Saturday, September 20, 2014

Various Artists - United As One (Dubroom MP3 Album Review)



WWW, September 20 2014 - Something brewing in the Mediterranean: The Maltese Net Label Dub Key and it's Cyprus based Dubophonic counterpart joined strength with a solid and varied (DUB) Roots Reggae release as a result. Music with a message, music with a soul and general conscious vibes. Can't refuse this one. 

They've been anticipating this release with an excellent promo mix that could be download only a hundred times. That is, until the day of the actual album release and -not completely coincidental- the day of this review as well. Over here at the Dubroom we've anticipated with the inclusion of the very same promo mix in a podcast released yesterday and a determination to publish the first review of this more than excellent album for the online massive.


You've guessed it: this is not just another musical release. In fact, where the two Mediterranean Net Labels continually work on increasing their quantity and quality, this release drops the two heavyweights together with a musical explosion as result. Remember: when the music hits, you feel no pain but you do feel the positive vibes of this collaboration. "United As One" sets an example for this time, wherein we do no longer need to "kill soundboys" but rather say "One Love", especially in the Sound System culture with which both Dub Key and Dubophonic have their connections.

Both labels have singers and players of instruments, engineers and producers and they've been voicing, playing and mixing each other's work. The album that came out on this September 20 2014 carries 16 mixes of four riddims. Vocals and Dubs follow each other as each riddim is presented in a truly different form. Truly sixteen different tracks, that you really want to play from the top to the very last drop. Unless you're a (online) selector in which case you will find that the track will be very fit for a different sequence in your own DJ set. 

This is niceness, this is a must download. The only problem you face is this: from which website are you going to download it? From DUB KEY or DUBOPHONIC

You'll sort it out.


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