Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Babylon Observer Video Report: Greece, Arms Before People

WWW, December 2010 - As the European Union forces the country of Greece into cutting all kind of spendings, these very same leaders will also force the country into buying all kinds of stuff for the military.

One billion Euro's in cuts, two billion of Euro's into a couple of war ships from France. That is just one of the ways in which the country is being plundered by the global organizations.

Footage used with permission.



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buju Banton Speaks After Being "Released" On Bail

This is the first Radio Interview with Buju Banton after being "released" on bail. The interview was aired originally on December 25, 2010 and deals mainly with Buju Banto's concert January 2011 on Martin Luther King weekend.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Radio Dubroom 2010 Chapter 23: Ethiopian Dub Visions


WWW, December 2010 - One vocal track, followed by 20 different DUB
tracks: here is over one hour and twenty minutes of pure Drum and Bass niceness,
all inspired by the Ethiopian Visions that come with the Rastaman's

The set starts of with a vocal track by Earl Zero riding a Zion Train riddim,
singing about the herbal inspiration that Babylon don't want us to feel. After
that, we're diving into a DUB selection with more than extra bass, everything
mixed together live into one long non-stop mix by Messian Dread.
Not for the weakhearts!

01. Earl Zero - Gimme Good Sensi (MORE)
02. Zion Train - Gimme Good Sensi Dub (MORE)
03. Dub Terror - Turn the Tide (MORE)
04. Alpha and Omega - Rastafari (MORE)
05. Alpha and Omega - Captivity Dub (MORE)
06. Vibronics - Written Dub (MORE)
07. Iration Steppas - One Drop Dub (MORE)
08. Webcam Hi-Fi - Hotta Dub (MORE)
09. Vibronics - New World Dub (MORE)
10. OBF Dub Sound System - Pressure Dub (MORE)
11. Inadubstate - Mission Part 2 (MORE)
12. Vibronics - Govermant Man Dub (MORE)
13. Dub Browsers - Conscious Dub
14. Jah Free - Rod Of Correction Dub (MORE)
15. Vibronics - Mout Zion I Dub (MORE)
16. Dub Terror and Tena Stelin - Child Soldier Dub (MORE)
17. Abbassi All-Stars - Favi Rock Dub (MORE)
18. Zion Train - Life That I Choose Dub (MORE)
19. Bush Chemists - What About The Dub (MORE)
20. Bush Chemists - Rubber Dub (MORE)
21. Bush Chemists - Armagideon Dub (MORE)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Babylon Observer Video Report: Christians Under Attack in Holy Land

Christians in Israel and the Palestine areas are suffering under heavy attacks by both extremist Muslims and Jews. Although some join the IDF, there are many who have to migrate or suffer severe persecution.



Saturday, December 18, 2010

Radio Dubroom 2010 Chapter 22: Cybernautic Uprising

Radio Dubroom Chapter 22 Podcast Picture
WWW, December 2010 - In what is (one of the) last podcast(s) of Radio Dubroom 2010, we're partially looking back at some crucial Steppers selections plus a couple of brand new tunes. Vocals and Dubs, a lot of Dubs, over 90 minutes long!
One thing is certain: the year 2010 ends more turbulent than it started. JAH's Revelation Time in full swing, if you will. Obviously this is also felt by the workers of (DUB) Reggae music, as this musical upliftment to the Conscious Cybernauts clearly shows.
Steppers from the top to the very last drop, extra bass and effects, everything mixed live into this 90 minutes of heavyweight stuff.
01. Madu and Bush Chemists - Stand Up Version (MORE)
02. Madu and Bush Chemists - Stand Up (MORE)
03. Jah Melodie and Slimmah Sound - Get Active (MORE)
04. Vanya O and Vibronics - Oh Jah Come Now (MORE)
05. Vanya O and Vibronics - Oh Jah Version (MORE)
06. Jah Melodie and Slimmah Sound - Get Active Dub (MORE)
07. Vibronics - Dub In the Valley (MORE)
08. Abassi All-Stars - Dub Of Correction (MORE)
09. Messian Dread - Chant Down Babylon Queendom (Discomix) (MORE)
10. Alpha and Omega - Jah Is Calling (MORE)
11. Vibronics - History Dub Version (MORE)
12. Kanka - Ring dub (MORE)
13. Lyrical Benjie and Livication Riddim Section - Overcome (MORE) Version
14. Lyrical Benjie and Livication Riddim Section - With Jah I Shall Overcome (MORE)
15. Pablo Gad - Technology (MORE)
16. Pablo Gad - Technology Dubwise (MORE)
17. Bush Chemists - Speaker Rockers (MORE)
18. Mykal Rose and Dub Terror - Time Bomb Dub (MORE)
19. BR Stylers - Fire from Hell (Madaski Remix) (MORE)
20. Me Zion Dread - Dub Doun De Dragon (MORE)
21. Me Zion Dread - Secret Place Of The Most High (Discomix) (MORE)
22. Me Zion Dread - Rhythm Of The Spiritual Warrior (Discomix) (MORE)



December 2010 - A joyful, vibrant track from not-just-the-son-of, provided for
free by use of the Creative Commons Copyright: Here's one of the latest projects
of Ziggy Marley which he did together with friends and family.

project, called "wild and free singles", can be considered an
in-between albums studio session. According to Ziggy, "here is the first
song, it's called africa land. I wrote it cause of the world cup in Africa as a
way of cheering on Africa as one team and celebrating a new day in African
history. My brother Stephen and my good friend Angelique joined me for this
celebration. Enjoy."

This track was released under CreativeCommons Copyright, which means you can share it provided that the original file is being offered without any change. Another aspect of the CC copyright is, that no money should be made and therefor this track is offered to you free of charge. For more specific information, look to the information on the Ziggy Marley Website. When you like the music, consider visiting the Ziggy Marley Website and donate some money or feedback.

Friday, December 17, 2010


WWW, December 16/17 2010 - Some emails, questions in chatrooms and elsewhere: seems like there are some people who like to know what's up with the Dubroom and me, Messian Dread. After everything kind of full-stopped a few months ago, we are now a few weeks before the new year 2011: it's more than time to break the silence on a larger scale than "just" on the Dubroom Forum and some chatrooms I sometimes visit.

There was one direct cause of me having to take it more easy, a thing which people who frequent the Dubroom for longer know: I have periods in which I do suffer a lack of energy, I collapse here and there after putting too much hay on my fork as they say in this agricultural place I live. This was also the case a few months ago, around the time of Buju Banton's bail hearing.

Actually, it was a culmination of things that caused me to be in the situation described in Psalm 23 where JAH makes His sheep to rest in the middle of the green grass. I know that it is JAH Himself Who leads me into such times and usually I come out of there stronger and different. I think this will be the case in this time as well.

The last year for me was quite intense. There were separations with people who are now cursing JAH after fooling some Idren for many years into trusting them as Idren, where the opposite was the case. They could not keep their true identity hidden after Jah Dawta strengthened our little flock of JAH that we are here, and now they show their true -ugly- face.

My official marriage with Jah Dawta was a highlight! We said "yes" to each other in the face of many witness, it was something we worked so hard for years to get this done and by the grace of JAH it happened. "A Love Story Only Jesus Can Write", as someone told us already years ago. And not just a "love story", but the actual creation of a spiritual team ready to chant down babylon and satan once more.

Anyway: what about the website?

Where I first updated the Dubroom on a daily basis, I changed that to updating weekly but even that proved to be too much for me, at least at this time. Because I basically locked myself in that format in which I had to update weekly, I could no longer do that. Simply did not have the time as other things needed to be dealt with as well. That's when I kind of completely collapsed.

As one door closes, another one opens. That's always the case for Jah children, and so it is in this time. To be exact: I don't see the open door yet, but I do feel it.

Changes will be there, on the website. Definitely. I am working on a format that will make the site look better especially in newer computers, and will make it more easy for me to post stuff. Everything to do with (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness, obviously. However, I do feel kind of strong that things will be more loose in the sense that I will probably not be able to guarantee updates on a set time.

Changes will be there globally, too, a thing that I feel in every inch of my body and soul. Babylon is in total panique as her plan for the establishment of her planet-wide prison is continually exposed on every level. The economies collapse in especially USA and Europe, the first one being subjected from isolation from the rest of the world as on one hand people do see the evil being done in the name of USA and others who live there trying to save something what they believe the USA should be.

As things develop, I do feel that I need to document, record and comment on the events. This is done in the Babylon Observer segment of the Dubroom, a part which is arguably even more important than the musical reviews and for which I definitely know myself to have to give energy to. The Babylon Observer weblog and messageboard are currently very much alive and active! I feel strongly that the Babylon Observer will be more actively reporting, documenting and commenting in the coming times.

Musically, I tried to do things this year but -especially now that my headphones broke- I do not think that this is the most important thing for me to do right now, making music that is. Sure, many people ask me when I will put new tunes out, but I really do not feel like doing so and especially since I now have to save some money to get myself headphones again next year I see that Jah is not in a hurry to make me make music either.

Jah made me a free man in the sense that I do not have to solicitate for donations or -even worse- trying to get contracts or sell my music or other stuff. He dictates to me what I am supposed to do, and He provides me with the energy to do what I am supposed to do. I will not get energy for things I'm not supposed to do.

Right now, I am definitely not supposed to make music. Sure, many people would love me to release new tunes and actually ask me about it but I know there are things more important -and urgent- than making music. Being an observer of what's going on in Babylon, an observer without any other agenda than the word MARANATHA, I am definitely not only a producer/musician. There is a time and season for everything. Some people might be drawn to make music especially in this time, where others -like me- are being put on a different track.

Sure, there will be some people disappointed by this "news", if you will, the news that I really cannot tell you when I will start to release musical stuff again. I cannot apologize for it because I myself am not the master of my life, and I do not think that Jah has to apologize for anything. Let's say, that Jah put me on a musical sabbatical or whatever the right phrase is.

There's a lot of things that I think about doing, but there's a difference between what I would like to do and what I'm supposed to do. Usually, as stated before, I go by the energy that Jah gives me. I won't get the energy to make music, I simply conclude I'm not supposed to and to be frank, there are several reasons I can see just why that is. Music is strong, but it can also be used as a way of concealing other things. Like it is said that the band played while the Titanic sank to the bottom of the sea, it could very well be that as long as I make music I am not speaking out about this sinking ship that is called Babylon and of which I see so many brethren and sistren identifying themselves with. Is that not a much more urgent thing to address than releasing the next drum and bassline?

So, then, what is my idea about activities in the near future?

When I follow the visions of my eyes and the sound in my ears, I feel strongly that I am led to dig deeper and deeper into matters that I already have been studying and researching for many years. The story of the Creator and His creation, if you will. Especially in this time, I sense that there is a next birth pain coming up, a prophetic change of seasons if you will. This will include more separation of the goat and the sheep, this will include that those who are dirty will become more dirty whereas those who are clean will become more clean. It's a supernatural process which adheres to supernatural laws, described in the Book of Books (Bible).

I feel led to start compiling my research, observing the current things that reach my vision and speak out with my mouth what my eyes and ears observe. In this season, for me the time has come to break away from expectations one and ones might have and do only what I know JAH wants me to do. I feel no other obligations, I do not have the energy to do what I know many would like me to do.

I will keep updating the website and weblogs, will also keep on reviewing music and perhaps start podcasting again as well, but this does not have my priority at the moment. Nothing against music, of course, this is just a thing that I personally am going through and this is for me. I really feel very strong that JAH wants to show me and perhaps others that HE owns me and HE created me. I did not create myself.

In the case you want to stay up-to-date with my current runnings, I suggest to subscribe to one or more mailing lists or even better: become a member of the Dubroom Message Boards and start to contribute to the massive amount of material we've come up with during the years.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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