Thursday, August 21, 2014

Messian Dread Presents A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection Track 12: Lone Ranger - Rock And Come In Dubwise


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WWW, August 21 2014 - This is the official release date of the 12th and final track of the album "Messian Dread Presents A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection". Here is: Lone Ranger - Rock And Come In Dubwise.

To close of this twelve-track presentation of heavyweight Dubwise selections introducing an equal number of original Dubroom riddims fresh from the studio in August 2014, another legendary MC. It's amazing how the Lone Ranger, just like all these other legends featured on this album, is still strong after all these decades of really hard, hard labor in the world of Reggae Music and Sound Systems everywhere.

The Dub starts of with Don Goliath singing that well known phrase which gave the title to this track. Don't think this is a remake of anything, though. It's not. What it is, is an original "Riddim of respect" if you will. Respect to all those vocalists riding the musical productions and especially those that can and should be considered legends.

Yes, in 2014 everything looks like as if everything happened in one time. There's the mid-late 1960's U Roy became founding father of the Reggae DJ's, followed by Dennis Alcapone. Then came the 1970's, when Dillinger and Trinity became two of the leading voices in the militant Roots Reggae DJ era and Kojak & Liza was formed. Soon after that, the 1980's when Horseman started in the 1980's recording for Greensleeves Records. 

And in fact, it is.

During the introduction, Lone Ranger says: "Later, will be greater. That's what the farmer said to the potato without planting the manipulator". Now, this 2014, could be that later. We've had all kinds of manipulated potatoes in the form of hybridized forms of music taking everything but the true soul of Reggae Music and turn it into whatever it is since these 1960's when the "potato" was planted. 

One thing still stands strong: (DUB) Reggae Music with that soul of Reggae Music firmly in charge. With respect for the Most High, chanting down Babylon with her ism's and schisms. Built on a solid foundation of drum and bass, making responsible use of the freedom that the Most High wants for His children.

Yes, indeed: just a little meditation to close the first full length Messian Dread album since almost a decade.

Please do not re-publish the actual music, because unlike Dubroom releases before 2014, this release is © Messian Dread/Dubroom.


This posting is part of a twelve day presentation series (August 10-21 2014) of the album "Messian Dread Presents A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection". CLICK HERE to get the whole album in several formats.

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