Sunday, December 30, 2007

Evaluating 2007 (9)

Dubroom Online - Edition December 30, 2007


WWW, December 30 2007 - Reviews, research and releases. The Dubroom teamed up with JAH Mark Ragsdale, who ran a small independent record store but also the Star Recordings Record Label.

In 2007, Star Recordings released the first ever Messian Dread CD-only album, called "Showcase".

More releases came from the Dubroom Star Selections Net Label, offering free downloads from Dubroom productions as well as works by other artists.

In 2008, the Net Label might just grow further, as the Dubroom Studio is also expanding.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

More Rootical, Selector!

More Rootical, Selector!



WWW, December 2007 - Heavy, heavy Roots you can't refuse: Ambassada Hi-Power's DJ Ian Irie comes once again with a selection of vocals and dubs that will make the weak heart drop.

We call it rootical, because the music is Roots Reggae Music. Roots Music which provides the foundation and the life for both the branches and the fruits. This foundational Reggae Music more often than not comes with Conscious lyrics or titles.

Conscious themes and vibes are Ambassada Hi-Power's musical trade mark. With that, they are part of a Culture of Conscious Sound Systems which especially in the UK has a long-lasting history and future as well!

"More Rootical, Selector!" is a traditional Rootical mix by one of the foundational UK based Sound Systems. It's a hard core mix with deep dubs and penetrating vocal tracks that lasts just over an hour.

We'll hear gems like Johnny Clarke's version of Crazy Baldhead and Barrington Levy's Bounty Hunter together with heavy UK DUB productions by Mafia and Fluxy, the UK's very own Riddim Twins.

When we arrive at Bunny Wailer's "Cool Runnings", we have another uplifting experience behind us, that will keep us craving for more Rootical Culture, Selector!


01) Crazy Baldhead - J.Clarke
02) Chase Dem Crazy
03) Dancing On The Rainbow - Wayne McArthur
04) Rainbow Dub
05) Reality - Mykel Rose
06) I Hear them bawling - Dixie Peach
07) Ghetto Youth No Worry
08) Ghetto Dub
09) Concious Dub - D. Judah
10) Where you Hiding Dub - Mafia & Fluxy
11) Freedom Dub - Max Romeo
12) Bounty Hunter - B. Levy
13) Jah Sey So - J.Osbourne
14) Jah See Dem A Come - J. Clarke
15) Cool Runnings - Bunny Wailer



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