Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blessing or Offense? (4) - Webmaster's Column

Dubroom Online - Edition November 20, 2007


WWW, November 20 2007 - These last few days, we have been discovering many examples of the fact, that within Reggae Culture something is seen as a blessing where a lot of other cultures would see these very same things as offensive.

In a way, you could say that the Dubroom Website is also an example of the principal we are talking about.

This principal obviously wasn't invented with Reggae Music. Nevertheless, it was there when the music was born and has been shaping Reggae Culture even musically.

Tomorrow, we'll dive into the roots of this remarkable thing.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Showdown At The Shack: Prince Jammy vs The Scientist (MP3 Review)
Luciano - I Remember When (Video Review)

Showdown At The Shack: Prince Jammy vs The Scientist (MP3 Review)


WWW, November 2007 - The year is 1980. Two Heavyweight DUB Champions from King Tubby's Studio come together for a friendly DUB Duel at their Home Base.

DUB is very much a form of music that could be described as a musical movie. The one you don't see with your eyes, but with your ears. Echo's of vocals and instruments flooding over Drum and Basslines take you into realms of the music that the average vocal track can never bring you.

The art of DUB is discovered and cultivated in the studio of King Tubby's in Jamaica. He is the Founding Father of this art of remixing. King Tubby did not have a studio where he recorded bands, but he recorded vocalists and most of all: heavy DUB!

Studio's like Channel One would provide the multitracks for King Tubby to remix. Or for one of his protégées. Prince Jammy's, for example. Or the Scientist!

Both men developed their own particular style of mixing, taking the works of King Tubby's to yet deeper levels.

Around 1980, it was time for a showdown of the two masters and it came in the form of a DUB album containing crucial riddims played by the studio band of Channel One and carrying the magnificent voice of Barrington Levy, one of the leading voices in what was then a new style of Reggae, called Rub a Dub Music.

It came in the form of a virtual boxing championship, in which the two heavyweight champions meet each other in the ring of DUB. Scientist opens up, Prince Jammy answers. After ten rounds, we -the audience- have to decide who won.


Round 01 - The Scientist
Round 02 - Prince Jammy
Round 03 - The Scientist
Round 04 - Prince Jammy
Round 05 - The Scientist
Round 06 - Prince Jammy
Round 07 - The Scientist
Round 08 - Prince Jammy
Round 09 - The Scientist
Round 10 - Prince Jammy


Luciano - I Remember When (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, November 2007 - Several disciplines of the Arts come together in this remarkable video: Luciano sings one of his latest tunes while in the background actors and dancers provide some sights with the words.

Luciano is there, just with a guitar. He has some backing singers with him, but most of all: the MessenJah as he is often called has something to say, he has a message. A conscious message!

He talks about the history of the African People, at home and abroad. How many were taken as slaves to the so-called "New World" and what results these crimes against Black People came up with.

Luciano is the kind of Messenger that will gently, but to the point and without apology, explain just what's the matter and how come. A crucial message, that you cannot deny no matter how you try.



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