. Wailing Souls - Take A Taste
10. Ringo - Don't Know Much
11. Winston & Roy feat. Count Ossie - Babylon Gone
12. Delroy Wilson - Lion Of Judah
13. Ce'Cile - Waiting
14. Pinchers - Seen & Done
15. Tony Curtis & Jigsy King - I'm Sorry
16. Buju Banton - Love Needs


Fasimbas Sound System - Drums Of Redemption (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, November 2007 - Fasimbas describe their sound as Rasta DUB. They are here to musically Chant Down Babylon and give thanks for those that bravely join them.

Roots Reggae, especially Conscious Roots Reggae is ignored by the mass-media. The reason for that has to do with what Rastafarians and other Conscious people call Babylon Shitstem.

This system is responsible for the fact that African people were taken as slaves from their homeland to work as slaves on land that was stolen from yet another people: "welcome" to what one of it's founding fathers called the "New Atlantis".

Fasimbas -their name is a Raspect to Jah Shaka, the King of Rasta Sound System Warriors ina Babylon- is here to Chant Down Babylon with Music and the Dubroom is here to Chant Down Babylon with the promotion (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness.

In this video, that lasts almost ten minutes, Fasimbas introduce themselves over some heavyweight DUB vibes. They show us how they Chant Down Babylon with Music and a positive message of Love and Unity in the African Community as they take us to one of their monthly sessions.

Raspect is due!


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