Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Imitate to Eradicate? (2)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 16, 2007


WWW, October 16 2007 - Smooth, carefully constructed test-tube products, straight out of the musical laboratories of Babylon System: many of such imitations of Reggae and Rastafari have been documented throughout the decades.

They are easily recognizable, though. For it doesn't matter as to whether Reggae Music is programmed or played, in both cases the heart and soul of the producer will be easily identifiable.

Imitators will be obviously not at ease with the open, heartical vibe of Reggae Music and Rastafari. That's the reason why they imitate in the first place, for Reggae Music and Rastafari are major obstacles in the ways of every good Babylonian.

Will they succeed? Of course not.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MUST HAVE! Various Artists - Trojan Explosion (MP3 Podcast Review)
Various Artists - Cornerstone Hi-Fi Roots Classics Volume 4

MUST HAVE! Various Artists - Trojan Explosion (MP3 Podcast Review)


WWW, October 2007 - Coming with extensive liner notes from the selector, this complication of Roots Reggae from Trojan Records is an excellent presentation of the essential Reggae label.

Trojan Explosion provides the raw sound of 1970's Rockers Reggae, with styles and disciplines galore. Singers and DJ's, Players of Instruments and DUB engineers all give acte d' presence.

DJ Dr. Tahl produced an excellent compilation, and not just because of the crucial music. His in-depth liner notes on Trojan Records provides that extra dimension, while the mix itself provides that non-stop pleasure which you average compilation just won't give you.

Enjoy the fullness!

BROADCASTER'S COMMENTS: Trojan records, founded in 1968, was one of many labels in the United Kingdom that fed the ska, rocksteady and reggae craze sweeping the country. Founder Lee Gopthal had collaborated with Chris Blackwell of Island Records on mail order sales, which prompted Gopthal to start a record store called Musicland (which became part of the Muzik City Record Shops chain). Trojan's name comes from the Leyland trucks that were used by Duke Reid in Jamaica, which had Duke Reid - The Trojan King of Sounds painted on the sides. Reid's sound system became known as the Trojan Sound, which became synonymous with the new and hip music.

By 1970, Trojan artists that were making headway into the pop music charts included: Lee Perry's Upsetters, Bob & Marcia, The Cimarons, Desmond Dekker, Bruce Ruffin, Nicky Thomas and Dave & Ansel Collins. (Note: a common misconception is that Dave & Ansel Collins were brothers, although Dave Barker was a stand-alone artist and not related to Ansel Collins.)

Trojan's main function was not to develop new artists, but to serve as a sister label for Island Records. Monetary success came from releasing Jamaican music supplied by producers such as Duke Reid, Byron Lee and Leslie Kong into a series of popular, budget-priced compilations such as, Tighten Up, Club Reggae and Reggae Chartbusters.

Also included are the numerous sub-label's. Upsetter, Moodisc, Jackpot, Summit, Treasure Isle, etc.


01 Dillinger,King Tubbys & The Aggrovators - Jah Jah Dub
02 Dennis Brown - Concentration (Produced by Derrick Harriot)
03 Ronnie Davis - The Power of Love (Produced by Lyodie Slim & Bunny Lee)
04 Dennis Brown - Changing of Times
05 Barry Brown - Living As A Brother (Produced by Barrington Levy)
06 Johhny clarke - Don't Trouble Trouble (Produced by Bunny Lee)
07 Tristan Palma - How Can A Man Be Happy
08 Johnny Clarke - Blood Dunza
09 The Abbyssinians - Yim Mas Gaan
10 Big Joe - Mas Gan
11 Delroy Wilson - Better Must Come
12 Prince Alla - Daniel (Produced by Tapper Zukie)
13 Tommy Mccook & The Upsetters - Cloak & Dagger (Produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry



Various Artists - Cornerstone Hi-Fi Roots Classics Volume 4


WWW, October 2007 - Soaked in echo's and sirens, the Stricktly Rockers Podcast brings you 78 minutes of pure niceness in a very special way.

The selection is simply great. A well balanced mix between Roots Rockers and Rub a Dub style takes us back to the late 1970's, early 1980's.

The podcast can be burned on a CD or put in the I-pod for some listening experience in the Outernet and especially when you're in love with effects, Cornerstone Hi-Fi Roots Classics will make you feel.

When you don't like extra echoing and Sirens on top of the music, though, you may not really like what you hear. Sometimes, the effects and sirens are too much, too loud, especially for those that don't like to much playing with the music anyway.


01 Stop the fighting - Johnny Osbourne
02 Two bad daughter - Johhny Osbourne
03 Kingdom rise - Wailing Souls
04 Very well dub - Wailing Souls
05 Dreadlocks man - Barrington Levy
06 Revelation - Barrington Levy
07 Wicked reign - Eek a mouse
08 Humble yourself - Asher and Trimble
09 Tenement yard - Dennis Brown
10 Fade away - Junior Byles
11 Disco Jack version - Jackie Mittoo
12 Moulding - I Jahman Levi
13 Exodus - Freddie McKay



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