Saturday, February 16, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition February 16, 2008


WWW, February 16 2008 - Throughout the whole world, we can find ancient accounts of a mysterious figure who "civilized" mankind.

He is known under various names, but all over his symbol and appearance are the same. He is depicted as a white man, sometimes with red hair and sometimes with blond hair. And his symbol is always the Serpent.

Closer research reveals, how this "mysterious figure" is none other than Nimrod, the founder of Mystery Babylon.

And of Nimrod it is said, that he "became one of the Gibborim", in other words, he became like those beings that are known elsewhere as "the Seed of the Serpent".

More tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Saturday, February 16, 2008



WWW, February 2008 - Singers and Players of Mixing Boards and Instruments will be there: get ready for some Crucial Consciousness combined with Deep DUB, UK Style.

Stepping Out A Babylon is a Serious Thing fe true!

If there is one thing that would describe the over-all vibe of UK DUB and ROOTS, the word would have to be "Consciousness". In a dreadly combination of Word, Sound and Power, the true strength of Reggae Music is revealed in such a way, that even the proverbial deaf will hear and the proverbial blind will see.

Take this Podcast, for example, skillfully mixed by the Italian based B-Dub crew.

Militant Stepper drums and penetrating DUB mixing more often than not accompany cutting edge Conscious Lyrics: Serious Steppers is a School Example of the better UK DUB and Roots. The playlist reads like a who's who of the genre and experiencing the forty-two minutes of this Podcast will reveal just what is so special about UK Style.

Essential Listening!


01. Aisha – Tribulation
02. Mad Professor – Drunken Scotsman
03. Ranking Joe – Don’t follow babylon
04. Alpha & Omega – Marching warriors [feat. coz tafari]
05. Alpha & Omega – U wrong [feat. gregory fabulous]
06. Alpha & Omega – Dub warrior
07. Nucleus Roots – Lie dem a tell
08. Nucleus Roots – Lie dem a dub
09. Pablo gad – Technology
10. Bush Chemists – Technology dub
11. Daddy teacha – Standing firm
12. Vibronics – Standing firm dub
13. Iration steppas – Rice and peas
14. Johnny Clarke – Rasta international
15. Jah Shaka – Dub international
16. Tena Stelin & Centry – Can’t touch Jah
17. Centry – Can’t touch Jah dub
18. Nucleus Roots – My king
19. Nucleus Roots – My king dub
20. Iration Steppas – Talking ‘bout Jah love is sweet



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