Thursday, January 3, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition January 3, 2008


WWW, January 3 2008 - The Truth Movement came into existence, mostly because of the Internet itself.

Cyberspace showed us just how much we are actually being lied to by the mainstream media and the Church-And-State System we know as Babylon.

9/11 formed a katalysator for all of this. The official version of the conspiracy theory behind the events that killed thousands of people changed the "World Order" into a "New World Order" visible for everyone.

Thanks to the Internet, researchers from all over the world combined their insight and published their findings on the Internet.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)





WWW, December 2007 - The best Reggae is always in the future, for otherwise the music would have died. But that's not a reason to not look back and not listen to some of the truly great works produced back in the days.

70's Reggae Scorcher does exactly that: taking a look back in time, when Reggae was only ten years old and digital technology was every Studio Engineer's wet dream.
And not just because it was the 1970's!

Jamaica is a country in the category so disdainfully called "Third World". Many of it's inhabitants are direct descendant of the slaves that were used to build the "New World" until they were "freed" only to live in poverty for centuries to come.

For many, many years in a row, Jamaica's capital Kingston Town was the top murder city in the world. It means, you have the biggest chance to get killed right there in Kingston Town.

Suffering, Big Time!

Corrupt police and government, downpressive military, the USA right around the corner with their War on Poor People, Churches preaching total obedience to the very system that brought their forefathers in chains on the SlaveShip "Jesus of Bismarck", all of this and much more has to be taken into consideration when listening to the great music in this great Podcast.

The material with which the music is produced, the instruments and microphones and everything, you really had to have talent and creativity on top of that as well as motivation to produce even a bad recorded tune.

Still, the result is indeed a "scorcher", as they say. This is the kind of music that Hollywood can only have wet dreams of, even when they have top notch material at their disposal.

Listen to beautiful singing by the Mighty Diamonds, first class drum and bass lines by Sly and Robbie, mystical psychedelic vibes from Augustus Pablo who made the melodica into one of the most desired instruments in DUB Culture even decades later.

Listen and feel why some people call this JAH Music...

Nuff said!


01. Augustus Pablo - Sound Of Redemption Dub
02. Lennox Brown - Frozen Soul
03. Chantells - Man In Love
04. Freddie Mc Gregor - I'm A Revolutionalist
05. Mighty Diamonds - Sweet Lady
06. Black Roots - Eastern Standard Time
07. Michael T and the Gaylads - Colour Of Rainbow
08. John Holt - Tribal War
09. Johnny Clarke - Waiting In Vain
10. Enos Mc Leod - See It Deh
11. Abyssinians - This Land Is For Everyone
12. Augustus Pablo - Pablo's Desire
13. Linval Thompson and U Brown - Train To Zion
14. Jays and Ranking Trevor - Queen Majesty
15. Mighty Diamonds and JAH Stitch - JAH JAH Bless Dread Locks



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