Thursday, January 31, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition January 31, 2008


WWW, January 31 2008 - An objective look to ancient history will reveal, how ancient men were not as primitive as mainstream science would want us to believe.

They were definitely not so primitive to obey a king or ruler and give power to the priests. They would not believe that the kings and priests had contact with the gods, if they would not have a good reason to do so.

According to many ancient books including the Bible, the interaction between the rulers in the physical and those in the supernatural realms was quite visible for common man in ancient times.

In fact, it seems like only these last few centuries know a situation wherein this interaction is not publicly on display.

More tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)




WWW, January 2008 - German based ROOTS MINISTRY comes again with another great selection of serious Roots Reggae, skillfully mixed in one hour of pure niceness, Showcase Style!

Mixdown #4 is a no-nonsense, non-stop mix of mainly serious and militant Jamaican Roots Rockers from the 1970's. Almost every tune comes with crucial DUB and/or DJ version, too.

Selected by Roots Minister Papa Jason, the show is definitely not your average "Reggae Retro Show" as it contains a lot of rare, forgotten or even ignored material.

Steppers galore, too! The massive "Rasta Business" by the Mighty Three, for example: here is a tune by a group that should have had much more exposure. Or Freddy Mc Gregor's "Chant Down Babylon", coming with special DJ version: Freddy Mc Gregor as not everyone may know him...

There is not one dull moment throughout the entire hour of the show. In fact, it's a highly energizing mix filled with food for the soul and spirit too.

Nuff Raspect for this German based Sound System for ministering to the online (DUB) Reggae community with another gem of Roots and Culture.


01 Silver Shadows - Jah Will Guide/Version
02 Freddie McKay & Orvil Samuels - Dance Dis Yah Festival
03 I Roy - How You Mean/Version
04 Knowledge - Hail Dread/Version
05 The Mighty Three - Rasta Business/Version
06 Leroy Brown - Mind How You Walk
07 The Incrowd - His Majesty Is Coming
08 Freddie McGregor - Chant Down Babylon
09 Jah Woosh - Ethiopia Pretty/Version
10 Horace Andy - Free Africa
11 Ras Bug - Lightning Ball
12 Leroy Smart - I Love Rastafari/Version
13 Jah Woosh - Jah Bear Witness
14 U Black - Power Chant/Version
15 The Mighty Abijans - Untamed / DJ Cut
16 Viceroys - Rise In The Strenght Of Jah
17 Eek A Mouse - Chrismas A Come
18 Lee Van Cleef - Gone Water Gone/Version



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