Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition January 8, 2008


WWW, January 8 2008 - The word "Babylon" itself is quite interesting. Depending on the original language of choice, the meanings itself can be quite revealing!

When you translate it from the ancient Babylonian language, you will find that the meaning of Babylon is "Gateway to (the) God(s)". However, when taken from the original Hebrew scriptures, the word means "Confusion".

Obviously, there is a deeper meaning behind this all.

Are you a Babylonian, or initiated into the Mystery, you will see Babylon as a way to reach to the godly realms. Just look at all those that worship Babylon System as the so-called "Judeo Christian Civilization".

But are you more focused on the original Bible, you will see that Babylon System is not at all a Gate to the Creator but rather a form of spiritual fornication or con-fusion.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)




WWW, December 2007 - The House of Reggae #18 opens with a massive track and short biography of Garnett Silk, and then continues to give us another hour of Reggae Music history presented in a fine style.

As the number of episodes in the House of Reggae grow, it becomes clear just what a priceless series of Podcast we are really reviewing here: it's the History of Reggae all over and over again, in Word Sound and Power.

This history is important for too many reasons to mention. Just look at the enormous achievements of the Jamaicans we know to be the originators of Reggae, it's enough to realize how much we need historians like Bredda Ian who doesn't just play music, but actually does a lot of work for his shows, which... shows.

The 18th episode has, next to a short but impressive biography of Garnett Silk right at the start, also some rare material that will make you want to check out the Podcast just to listen to it. Sugar Minott coming in a DJ Style under the name "Papa Honey", for example.

Another crucial!


01. Garnett Silk - Splashing Dashing
02. Lloyd & Devon - Love Is The Foundation Of The World
03. Bunny Lie Lie - Who Cork The Dance
04. Lee Van Cleef - Do The Thing
05. Sister Ester & Papa Honey - Waiting For Your Love 12"
06. Max Romeo - Macabee Version
07. The Prospectors - Glory For I
08. The Brentford Rockers - Glory Dub
09. Vernon Allen - Babylon
10. Admiral Bailey - Big Belly Man
11. Tonto Irie - Slim Belly Man
12. Junior Kelly - Receive
13. Garnett Silk - Hello Africa
14. Bascom X - Danger
15. Jah Mason - The People
16. Fantan Mojah - What Is This?
17. Lukie D - Make A Change



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