Friday, February 4, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 5: Kingly Character

WWW, February 2011 - We're starting this second month of 2011 with an extra-long non-stop mix of purely Roots and DUB in a Kingly Character: we've got a healthy portion of brand new material from the DUB Net Labels, for the conscious upliftment there is crucial lyrical content by Kyle Sicarius, Jah Melody and Lyrical Benjie, some very deep excursions into DUB realms. One hour and forty-seven minutes of pure niceness!
The show starts with a crucial Dub by the Swedish based Gold Heart music, featuring Roots Daughter Sheya Mission on vocals. It's followed by Lyrical Benjie explaining just what this Roots and Culture music is all about, after which we find another Dutch vocalist Jah Melody teaming up with producer Slimmah Sound in two heavyweight Roots and Dub singles.
We're going straight into DUB Cyberspace with no less than three tracks from the brand new Highvory album, released by the Original DUB Gathering and Dubalizer with a tune from his brand new release on Fresh Poulp called In Transe. We also urge you to sign up at because that is (one of the) top site(s) for the online DUB community today in 2011. Crucial massive steppers tune by Dub Soldier called Riot inna Babylon to prove it.
Last segment of this podcast is reserved for Zion Train, Powersteppers and Disciples with some rare material originally released on the vinyl format. Lyrical Benjie, Jah Marnyah and Vanya O riding Vibronics riddims and last but not least a reminder once again to consider the essence: Kyle Sicarius proclaiming JAH is I Light and I Salvation, just to wipe away confusion.
Another selection of crucial music!
01. Sheya Mission - Valley Dub (GoldHeart Music)
02. Lyrical Benjie - Rastaman Style (Discomix) (Lyrical Benjie)
03. Jah Melody - Love Fire Burning (Slimmah Sound)
04. Jah Melody - Dub Fire Burning (Slimmah Sound)
05. Jah Melody - Jah Army (Slimmah Sound)
06. Jah Melody - Jah Army Version (Slimmah Sound)
07. Dub Soldier - Riot Inna Babylon (Part 2) (Talawa)
08. ODG - Heavy (From the Net Album Highvory)
09. Massive Dub Corporation - Spiritual War (From the Net Album Highvory)
10. Dubalizer - Rei Dos Reis (From the Net Album In Transe)
11. Zion Train - Grooving with Mr D (Universal Egg)
12. Zion Train - Bush Groove (Universal Egg)
13. Powersteppers meet Disciples - Inner Dub (Universal Egg)
14. Lord Hissaya and Johnny Clarke - UoJah (From the Net Album Highvory)
15. Lyrical Benjie - The System (Discomix) (Lyrical Benjie)
16. Jah Marnyah - Anointed One (Vibronics)
17. Jah Marnyah - Anointed One Version (Vibronics)
18. Vibronics - Safe in the Dub (Vibronics)
19. Vibronics - World of Dub (Vibronics)
20. Vibronics - Flying Dub (Vibronics)
21. Vanya O - Oh Jah Come Now (Vibronics)
22. Vanya O - Oh Jah Version (Vibronics)
23. Kyle Sicarius - Jah Is My Light (Slimmah Sound)
24. Kyle Sicarius - Enlighted Dub (Slimmah Sound)

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