Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 Years Of Dubroom - Flood of MP3 Reviews Coming (Jah Willing)

WWW, June 2012 - After almost a year of relative silence, the Dubroom will slowly start publishing new MP3 reviews starting June 15, 2012. Here's a small update from the Dubroom Webmaster concerning this and other issues related to the website and Messian Dread himself.
Greetings Massive!

It has been a long time since I've been reviewing MP3's and releasing podcasts, not to mention putting out my own material. Many reasons for this, some of which are still actuality. I did not have the time, energy or even inspiration to do what I've been doing these last 15 years. That's right, at the time I write this the Dubroom exists already for 15 years this very month!

Yesterday, I uploaded the first podcast after about half a year or so. I'm grateful that I could do it and hopefully I'll find more opportunity to mix shows. I also work on an incredible amount (talking in the hundreds possibly) new MP3 reviews of which you can get the first two tomorrow at or They will later be put on the website as well.

I hope to be able to provide you with two MP3 reviews per day for the coming months. Jah Willing, obviously. I am in a period wherein I know I have to take it easy, I call it a "partial sabbathical", and I know that Jah is not against this to put it this way. After 15 years, the Dubroom is still there and I do not think that it's wrong to spend time with friends and family as I am re-charging the battery after one-and-a-half decade.

One Love,
Messian Dread

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Radio Dubroom 2012 Chapter 1: Dub Sessions With The Scientist


Episode Picture

WWW, June 2012 -  In this second artist special, Radio Dubroom gives you a selection of twenty-one titles carrying the works of this, one of the Founding Fathers of Dub: The Scientist! And the best thing is, you can download each single tune for free and it's even legal...

The Scientist started off his works back in the 1970's at the studio of King Tubby. It's as close as you can get to being an active participant in the establishment of Dub as we still know it today, decades later. He often used Tubby's equipment in the titles presented in this podcast, mixed non-stop by Messian Dread. It's clear that the Scientist showed some of the most creative talents around in that time.

Dub Sessions With The Scientist mainly contains some lesser known works, all of which are available as free download or even better: a little teaser to the extremely versatile catalogue of the Scientist himself. Links are available at the Dubroom's MP3 page on the Scientist, where you can find music and reviews galore.


01. Dub Ovations
02. Come Together
03. Home Version
04. Scientist At The Control
05. For Me And You
06. Spread The Love
07. The Time Has Come
08. One Man Dub
09. Having Fun With Klingons
10. Watch The Sound Of The Metal Dub
11. Jah Love All Aliens
12. Fighting Radics
13. Rocking Time Warp Dub
14. Gunman
15. Best Of The Best
16. All Over The World
17. The Scientist's Answer
18. Dub Bible
19. Best Dress Pretty Looks
20. Gambling Mama Say
21. Stalag 17


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