Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seven More Shall Rise (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition November 25, 2007


WWW, November 25 2007 - The news that Lucky Dube was shot dead obviously shocked us all.

His wailing voice and militancy was rightfully compared with that of Peter Tosh, and now both men have left us way before their time in a strikingly similar way too.


Many believe that he was shot dead by the very same system he was known to Chant Down everywhere he went.

Whatever the case, for every "fallen" Freedom Fighter, seven more shall rise.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

I Wayne (MP3 Review)
Lucky Dube - Going Back To My Roots (Video Review)

Lucky Dube - Going Back To My Roots (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, November 2007 - They might have killed the man, but his music can never be killed. An impressive video registration of Lucky Dube, one of Jah Warriors who chants down Babylon with music.

Alpha Blondy and Lucky Dube are widely considered to be the main representatives of Reggae Music from the Mother Land. Although the two singers can not be compared because they have their own specific style, it is a fact that African Reggae takes a special place in the music and attached culture worldwide.

Not in the least, because Africa is more considered to be a land than a continent, and to many within Reggae Music represents the land of Creation, obviously inspired by the Movement of Rastafari that helped shape the music.

More than Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube combines Rastafari Consciousness and Reggae Music in his works of art. Being from South Africa and having experienced the state racism of Apartheid first-hand, his lyrics deal with crucial topics that -as these things go inna Babylon- obviously attracted the attention of the evil one(s).

Lucky Dube, definitely one of Jah Warriors in the struggle against downpression, injustice and wickedness.

When the news reached us a few weeks ago that South African Reggae singer Lucky Dube was killed, we were all saddened by this major blow against the world wide army of Reggae Warriors and Freedom Fighters of which he was -and still is- definitely a part.

In this video, we meet up with the singer who many say resembles -in his own way still- Peter Tosh's unique wailing voice and definitely carries the same warrior vibe as the "Toughest Wailer".

Dancers, horns, percussion, backing vocals, everything is there to complete a majestic sound in stage. Dressed in warrior clothing, we see a mighty Lucky Dube as he chants down Babylon and uplifts the people with music.


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