Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fearing File Sharing (2) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition November 27, 2007


WWW, November 27 2007 - Ever since Heavy Metal band Metallica started to complain about people sharing music over the Internet, the disdain and hatred from the entertainment industry towards their customers became painfully clear.

We have definitely entered an Age of Paranoia and the victims of this craziness are the consumers.

Idiotic laws, stories about police raiding houses where little children share music over P2P networks, independent film makers so intimidated by the propaganda machine that they even fear to send out review copies of their works.

However, in the long run it could very well be that you, the consumer, will be the winner in this race.

More tomorrow.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

The Mixotheque (MP3 Review)
Natural Ites - Picture On The Wall (Video Review)

The Mixotheque (MP3 Review)


The Mixotheque is livicated to rare and obscure, out-of-print and hard to find music. One of their specialties is Ska, Rocksteady and early Reggae.

In-depth reviews packed with info and niceness come with the MP3 files of that hard to find music, too. Music for the hard core Reggae fan and historian!


Natural Ites - Picture On The Wall (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, November 2007 - In spite of the successful "Picture on the Wall", Vocal Harmony Group the Natural Ites remain to be one of the more unknown Vocal Harmony Groups.

Taken from a VHS tape recorded back in the 1980's, this video capture the Natural Ites somewhere in the era of Rub a Dub style. Picture on the Wall was first launched during the 1980's, when Vocal Harmony Groups were not born in the same frequency as in the decade before that.

The Natural Ites took up the responsibility to fill up that vacuum and "Picture on the Wall" seemed to be an appropriate way to do it. However, it remained to be one of the few titles known to a larger part of the (DUB) Reggae audience, even those that are into the Vocal Harmony sounds.

A full blown Reggae Band backs them up, as they perform their successful tune. Even though the sound quality of the actual video is influenced by the law of decay that terrorizes creation ever since our ancestors took from that tree, the video will be a heartwarming experience of recognition and introduction to a fine Jamaican Harmony group.


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