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Babylon Observer Video Research: The Psyop Program (1968)

WWW, January 2011 -- In this original 1968 U.S. Army video footage, we are introduced to the concept of "Psychological Operations", in short: psy-ops. In simple sights and sounds, the video explains just how the population of a foreign country is being targeted to, as the video states: "make them perceive things from the desired viewpoint".

The story in the video is set in a fictional country called "Host Land", somewhere in South America. In the movie, the government of Host Land asks the USA for help to fight domestic opposition, portrayed as "communists". In a room somewhere within the American embassy, a conference takes place wherein this is shown.

The rest of the video shows how the Psychological Operations are conducted in Host Land. The use of entertainers, media, infiltrations and other means are presented and explained.

The viewer of the video will not have a hard time to recognize the very same principals shown in this video in current events.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book: Earth's Earliest Ages by GH Pember (Review and Free PDF Download)

WWW, January 2011 - Originally written in 1876 as an answer to the then rising philosophy of Theosophy which gave birth to the modern New Age and New World Order movements, "Earth's Earliest Ages" is much more than that. You can consider this a classic, yes the classic on topics that have to do with the Biblical account of the time of creation to Noah's Flood. And, no, this is not you average "Creationist" idea or cowardish knee-fall to the theory of evolution.

In fact, G.H. Pember explains in a way which can even be understood in today's English how the Bible tells us that the famous words "In the Beginning" do not refer to what is usually called the first creation day. In other words, there is a huge amount of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.

There was a civilization ages before the creation of Adam and Eve, a creation which might very well have been on several planets of our solar system. The Bible gives an account how the earth was not created "empty and void", but was rather made that way as the result of a judgment of the Most High which came on the then angelic civilization of which Lucifer, now known as Satan, was the predominant person. It was his fall that cause the earth to get into the state which we can see described in the first verses of the bible.

Pember also goes in-depth concerning the events described in Genesis 6. A time before Noah's flood which the New Agers refer to as "Atlantis", and Jesus Christ called "The Days Of Noah". It was in that time, that the Nephilim came to earth as the result of a wicked fornication between fallen angels and female human beings, the "daughters of Adam". These events, described in the Bible as well as the Books of Enoch and the Kebra Negast to name just three ancient books cause the Most High to send the flood over the earth.

A very interesting and more than recommended book for everyone even remotely aware of the relevance of Earth's Earliest Ages. In times wherein the only two options seem to be that either we believe everything was created about 6000 years ago or we hold to the ridiculous evolution theory which is brought as fact by the established educational institutes, it is of the utmost importance to know just what the Bible actually says about this topic.

Get the book in print, which includes extra material and is edited a bit, or download it for free in the original scanned version (PDF): it doesn't matter how, but please: get it!


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Free Book Download: Messian Dread - The Mystery Of Christafarianism

THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTAFARIANISM is a heavily footnoted exposure of the Christian Industrial Complex and Christafari's role in her. The book contains 14 chapters and is over 200 pages long. It is a follow up for the essay "Christafarianism" which was published in october 2004. However, this book is completely different than that essay.


Free Book Download: Messian Dread - Christafarianism, or: "Don't Be A Rasta, Be Like A Rasta"

From Christafari to Christafarianism to Christafarian, what you will find in this heavily documented and footnoted essay is that this carefully created culture turns out to be an Evangelical caricature of Rastafarian culture which puts Evangelical and Rastafarian Christians in a totally unnecessary state of war with each other and amongst themselves.

A MUST READ for Rastafarians, Evangelicals and Christafarians!


Free Book Download and/or Online Read: Fritz Springmeier - Bloodlines Of The Illuminati

A very interesting study into thirteen of the most powerful families, their links with the satanic plotters and their relevance in world events.

The writer was arrested for a crime he didn't commit as the result of exposing this information.


Free Book Download: Watchman Nee - The Normal Christian Church Life

Another wonderfull book containing a compilation of speeches by Watchman Nee. Nee was one of the greatest Christian teachers from later history. This book contains a set of crucial meditations wherein Watchman lays down a biblical concept of what church is supposed to be. Turns out to be quite different then your usual denominational church. Although many have turned Watchman Nee into an idol and have created all kinds of organizations under his name, this has never been the intention of Watchman Nee. His teachings remain to be priceless as they are not his teachings, but truly that of Jah.


Free Book Download: Watchman Nee - The Normal Christian Life

When I saw the title of this book, I wasn't really thrilled, but thank JAH I did read it, for it changed my life to a great degree. Watchman Nee explains some principals that a lot of Christians do not overstand completely. This is the kind of book where you read one chapter and you have enough to think about for days!


Free Book Download: Hitchcock's Bible Dictionary

What's in a name? If you are looking it from a Bible Student's point of view, a lot! Did you ever wonder what the meaning is of that particular name in the Bible? This book contains 1000's of names.


Free Book Download: The Earth's Strangest Man: The Rastafarian (Mortimer Planno)

The Earth Most Strangest Man: The Rastafarian
by Mortimo Planno

Mortimer Planner or Mortimo Planno as he has come to be known was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1920. In 1939 he came to believe that Haile Selassie I is the Living God. After adopting the Rastafari lifestyle, Planno moved to Trench Town and became one of the founding members of Kingston's first Rastafarian camp in the Dungle. From that time to the present, Planno has been one of the more characteristic adherents of Rastafari. Being intensely studious, an exceptional and eloquent orator, and harboring an abiding concern for the welfare of all Rastafari he is known and respected among many Rastafari brethren worldwide.

In 1961, Planno was selected to be a member of the Jamaican delegation that traveled throughout Africa (Mission to Africa) to explore the possibilities of repatriation. On April 21, 1966, now known as Grounation Day (a Rastafari holy day), Planno was able becalm a wildly enthusiastic and zealous mass of 100,000 Rastafari and other believers eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of Haile Selassie I on his historic visit to Jamaica. This feat allowed the Emperor to make a more placid but still hurried de-planing to a waiting limousine. During Selassie's three day stay in Jamaica, Planno was among the selected Rastafari Elders who met with His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M.).

This latter fact and Planno's broad knowledge of and adherence to Rastafari beliefs and practices led Bob Marley, one or two years after H.I.M.'s visit, to seek Planno out and "reason" with him in Trench Town. Planno passed on his knowledge of Rastafarian principles, rites and customs to Marley who eventually became an outspoken and internationally celebrated musician and dedicated adherent of the religion. Today, Planno, as a respected Rastafari elder, resides in Porus, Jamaica and is currently a Folk Fellow (1997-1999) at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

In 1969, Professor Lambros Comitas asked Mortimo Planno to write a text on Rastafari teachings. One year later, when Comitas returned to Jamaica, Planno gave a handwritten manuscript to him with Comitas' promise that it would made into a monograph. In 1995, Comitas had the manuscript typeset and printed and then bound a single volume in leather with gold stamping. He hand-delivered the monograph to an ailing Mortimo Planno in Jamaica.


Free book Download: the Kebra Negast

The Kebra Negast, or "Glory of the Kings", is a very interesting book. It describes, among other things, the meeting between the Queen of Sheba (Makeeda) and Solomon.


Free Book Download: the Book of Jasher

The Book of Jasher is an apocryphe book that can be considered as a welcome addition to the first five books of the Bible. It is also mentioned in these same Bible books. The book contains a lot of information about the first years of the history of mankind.


Free Book Download: the Books of Enoch

Quoted and acknowledged as prophesy in the Bible, and preserved in Ethiopia for many centuries, as well as included in the canon of the earliest Christians. Included in the dead sea scrolls and proven to be accurate in translations, the Books of Enoch contain crucial information for all those scholars who are investigating man's history.


The 2011 Dubroom Website Renovation Project (4): Dubroom Library Renovated!

Another section is finished now: go to and read reviews or complete books, or even download books free.

Book Review: Dread Jesus (Spencer)

This is the book that I have been waiting for, for a very a long time, so I can't really express my happiness with it's existence. It is a must read for every Jesus Dread and others interested in the relationship between Rastafari and Christianity.

The writer explores "Rastafarian Christology", by analyzing many reggae songs, interviewing many known and lesser known Rastafarians, and studying the history of Rastafari.

He finds out, that there are two main streams within Rastafari, one is inspired by Hindu and esoterically teachings, while the other group is heading towards Christianity more and more, even to such an extend that brother William describes the possibility of a "Selassian Church", as a denomination next to Lutheran and the like.

Well documented and thoroughly investigated, this book is blessed to be a good source for forming your own opinion.

I would recommend it especially for those Christians that always were told, that all Rastafarians believe in Selassie as God, as it explains the various interpretations about Yesus Kristos that exist within the movement.

Dread Jesus also contains a testimony from sistren Judy Mowatt, former member of Bob Marley & the Wailer's backing trio "the I-Threes". You can read how she described the process in her life that made her come to the conclusion that Selassie is not Yesus Kristos, and some struggles and blessings that she has experienced during these times.

This is one of the first Christian publications on Rastafari that does not contain the bias prejudice that you find so rampant in the Christian World. It's not yet another cheap description of a movement supposedly existing of weird herb smokers with long uncombed hair.

Haile Selassie's Christianity is described and studied. His relationship with the evangelical world, where well known Christian Evangelist Billy Graham invited His Majesty to open a congress in Berlin in 1966, an invitation accepted by Haile Selassie.

You can read portions of the speech that HIM held in front of 1000's of evangelical Christians, a speech not often quoted.

Good for reading, good for studying, good for meditation, good for having as resource, I want to big up this book for it can be a blessing for all Jesus Dreads worldwide.


Book Review: Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attack (Eric Hufschmid)

When the Twin Towers fell to the ground, Erich Huffschmid had no reason to doubt the conspiracy theory we know as the official version of what happened that tragic day.

After all, with most sensible people he thought that "conspiracy theories" were usually expressions of paranoia. So he probably had to answer one very painful question for himself, before he could write the book we are reviewing here.

"Is the Government story concerning September eleven a conspiracy theory?"

Recent polls show, that a majority of people answer this painful question with "yes".

And Eric Huffschmid is one of them.

Mr. Hasid is a respected software engineer and programmer, respected in what he does. And successful too. Has he become a "conspiracy theorist"?

In a way, yes.

The writer of this great book doesn't really propose another "what really happened" version. And he doesn't speculate either. He's just doing what the title of the book suggests: asking very Painful Questions.

Huffschmid not proposing a conspiracy theory, he is exposing one. By simply asking questions. Each of them can be answered. But the answers will not back up the official version.

Let's take a look at a few of these questions:

  • Why is the military hiding the video of Flight 77 as it crashes into the Pentagon?
  • Why did the WTC fall down in exactly the same unique way as advertized by the demolition company who cleaned up the ruins afterwards?
  • Why do so few people know what Building 7 is and why it collapsed at 5:30 PM?
  • Why do the official stories claim that the Twin Towers melted to the ground through fire where it is a scientifically proven fact steel buildings never do?
  • Why didn't seismic stations pick up the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon?

This book truly asks the questions. Questions so painful that it doesn't really matter whether they are answered or not.

NOTE: The writer of this book has, after releasing what can only be considered a classic on the topic, moved on to anti-semitic realms where we at the Dubroom most definitely would not want to follow him.


Book Review: Operation Trojan Horse (John A. Keel)

This is a very remarkable book.

Not only because it completely wipes away all intellectual relevance around the many glossy UFO books with sensational stories and ditto photo's. Not only because it was written back in the 1960's and didn't lose one inch of it's actuality along the decades.

The book is remarkable because it makes sense out of those things concerning the UFO phenomena that usually doesn't make any sense.

An example. When the UFO's were flying over the western world in the 1800's, they didn't look at all like the pictures we all know. And the aliens also looked quite different.

Many people who think that UFO's do not exist use these facts to proof that they can't possible be somewhere other than in the fantasies of failed writers.

But there are still plenty facts that simply proofs the existence of these machines and their inhabitants.

The writer of Operation Trojan Horse makes sense out of what seems to be non-sense. He makes a lot of sense!

Instead of going after the many stories, trying to (dis)proof the authenticity of them, John A Keel simply looks at the actions of the Unidentified Flying Objects throughout history.

In the big picture that comes to the surface, we are introduced to an intelligent Master Plan. It appears that UFO's have been developed in an adjustment to human perception. More simply put: they look the way they want us to see them.

Keel doesn't really go in to the temptation to answer, or even ask where UFO's come from. In fact, he leaves these things over to the reader. A reader who knows that that question is not so relevant when it comes to this whole issue.

John Keel simply bypasses all the crap in this whole UFO story. The sensational stories, the irrelevant questions, the paranoia. He goes straight to the core of the matter.

He ends his book in a state of "reasonable confusion". Operation Trojan Horse is clearly in effect and it involves a lot of bizarre technology.

But being a believer in a-theism and evolution, Keel has some intellectual problems to overcome. A matter which he considers private and not the subject of this book. Fortunately.

Because that makes it even more interesting for Truth Seekers.


Book Review: Chanting Down Babylon - The Rastafari Reader (Spencer, ed.)

This is the book on Rastafari for everyone who is misinformed about the movement. Especially Christians who have thus far only read Christian "exposé's" on Rastafari will benefit significantly from the information in Chanting Down Babylon.

William David Spencer is one of the few Christian writers I know with an objective view on Rastafari. His book "Dread Jesus" has become a must read for all those who are interested in Rastafari and Christianity. Simply because of the valuable interviews and analyses it contains.

Chanting Down Babylon is arguably even more relevant.

Where Spencer wrote his book Dread Jesus all by himself, in this one he is editor and contributor. Several writers from different backgrounds all contributed to what can surely be called a standard work on Rastafari.

For example: it contains original Rastafarian books. They have never been made available for a large audience before, in spite of their absolute essentiality. Chanting Down Babylon will introduce the reader to these writings, such as "The Promised Key". And with that, of course, provides the reader with some of the meditations that gave birth to this movement.

But it goes beyond that.

As said, there are several contributors to this work. The variety of their perspectives guarantees an objective picture for the reader, who is introduced to a dynamic culture.

The book explains why, in the words of Rasta group Culture, "Babylon can't study the Rastaman". Indeed, Babylon will never be able to overstand. But there is simply too much sense in Chanting Down Babylon for all others to be ignored.

So forget about all these so called "Christian Studies" about Rastafari. Forget about the anthropological and psychological "analyses". None of them truly describe Rastafari. They only make the Rastaman sing that Culture song once again.

Chanting down Babylon gives a true perspective on the movement. Because all the words in this 467 page book are written by people who know the movement inside out and some have even been there when it all started.


Book Review: The Hidden Face of Terrorism: The Dark Side of Social Engineering, from Antiquity to September 11 (Collins)

When you're studying at the University, there comes a moment in which you have to write an essay about a certain subject and you better make sure that you know what you write in it. Especially when your essay contains a thesis which is, to say the least, unconformed to the established order.

Paul David Collins wrote an essay about a contemporary subject. As the title already shows, Collins claims how Terrorism is "the dark side of social engineering". And it's like that since very ancient times. But how do you convince a University Professor that it's really like that? That terrorism is in reality a technique used by the power elite to bring about social change?

The answer is in this book. Collins is not only convincing, he proofs without the shadow of a doubt how true the title is.

Even though the subject as well as the contents are kind of heavyweight, it's still not very difficult to read it. Sure, you might have to read a sentence again, but the matters which are discussed deserve that, to say the least.

For "the hidden face of terrorism" should be exposed to everyone so that we know that we're being fooled big-time!

Terrorism turns out to be a mere tool in the hands of the power elite. Through sophisticated manipulation mechanisms known as "problem -> reaction -> solution" they practice "Social Engineering".

"Social Engineering"? Yes. It's also known as "Social Darwinism"...

Groups such as Al Qaida turn out to be nothing less than Intelligence Assets: groups created by people who are on the payroll of the Western Secret Agencies: the CIA and the like.

And everything is hidden in plain view! The knowledge is out there. The Hidden Face Of Terrorism is Hidden In Plain View!

Paul David Collins is definitely not a conspiracy theorist. His research included official government documents with plans to commit terrorism to bring social change. He puts Nero's reason to burn down Rome into the same context as well and together with a lot of other arguments a very convincing argument comes to the surface.

When you are interested in the true motives behind these terrible acts of terror that brutalize the people of the world, be like that university professor.

check out The Hidden Face Of Terrorism and shiver as you realize that you have absolutely nothing to counter the challenging thesis of Paul David Collins' book "The Hidden Face Of Terrorism"


Book Review: The Ahriman Gate, Some Gates Should Not Be opened (Horn)

Almost 400 pages of profound suspense awaits you. Yours truly has read the book in one long session, unable to put the thing down until the last page was read and this review finished.

Suspense, because this is a fictional story and quite a good one indeed. It's a thriller, where secret government projects and even genetically manipulated beings appear to the scene. A far-beyond-top-secret facility turns out to be nothing less then a technical project to basically release the most evil forces creation has ever witnessed.

Profound, because the story is only a vehicle to wake the town and tell the people about some truly troublesome issues. According to ancient manuscripts such as the Book of Enoch as well as contemporary reports, the governments of the world are in continual contact with evil forces. In exchange for "supernatural" or "alien" knowledge, these forces are allowed to do the most absurd things.

Absurd, but unfortunately true. As we keep hearing about genetic manipulation and all of us are simply enraged by the fact that GM "food" is taking over natural food, the real situation with DNA goes much further.

In the Ahriman Gate we are introduced with some of the most evil applications of GM. We're talking "transgenetics" here: mixing the DNA of animals and humans. And it goes even further, when we have to take the message of The Ahriman Gate with some seriousness.

And we should.

Even though Tom Horn, who co-wrote the book with his wife Nita, is well established within the Christian Industry.

Even though he does use information by other researchers like Matthew Henry, who in their turn complain about this lack of crediting.

For it's a fictional book, and may very well serve as a starting point for a deeper research.


Book Review: The Rough Guide To Reggae (Barrow and Dalton)

There are many books that claim to be the definite source on Reggae Music. So many, that we don't take such claims seriously anymore.

And because the music under continual development, it's even logically impossible to create a definitive guide. We're not talking just about a music from the past, or do we? So yeah, we have reasons to be skeptical and even cynical when it comes to "Guides to Reggae".

So, what about the Rough Guide To Reggae? After all, on the cover we find claims how the book is supposed to be a "definite guide" as well.

The first hint might be to look at the names of the authors. Especially Steve Barrow stands out, as he is the main man behind the legendary label Blood and Fire.

This label re-issues classic Reggae Recordings. Through the grapevine, we heard how one well known Jamaican artist (Yabby You) privately speaks very highly about Blood and Fire.

They know how to respect Reggae Music and even better, they know how to respect Reggae Musicians!

And so, the question is: does the Rough Guide To Reggae have the same mentality and respect as we find in Blood and Fire's products?

Well, as a matter of fact, we think it does.

In eleven chapters and almost 500 pages, Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton take us to the wonderful and interesting world of Reggae.

They don't only tell the essential history of Jamaica's music in a chronological manner, most contemporary genres and developments have their attention as well. Certain styles and studios, artists and producers are highlighted in special articles.

There are hundreds of reviews, but they are all accompanied by in-depth analysis which places the reviews in a certain perspective and context.

It's an encyclopedia, a history book, a tool to create an interesting Reggae collection. It's an essential in the book case of every serious reviewer of Reggae Music.

But no, it's not the definitive guide. That can't be. For Reggae is still under development.

But it's definitely the definitive guide for Reggae so far.


Book Review; Doors to Reality (Ras Howard Henry)

Like so many Jamaicans before him, Ras Howard Henry tells us how in 1991 he left to America to "search for the American dream". A dream that didn't turn out to be for everyone...

Being a conscious Rastaman, he noticed that there were other things to do for him than the ones he initially sought after. And so, he "shifted his focus to assisting the poor and downtrodden". One of the ways in which he does so, is by speaking the truth. Telling the things the way they are, from his perspective as a Rastaman. And he does so, in a very special way.

It's a way that shows what is in his heart, what is in his eyes. Take a little time, and you will really feel what he has to say in a deeper way.

A way, which explains just what it is to be a Rastaman in the center of Babylon. To have to see the abominations, the injustice and inequality.

A way, which some people call "poetry".

He writes poems straight from the heart, without forgetting the brain. And this is where "Doors To Reality" enters. It's his first collection of poetry, and comes with illustrations in full color.

It's a well-balanced collection, with humor and seriousness each having their place. Thoughtful lines will keep you meditating as you see deeper layers telling you even more than what is already on the surface.

Ras Howard Henry asks, for example, why there are so many vacancies to fill, and so many educated black people unable to find a job. He observes, how a parasitical Babylon uses all kinds of technology to enslave the human race and loot Jah creation.

He addresses and exposes Babylon, using a prophetic language and symbology that doesn't leave room for too much interpretation. In the same time, He gives praises to JAH and shares his reasons to do so.

Someone once said: "If you do not know your history, you will not know your destiny". Ras Howard Henry addresses this topic too, and asks himself why Babylon tells him to forget about Marcus Garvey but still remember Christopher C. He points out to the racism of ones like the Ku Klux Klan and the book also contains a photograph that shows this to the fullness.

"Doors to Reality" therefore is not merely a book of poetry. In fact, you can read all about Rastafari too. And because everything written from the Heart of a Rastaman, you will learn more about the Movement than you would ever learn if you stick to scholarly works.


Book Review: Lamb (by Zeph Daniel)

Warning: Zeph Daniel's "Lamb" is a novel that will capture you the very second you start reading.

No, not just because it is a breathtaking tale that will take you around the world, and into bizarre situations. Even though it is a first-class thriller full of spectacular events and interesting personalities. And no, not just because a part of the story takes place in the Carrib and has Rastas involved. Even though it's a detail that can't be overlooked and causes a smile of spiritual recognition that will be confirmed throughout the book.

In over 400 pages, the author takes us straight to the battlefield of the war between good and evil. We'll meet angels in disguise, working undercover by helping out the "lambs": those that are rejected by society but protected by His Majesty, JAH.

"Lamb" starts with a lot of dead bodies. They turn out to be sacrifices to the forces of evil, slaughtered, like innocent lambs. The sacrifices are performed by powerful people in satanic rituals, intended to delay the second coming of the King of Kings: Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Lamb Who will return as the Lion and break the power of evil.These powerful people are the ones that run society, and on the outside they look like philanthropists and idealists working to make the world a better place. But when they're in their inner circle, their true nature is revealed.

As the story progresses, the battle is getting hotter too. Supernatural events, natural disasters, psy-op's and the occult are revealed to be more than related. Hollywood, Churchianity, secret societies and agencies are all connected as well.

Sound familiar?


The climax in the end, which won't be revealed here, contains a serious warning for each and everyone of us: prepare for the second coming of Jesus, for nothing will stop Him from returning!

But no, this is not your average "Christian alternative" to Stephen King.

In fact, we'll see how the "Christian Church" plays it's part of the side of evil, while persecuting those on the good side. And unlike Stephen King, Zeph Daniel is much more than a skillful story-teller because this is a story wrapped around the-way-things-really-are!

Those who are truly born again in Jesus, are usually found in the gutter, in prison, in strange mental hospitals. Or working for a semi-super famous band that runs on speed and cokane. Or living under terrible conditions in the Carrib.

Sound familiar also?

Indeed, it does.

"Lamb" is fiction, but rather impossible to read without being touched in some way. When you love the truth, you will find some things to be rather revealing, especially when you might think Jesus Christ is all about $atan and $lavery.

Zeph Daniel describes people and situations in such a way, that it becomes clear what the real Jesus Christ is all about: putting an end to evil and uplifting those that suffer under Babylon System!

And that is the strongest aspect of this book.

A book that should be read by those who (think they) are "Christian". A book that should also be read by those who (think they) know all about "Christianity"!


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The 2011 Dubroom Website Renovation Project (3): All Single Track MP3 Reviews Done

I've did all the single track MP3 reviews in the new style now. There are in total now about 300 pages. I hope that soon the whole of will be transformed.

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Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 4: Mi Seh Mi Nah Lef The Roots

WWW, January 2011 - Starting off with no less than 6 new releases by VP records, it's clear that Roots Reggae is not about to perish in spite of statements you hear sometimes here and there by people who think that good music is a thing from the past. Chapter 4 of Radio Dubroom 2011 contains once again a healthy portion of Roots Reggae with a whole lot of DUB for your listening enjoyment!
The set starts off with a Dub from Cocody Rock by the African singer Alpha Blondy, followed by the vocal version. A great re-issue from VP Records! Bushman is up next with his brand new album livicated to Peter Tosh, followed by another classic, both in the original Discomix and a new version by Damien Marley and Nas: Dennis Brown with Aswad on the massive Promised Land riddim can't be refused!
Next up, two tunes by Richie Spice, one from a brand new release by VP Records and another available free and legal in MP3 download (look to the playlist for links).
Vibronics and Alpha & Omega form the bulk of the EuroDUB and Roots section which follows: vocalists like Boney L, Mark Iration and Jonah Dan are definitely no strangers for the listener of the better quality Roots and Dub available out there. Not so many of them might know of Gold Heart Music based in Sweden but Sheya Mission's "Feel Like Rain" along with it's Dub version should change that.
There's two tunes taken from the Legacy, too: Amsterdam based DUB Creator with one of his early productions and the Dub Farm, complete with samples from the movie Rockers which simply states: "All of the Youths Shall Witness the Day That Babylon Fall!"
Another 85+ minutes of pure Roots and Culture!
01. Alpha Blondy - Cocody Rock Dubwise (VP RECORDS)
02. Alpha Blondy - Cocody Rock (VP RECORDS)
03. Bushman - Brand New Second Hand (VP RECORDS)
04. Dennis Brown and Aswad - Promised Land (Discomix) (VP RECORDS)
05. Damien Marley and Nas featuring Dennis Brown and Aswad - Land Of Promise (VP RECORDS)
06. Richie Spice - My Life (Street Life) (VP RECORDS)
07. Richie Spice - Trouble In the World (FREE/LEGAL MP3 HERE)
08. Vibronics and Mark Iration - Struggle (VIBRONICS)
09. Vibronics and Mark Iration - Struggle Dubwise (VIBRONICS)
10. Vibronics and Boney L - Jah Music (VIBRONICS)
11. Vibronics and Boney L - Jah Music Dubwise (VIBRONICS)
12. Vibronics and Boney L - Only One Love (VIBRONICS)
13. Vibronics and Boney L - Only One Love Dubwise (VIBRONICS)
14. Sheya Mission - Feels Like Rain (GOLD HEART MUSIC)
15. Sheya Mission - Feels Like Rain Dubwise (GOLD HEART MUSIC)
16. Dub Creator - Dub Generation (DUBCREATOR)
17. Alpha and Omega with Jonah Dan - Nah Lef The Truth (ALPHA AND OMEGA)
18. Alpha and Omega with Jonah Dan - Nah Lef the Truth Dubwise (But Roots) (ALPHA AND OMEGA)
19. Alpha and Omega - The Roots (ALPHA AND OMEGA)
20. Alpha and Omega - Break Every Chain (ALPHA AND OMEGA)
21. Dub Farm - Jah Witness ( LEGACY)

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Babylon Observer Video Report: Remembering the Message of Martin Luther King, 2011

WWW, January 2011 - A day after the official Martin Luther King Day on January 17, two years after the election of Barak Obama, the black community within the USA knows themselves to be on top of many lists concerning poverty, unemployment and negative profiling.

Where Martin Luther King expressed his hope for a nation that would "live up to their creed that all man are created equal", he was not far from his assasination. More than 40 years later, many black people who voted for Barak Obama know themselves in a nation that still does not live up to it's creed.

The Babylon Observer remembers and observes the current runnings, and reports...

Footage Used With Permission:
Click Here For Video Download Page


Impressions from the Buju Banton "Before the Dawn" Performance

Impressions from Buju Banton's "Before The Dawn" performance on january 2011, which was for the most part a solidarity concert to support and draw attention to Buju Banton as he is currently subjected to a trial in which he was entrapped by the DEA.

Extensive covering of the whole case can be found at the Babylon Observer Message Board: CLICK HERE

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 3: A Reggae Livication to All Peace Makers And Not War Mongers

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WWW, January 2011 - This third chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011 is livicated to the workers of Equal rights and Justice, because without these two conditions there will be no peace as the Conscious Rastaman has been chanting from the ancient days until this very moment. The livication comes with true Roots Rockers, represented by Price Far I, Yabby You, Edi Fitzroy and many others.
The set starts with an extremely nice Reggae tune by the German band Dubious Neighborhood, followed by Benaiah and Edi Fitzroy telling it just like it is. The classic Rub a Dub tune Murderer, sung by Baqrrington Levy, subsequently introduce us to some more historical music until the end of the show.
Prince Far I has a message to those who still do not know the Bible Message that War is Over when Natty Dread Come Over, and Yabby You identifies the Anti-Christ whose followers claim to follow the true Christ. Johnny Clarke reminds us about the ancient prophecy that in the end Every Knee Shall Bow, after which we go into a segment of stricktly Dub Vibes.
From the album "In The Light", Horace Andy chants down Babylon and Prince Jammy transforms the musical atmosphere into a Natural Mystic that will go straight to the soul of the Conscious people, only to lead us straight into two crucial Discomixes by the singer Junior Ross who makes it very clear where Rasta comes from, without apology.
The show closes off with another two Dubs, each one carrying enough lyrical content to leave no doubts: yes, this is A Reggae Livication To All Peace Makers And Not War Mongers.
Go Deh!
01. Dubious Neighborhood - Mama Africa (Mix 2000) (See More)
02. Benaiah - We Nah Give Up ( Legacy)
03. Benaiah - We Nah give Up Dubwise ( Legacy)
04. Edi Fitzroy - Hold the Vibes (Free and Legal MP3 Download HERE)
05. Barrington Levy - Murderer (Free and Legal MP3 Download HERE)
06. Prince Far I - No More War (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
07. Prince Far I - No More War Dubwise (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
08. Yabby You - Anti-Christ (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
09. King Tubby's - Anti-Christ Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
10. Johnny Clarke - Every Knee Shall Bow (Discomix) (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
11. Inner Circle - Shaky Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
12. Prince Jammy's - Cop's Spy (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
13. Horace Andy - Leave Rasta (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
14. Prince Jammy's - Rasta Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
15. Prince Jammy's - Music Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
16. Prince Jammy's - Fever Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
17. Junior Ross and Spear - So Jah Jah Say (Discomix) (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
18. Junior Ross and Spear - Jah Love (Discomix) (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
19. Yabby You - No Tarry Yah (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
20. Prince Far I - Ears To Hear Dubwise (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Babylon Observer Video Report: Iraq's Poorest Make Junkyards Their Home


WWW, January 2011 - In spite of billions of American "reparation" money supposedly aimed at "reconstructing" Iraq, about 25% of Iraq's population lives under the poverty limit.

People have to flee their houses because of sectarian violence that came with the invasion of Iraq and make the junkyards their new homes. Little children pick up trash instead of going to school, there is no running water and absolutely no medical care.

Footage used with permission:

More Information at the Babylon Observer forum:

The 2011 Dubroom Website Renovation Project (1)


As I mention on the Dubroom Front Page, I am currently renovating the Dubroom website. Finally is the time to move from the old screen resolution to a more modern one, a bigger one This is a huge process as I have to manually design and change many thousands of pages. In this thread I would like to keep you a bit updated as to what I'm up to with it.

The first thing i attack is the MP3 Portal. Currently I think I did about 25% of the pages. For a preview, I just uploaded all the MP3 album reviews. Check them out at

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 2: Kibir Amlak

WWW, January 2011 - Two vocals and seventeen massive Dubs: this is the second chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011. From cool and dreadly riddims by BR Stylers, DUB Terror and JAH Free to militant steppers by Disciples, the Powersteppers and online DUB Artist El Bib, here are seventy-eight minutes of pure heavyweight sounds in a non-stop selection by Messian Dread.
Kibir Amlak (Glory to JAH) says it all: this is a musical praise to the Father Son and Spirit. It starts of with three Dubs which can be downloaded for free (legally, of course) at The massive BR Stylers vocal and Dub track can legally be downloaded for free as well. The Italian DUB and Roots Reggae band has truly delivered a classic with that one. Echo Ranks gives us some good meditation concerning the right use of technology , after which we dive into a long selection of stricktly, stricktly DUB.
01. Love Grocer - No Turning Back Dubwise (Free MP3 Here)
02. No More Babylon - X-Dub (Free MP3 Here)
03. Twilight Circus - #1 (Free MP3 Here)
04. BR Stylers - Come Back To The Truth (Free MP3 Here)
05. BR Stylers - Come Back To The Truth Dubwise (Free MP3 Here)
06. Dub Terror and Echo Ranks - Technology (More Info)
07. Dub Terror and Echo Ranks - Technology Dubwise (More Info)
08. Alpha and Omega - The Dub Is Out There (More Info)
09. Jah Free - Lightning Clap (Free MP3 Here)
10. Israelites - Lord (Version) (More Info)
11. Disciples - Return To Addis Ababa (More Info)
12. Power Steppers - Byte Sized (More Info)
13. Jonah Dan - Cark Up Your Foot Dubwise ( Legacy)
14. The Blackstarliners - Faya Dub (Free MP3 Here)
15. Apocalypse Dub Faction - Apocalypse Come ( Legacy)
16. Imperial Sound Army - Creation (Version) (Free MP3 Here)
17. Imperial Sound Army - Sin Cannot Dub (Free MP3 Here)
18. Hatman and Dub Machinist - Rolling Rock Dub (Free MP3 Here)
19. El Bib - Enter the Dragon (Free MP3 Here)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 1: Ethiopia Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands



Podcast Picture
WWW, January 2011 - In the first chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011, we go into an eighty minute experience of contemporary Roots Reggae with a lot of Dubwise to celebrate another series of conscious sounds selected and mixed by Messian Dread.
Reggae Music is in many way African Music, spiritually Ethiopian because of the long-time relation of JAH with that land that is even described in one of the first chapter of Genesis. Long before any of these other names came to common consciousness, that is.
We start of with two dub tracks with their vocal counterpart from Benaiah, taken from the legacy. Cool Roots Reggae, followed by Swedish based Lion and UK based Nucleus Roots, each on with a crucial Dub tune.
After that, a small livication to UK based Fullness, whose collaboration with vocalist Izyah Davis is gladly received, reviewed and played here in Radio Dubroom.
More Nucleus Roots and Lion Dub, followed by some heavyweight steppers Dubs from Conscious Sounds, the Blackstarliners, BR Stylers, Alp0ha and Omega to name just a few are followed and form the last part of this chapter.
01. Benahiah - Traveling Dub (MP3.comLEGACY)
02. Benahiah - Traveling (MP3.comLEGACY)
03. Benahiah - Africa ( LEGACY)
04. Benahiah - Africa Dub (MP3.comLEGACY)
05. Lion Dub - Undead Dread (MORE)
06. Nucleus Roots - Trooding To Mount Zion (MORE)
07. Fullness and Izyah Davis - Long Dub (MORE)
08. Fullness and Izyah Davis - How Long (MORE)
09. Fullness and Izyah Davis - Arise (MORE)
10. Fullness and Izyah Davis - Arise Dub (MORE)
11. Lion Dub - Dub Forward (MORE)
12. Nucleus Roots - Mankind Dub (MORE)
13. Bush Chemists - Teaching of Love (MORE)
14. Zion Train and Molara - Power Two (MORE)
15. Alpha and Omega with Disciples - Roaring Lion Dub Mix 2 (MORE)
16. BR Stylers - Mada Foundation (MORE)
17. Blackstarliners - Black Star Liner (MORE)
18. Eastern Roots - Triumphant Dub (MORE)
19. Jacin - Let The Dub Play (MORE)
20. Dan I and Slimmah Sound - Dub Crisis (MORE)





WWW, January 2011 - In this heart-felt Roots Showcase from UK based producer Fullness and vocalist Izyah Davis, the listener is being treated to a massive piece of work in all aspects. From the production to the musical playing, from the vocals to the actual lyrics, ARISE is more than recommended to lovers of (DUB) Roots Reggae.


He's not new on the scene, both online and offline: Gavin Sand, or Fullness as we all (should) know him. Yes, indeed; this is a name not to be ignored. Excellent musical playing, crucial production overall but -arguably- even more important: Dubwise of the quality we all love to experience here, as true lovers of the D-word.

Izyah Davis adds more than just vocals to the excellent production: in an obvious good vibrational interaction with Fullness, he raises his voice up high to the Most High. From the top to the very last drop, we are being treated with some spiritual food that no righteous rootsman would ever be able to deny.

Chanting down Babylon and her iniquity, lifting up the Trinity to the fullness, calling on the people and the so-called leaders, this one is -as said- more than recommended to lovers of (DUB) Roots Reggae.

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