Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rasta Vocal Samples Featuring Dan Man


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WWW, July 2014 - Voicing with one of the heaviest UK Sound Systems (Iration Steppas) is a heavyweight job. Almost as heavy as the bass going through the many speakers of the sound. You need to have the right voice, the right words and the right attitude. Dan Man has it all and some of this is captured in RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES.

First things first: do not just go by the names and here is why. When you check the reviews of Sound System Vocals Parts one, two and three, you will find out that the material featured in these packages are applicable in much more than "just" a Sound System or DJ live set. Since the Dubroom released several full lyrical tracks from the material, that's an easily establishable fact.

When you read "Rasta Vocal Samples", you do -unlike with the name of the previously mentioned products- expect more than material for a live Sound System or DJ-set and yet it takes a lot of work to get there. In other words, this is not your primary vocal package when you are looking for material to make full length Reggae tracks. There is simply not enough variation and material in general to construct a sensible lyrical track. Possibilities will not be more than a few lines.

In fact, the main focus of RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES is not the producer of Reggae or even DUB. This is definitely a product that should be considered first and foremost by owners of Sound Systems, virtual online or in the Outernet. The major part of the pack contains shouts and short phrases which will -when placed strategically- give an extra touch to your selection without the shadow of a doubt.

Unfortunately, it has a part reserved for your typical Sound Clash phrases: "killing soundboys" and stuff like that. Not directly something to put in your righteous Roots track, and even a bit outdated as the vibe in Roots land is more and more that of One Love instead of clashing. It could be that the producers of RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES have focused a bit too much on other forms of music, music where Sound Clashes may very well be popular. The fact that there is a part two, not with Dan Man, which will not be reviewed in the Dubroom doesn't promise too much good either. 

Fortunately, you can just choose to ignore the verbal violence since there is more than enough material left. Especially when you've already purchased Sound System Vocals Parts one, two and three at and have not spent the virtual cash you own with each purchase, the few euro's or pounds or dollars it costs will definitely provide you with a valuable addition to your vocal sound library. 

For DJ's and Selectors, this product is definitely recommended. Producers of DUB will also benefit from the material as there are many short phrases, shouts and even a few singing lines you can use. RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES is all about the music, about original music and about spicing up the music. This is a spice that gives a Jamaican flavor to non-Reggae tracks and adds some thrill and excitement on top of Roots Reggae riddims.


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