Thursday, February 24, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 6: Inna Revelation Time

WWW, February 2011 - Once more, Babylon is showing her ugly face in this time: from the injustice done to Buju Banton to the injustice done to the millions of people who are currently rising up all over the world, everything is more than clear. This is a Revelation Time, and Radio Dubroom pays tribute to the Freedom Fighters with some true Freedom Sounds inna Dub and Roots style!
The show starts with a massive tune by the Italian Dub collective BR Stylers, followed by a long set of stricktly DUB. Many of the tracks are taken directly from the Online (DUB) Reggae frontline where crucial Net Labels and Dub Artists bless the web with some massive sounds as you can hear.
There's also Nucleus Roots, Bush Chemists, Powersteppers and Vibronics from the UK. Crucial stuff with vocalists like Madu, Tena Stelin and Judah Dan delivering Jah Message to Jah People and all People once again.
Play loud!
01. BR Stylers - Let Them Shine (BR STYLERS)
02. BR Stylers - Let Them Shine Dub (BR STYLERS)
03. Bush Chemists - Dub Exploitation (CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)
04. Bush Chemists - Dark Dub (CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)
05. Nucleus Roots - One Fe De Sound man (NUCLEUS ROOTS)
06. Panda Dub - Axion Esti (PANDA DUB)
07. Inadubstate - Meditation Time (INADUBSTATE)
08. Inadubstate - Subsystem Part 2 (INADUBSTATE)
09. Movements of Rastafari - Hail Ites ( LEGACY)
10. Youthman Steppa - Paradis Fiscal (YOUTHMAN STEPPA)
11. Powersteppers - Make Love Not War (WOBBLY WEB)
12. Bush Chemists - Come Together (WOBBLY WEB)
13. Bush Chemists - Righteous Dub (CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)
14. Jonah Dan and Bush Chemists - 4 Minute Dub (CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)
15. Tena Stelin and Bush Chemists - Can't Touch Jah Dub (CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)
16. Tena Stelin and Bush Chemists - Can't Touch Jah (CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)
17. Ranking Joe and Vibronics - Original Rastaman (VIBRONICS)
18. Ranking Joe and Vibronics - Original Version (VIBRONICS)
19. Madu and Vibronics - Stand Up Version (VIBRONICS)
20. Madu and Vibronics - Stand Up (VIBRONICS)

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