Sunday, January 9, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 2: Kibir Amlak

WWW, January 2011 - Two vocals and seventeen massive Dubs: this is the second chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011. From cool and dreadly riddims by BR Stylers, DUB Terror and JAH Free to militant steppers by Disciples, the Powersteppers and online DUB Artist El Bib, here are seventy-eight minutes of pure heavyweight sounds in a non-stop selection by Messian Dread.
Kibir Amlak (Glory to JAH) says it all: this is a musical praise to the Father Son and Spirit. It starts of with three Dubs which can be downloaded for free (legally, of course) at The massive BR Stylers vocal and Dub track can legally be downloaded for free as well. The Italian DUB and Roots Reggae band has truly delivered a classic with that one. Echo Ranks gives us some good meditation concerning the right use of technology , after which we dive into a long selection of stricktly, stricktly DUB.
01. Love Grocer - No Turning Back Dubwise (Free MP3 Here)
02. No More Babylon - X-Dub (Free MP3 Here)
03. Twilight Circus - #1 (Free MP3 Here)
04. BR Stylers - Come Back To The Truth (Free MP3 Here)
05. BR Stylers - Come Back To The Truth Dubwise (Free MP3 Here)
06. Dub Terror and Echo Ranks - Technology (More Info)
07. Dub Terror and Echo Ranks - Technology Dubwise (More Info)
08. Alpha and Omega - The Dub Is Out There (More Info)
09. Jah Free - Lightning Clap (Free MP3 Here)
10. Israelites - Lord (Version) (More Info)
11. Disciples - Return To Addis Ababa (More Info)
12. Power Steppers - Byte Sized (More Info)
13. Jonah Dan - Cark Up Your Foot Dubwise ( Legacy)
14. The Blackstarliners - Faya Dub (Free MP3 Here)
15. Apocalypse Dub Faction - Apocalypse Come ( Legacy)
16. Imperial Sound Army - Creation (Version) (Free MP3 Here)
17. Imperial Sound Army - Sin Cannot Dub (Free MP3 Here)
18. Hatman and Dub Machinist - Rolling Rock Dub (Free MP3 Here)
19. El Bib - Enter the Dragon (Free MP3 Here)

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