Friday, September 12, 2014

Finalizing the Set Up with A Soundcheck (Making Dub With Computers Chapter 27)


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WWW, September 12 2014 - We have our instruments set up in proper sub mixes, we've added the effects for dubbing and for enhancement of the instrument's sounds, now it's time to actually enhance these sound and make a reasonable mix. We're going to do that in this chapter in word, sight and sound. Actually, this is pretty much the same as a live soundcheck just before a live performance by a band. 

Truth be told: I did a little bit of preparation by using some specific settings on both reverbs. In short, I use a longer, heavier reverb for the Dub mixing (the one at aux 2), and a short one for the instrument enhancement (aux 4). I've also set the Space Echo as a Space echo (aux 3) but we're not going to use that in the soundcheck itself. 

We'll start that soundcheck with the drums. It gets some extra EQ-ing, and a little bit of reverb. The bass is next, gets some extra EQ-ing as well. Then the skanks and the horns. Both submixes have their own phaser, and they are put in action. The balance between the instruments is made in the submix, and then the skanks and the horns are balance with the bass and drums. The last part is for the accompanying elements: the guitar and the clavinet. While you could also add a phaser to that submix, for this tutorial we'll leave it at that. 

I've made three temporal midi tracks for the horns, to make them play the theme all over again. After all, we have to make a setting. After the soundcheck, I reinstated to original horns track. 

This is the sound check, live and direct.




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