Sunday, December 23, 2007

Evaluating 2007 (2)

Dubroom Online - Edition December 23, 2007


WWW, December 23 2007 - This year marked the birth and development of "Dubroom Online".

Almost daily, the Dubroom front page is updated with at least one review and a small column by yours truly. In a way, you can say that Dubroom Online is a digital version of a mini-magazine.

Although Dubroom Online is posted first on the Dubroom front page, there are many more ways to keep yourself up-to-date.

Dubroom Online is also posted on MySpace and in Usenet's, the mother of all Reggae messageboards. It's also possible get every new edition through email, as we started posting on Blogspot as well.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Stop That Train #9 (MP3 Review)

Stop That Train #9 (MP3 Review)


WWW, December 2007 - Contemporary -digital- remixes of ancient -analogue- tunes form the spinal colom of this deep DUB excursion wherein we explore what Jamaican Music has done with many UK based artists.

Sure, some tunes have nothing to do with Reggae and you really need to know a little bit about DUB before you recognize just what that tune is doing in this Podcast anyway.

Sure, puritans will not even want to listen straight to the end and they will be missing out some thing there. For it is clear, that the 9th episode of "Stop That Train" is a true work of art in itself.

A work of art that should not be listened to as if it is just another Reggae Podcast, for you will be deeply disappointed when that is all you are looking for.

We'll hear fragments of what seems to be movie clips, with a slice of humor. There's even a special remix of the Special's classic "Ghost Town" created by Version Big-Fi, who are (associated with) the crew behind Stop That Train.

However, that one tune by a band called "The Cult" is definitely out-of-place, even though it has some DUB elements. Out-of-place, because the "DUB" part is way too short and the rest of the tune is self-explanatory.

Like all cults, the "Cult" is a problem. Skipping it simply solves the problem.

Or will it?


01. King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - Dub In The Right Way (Dreadzone Remix)
02. Revolutionary Dub Warriors - Warrior
03. Brian Bennett - Flying South
04. Legen - Zumba
05. Junglehammer - Live Let Die Dub (Daktari remix)
06. Flight Of The Concords - Boom Boom
07. The Cult - Love Removal Machine (Small Soldiers Mix)
08. Little Axe - Long Way to Go
09. Yabby You - Conquering Lion (Groove Corporation Remix)
10. Version Big-Fi vs The Specials - Ghost Town
11. Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan - She Loves You
12. Version Big-Fi vs Massive Attack - Protection
13. Tone396 - Fire Dub
14. Shaun Ryder - Northern Soul Brother (Shapeshifter)
15. The Revolutionaries - Fletchers Land
16. The Skatalites - Spred Satin



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