Friday, December 21, 2007

Consciousness In Cyberspace (4) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition December 21, 2007


WWW, December 21 2007 - Free flow of information and communication form two major ingredients for the fruitful developments of Consciousness in Cyberspace.

But is the Internet full of fakery and even outright danger in the same time?

Of course! But so is the Outernet...

But without the censorship of the mainstream media or even the "alternative", Truth lovers will find their way to the enormous wealth of niceness that can be found.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Stop That Train #7 (MP3 Review)
I Jah Man - I Want To Be Free (Video Review)

Stop That Train #7 (MP3 Review)


WWW, December 2007 - DJ and DUB form the two main ingredients of this delicious Podcast by the Stop That Train crew from Reading in the UK. "Nuff Drum And Bass Make You Whine Up Your Waist", as JAH Thomas would say.

Reasoning and Seasoning, it's all there in the 7th episode of the "Stop That Train" Podcast. Nuff DJ's and nuff DUB engineers enter to deliver some of their strongest works, both old and new.

The well-picked selection of Floor-shakers and Waist-whiners displays just how versatile the formula of Reggae Dancehall and DUB really is.

The non-stop mix opens up with some spicy Rub a Dub, goes further into a conscious tune by Tappa Zukie and forwards with a digital remix of his priceless MPLA riddim.

Yes, the first 15 minutes definitely set the tone for the rest of the 50 minutes: massive is the word.

Without apology!


01. Yellowman & Fathead - Rub-A-Dub Play
02. Ranking Dread - Fattie Boom
03. Tappa Zukie - Jah Is I Guiding Star
04. Tappa Zukie - Dub MPLA (Subsonic Legacy Remix)
05. GrandpapaIrie - Natty's Hard To Beat (Bootleg)
06. Prince Jammy - Tiger Dub
07. I-Roy & Dillinger - Samson Was The Stranger
08. Love Bump - Lone Ranger
09. Peter Metro - Police Inna England
10. General Echo - Me Know Everything About She Pum Pum
11. King Tubby - From The Grass Dub
12. Mikey Dread Show - Resignation Dub
13. Don Drummond & King Stitt - Scandal



I Jah Man - I Want To Be Free (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, December 2007 - I Jah Man Levi is best known for his classic "Jah Heavy Load", and his own special place within spiritual Reggae Music.

I Jah Man is known to prefer a quiet life, far away from the rat race called the Music Industry. As a conscious Rastaman, he doesn't care too much about the things Babylon System has to offer him.

However, he wouldn't deny his existence on the planet and knows how much Reggae Music is needed. Performing world-wide for audiences hungry for conscious Reggae Music, I Jah Man brings some upfull vibes to each and everyone.



Originally, this review contained the following paragraph:

I Jah Man is so special, that he's not even listen in books like The Rough Guide To Reggae and an Internet search for Trevor Sutherland will not provide much more either.

The statement printed in bold turned out to be untrue!

An attentive reader of the Dubroom pointed out (see below), that I (Messian Dread) actually made a huge mistake while writing the review: I did not look close enough in the Rough Guide to Reggae as I JAH Man is definitely mentioned in the book.

Mea Culpa, I stand corrected. Thank you!

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