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Dubroom Online - Edition February 4, 2008


WWW, February 4 2008 - The mother of all religions can be found in Babylon or Bab El as it was called by the founder, Nimrod.

We know it as the Mystery Religion of Babylon and it was basically the world religion that came into existence right after the failed Tower of Babel incident.

The planet was divided in 70 or 72 different regions, each one having their own god appointed by the Most High God, JAH.

Priests and kings had contact with the gods, and even more: some of them claimed descendance of these gods!

Ancient skulls found in South America like the famous "Coneheads" reveal how indeed the rulers had features that were not directly human to put it lightly.

More tomorrow...

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WWW, January 2008 - Ian's "House Of Reggae" is located in London. But there's a House of Reggae in Canada too. And how it sounds, can be heard in the 19th episode of this excellent Podcast series.

The 1970's Canadian release turns out to be the original and historical Canadian release of Prince Alla's 1970's tune "Bozrah". And it's not the only highlight in the House of Reggae #19.

In fact, the whole hour is filled with interesting beats and bytes all leading towards a higher overstanding of the many different aspects of Reggae Music and Culture.

The show starts off with an ancient Dennis Brown track, followed by a deeply spiritual extended tune by Prince Alla and Tappa Zukie of which our host gladfully provides the biblical background information as well.

Another highlight in the show is formed by an obscure Lee Perry and King Tubby collaboration, from the pre-Black Ark era. Ian plays both sides of the original 7" vinyl single, and showcases some later Perry productions as well.

Another episode in what is surely one of the most informative Reggae podcasts in Cyberspace!


01. Dennis Brown - At The Foot Of The Mountain
02. Prince Alla - Daniel
03. Tappa Zukie - Black Man
04. Roland Alphonso - Song For My Father
05. Alborosie - Holy Mount Zion
06. Burro Banton - Lyrics Daddy
07. Patrick Andy - Love Of A Woman
08. The Jolly Brothers - Conscious Man
09. The Upsetters - Black IPA / IPA Skank
10. Pressure - Ghetto Life
11. Carlton & The Shoes - This Feeling
12. Prince Alla - Bosrah
13. Judah Eskender Tafari - Just Another Day





WWW, February 2008 - The recently released Internet Video "Zeitgeist" brings us the latest New Age spin on "Religion", "9/11" and other Babylonian projects.

How the Son becomes the Sun and claims backed by money rather than facts...

"Zeitgeist": a German word which can be translated as Spirit-Of-The-Time. The word is often used to describe the cultural and intellectual climate of a certain time.

"Zeitgeist": the name of a recently released Internet Documentary perfectly capturing the Spirit-Of-The-Time in this post-modern era. An era, wherein plain logic and truthful reasonings are anathema even though this is not acknowledged by those who follow the Zeitgeist.

The makers of the movie Zeitgeist, for example...

Claiming to fight the Zeitgeist, in reality they are promoting it big-time in a video that is full of errors, psychological manipulations, rhetorics and hollow sound bytes.

In fact, it's almost impossible to believe how the movie can ever be taken seriously...

But Zeitgeist is (to be) taken seriously!

On the movie's website, we find the announcement of a "Z-Day" somewhere in March 2008. On "Z-day" the video will be screened at countless of places all over the world. (LINK)

Obviously, there's money behind the Zeitgeist Movie. Big money, even, money that is donated rather than invested: the movie is professionally produced and promoted, while the multi-million downloads at Google Video didn't bring the makers much money either.

Someone obviously has a message to get across. Someone obviously has the money to back up the many claims in the video as well, but do the facts back up the claims, too?

One article on the Internet entitled "Beauty Is Truth", wherein the video is reviewed, has this to say (emph. BO):

The Truth Movement's newest, most popular film is a documentary called Zeitgeist. Not nearly as professional as Change—the first five minutes consist of a black screen with bad audio of a professor discussing conspiracy theories dubbed over it—Zeitgeist still has weird power: Based solely on anecdotal evidence, it's probably drawing more people into the Truth movement than anything else. LINK

Actually, the "professor" in the introduction is a well-known writer and lecturer called Jordan Maxwell. Jordan Maxwell can be considered the "father" of David Icke and Michael Tsarion, two well-known authors and lecturers within the New Age Movement.

In their books, video's and lectures, these men will expose many things about the New World Order, another word for Babylon System. However, they will equally teach their audience the doctrines of the Mystery Religion of Babylon.

And most of all: they will present it as "the Truth"...

After all, their work is supposed to contribute to the "Truth Movement", just like the movie "Zeitgeist". But when "Beauty Is Truth", how "true" is the message of the movie?

Beautiful it is, that's a fact.

At least, when you don't like "religion". Or to be more specifically, "Christianity". Or even more specific: "fundamentalist Christians like George Bush".

The main message of the movie Zeitgeist, namely, is the very same as that which can be found in an FBI report called "Project Megiddo", wherein the statement is made how those who believe that the Biblical Apocalypse is at hand are to be seen as "terrorists":

Religiously based domestic terrorists use the New Testament’s Book of Revelation -- the prophecy of the endtime -- for the foundation of their belief in the Apocalypse. (LINK)

In an interview with the maker of the movie Zeitgeist, he speaks about the "Cult of Christianity" being responsible for just about every evil you can think of, including the current "War on Terror".

Christianity, a "cult"?

Yes, says the Zeitgeist. Christianity is a cult of the ancient pagan Sun worship and Jesus Christ is nothing but a mythological figure invented to describe an astrological process leading to a New Age, that of Aquarius.

After all, Jesus was born on the 25th of December, just like all other Sun Gods, right? And since He called Himself the Light of the World, it's pretty clear how Jesus is not the SON (of God), but the SUN! In the end, it's just a small step from O to U, right?


Welcome to the bizarre reasoning of Zeitgeist: The Movie.

The first part of the three-part video can, and perhaps should, be described as "an excursion into stupidity". Facts and fiction are mixed, while the reasoning itself is so absurd that anyone who believes the claims should be considered a serious case of intellectual disability.

All of this wouldn't even be worth writing about, if it were not for the fact that countless of people worldwide apparantly do believe the claims. And it's highly unlikely, that the majority of them will be open for the many excellent rebuttals of these claims, such as the Video "Zeitgeist Refuted".

To make it even more bizarre, parts two and three of the video are very factual and to-the-point. The second part contains an excellent summary of evidence which proofs how 9/11 was an Inside Job, where part three takes us deeper into the shady world of (quote) "the men behind the curtain".

So, what is going on? What is, to quote that one article "Beauty Is Truth", the "weird power of Zeitgeist"?


Wait a minute...

"Beauty is Truth"?

"When It Looks Good, It Must Be True"?

There's indeed a weird power of Zeitgeist and that weird power is nothing less than the power of Reverse Reasoning. The kind of reasoning you can expect from your average New Age propagandist, but not from a member of a self-proclaimed "Truth Movement".

Beauty, namely, does not necessarily have to be true. But for a member of the Truth Movement, the opposite would apply very well: "Truth Is Beautiful"!

In the video, we hear Jordan Maxwell saying: "You Shall Know the Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free". Apart from the fact that this saying can be found in the offices of the CIA, the original quote came out of the Mouth from the One Who is said to be a myth: Jesus Christ.

You see, Jesus Christ is worshipped as God by many within the Truth Movement. Even though the Truth Movement itself is not religious or spiritual persay, many will call themselves "Christian".

Christianity, and especially the Person and Message of Jesus Christ, is an offense and a stumbling block for the New Age Movement, who seeks to re-install the Days of Noah or "Atlantis".

The New Age Movement is known to be very aggressive and has an elaborate infiltration program as it seeks to transform every aspect of society and humanity in order to inaugurate a New Age: the "Age of Aquarius"...

This "New Age" is supposed to replace the current one, the "Age of the Fishes" represented by... Jesus Christ.

Closer research into the doctrines of the New Age Movement will reveal how everything is part of a plan to re-install the situation as it was in the days of Noah, or "Atlantis".

Obviously, this very same New Age Movement has it's agents in the Truth Movement as well. Agents like Michael Tsarion and now, more recently, Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist: The Movie.

For the movie Zeitgeist is a New Age document avant la lettre.

Not only does it announce the New Age of Aquarius that gave name to the New Age Movement in the first place, it contains all the standard (astrological) New Age Doctrines and Interpretations as well.

Zeitgeist: The Movie therefore is nothing more than a Propaganda Piece for a Movement that serves the very same New World Order it claims to oppose.

Nuff Said.


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