Friday, December 28, 2007

Evaluating 2007 (7)

Dubroom Online - Edition December 28, 2007


WWW, December 28 2007 - Wherever you are on the planet, when you love Reggae Music and have an Internet connection, you will land in the Dubroom sooner or later.

When you are a self-respecting collector of Reggae Music, our reviews will definitely help you discovering the top material out here inna Cyberspace.

But the Dubroom also deals with topics that may not necessarily be related to music. this site also promotes consciousness, awareness, being awake to what's going on: from spirituality to more mondain topics.

A large portion of this goes on in the Dubroom Messageboards.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


House Of Reggae 15

House Of Reggae 15


WWW, December 2007 - It only takes our host a few seconds to introduce himself and the 15th episode of the House of Reggae. What follows is another hour of crucial niceness presented in an Irie atmosphere.

The show opens and ends with a tune by vocalist Ken Boothe, of who we know a lot after listening to House Of Reggae part 15.

Of course, because in the mean time we have seen how Ian's House Of Reggae does much more than just taking the music to our ears: we are provided with back-ground information for which research was done especially for the show itself.

His original concept of Reggae Info-tainment has provided our host with something as well, because the House Of Reggae has a well deserved place on the top of Reggae Podcasts.

In this episode, Brother Ian tells us -among many other things- all about the rising of the Discomix.

It was the time wherein "Disco Music" was hot and extended mixes were released on 12" vinyl, creating a whole new genre of releases in the Reggae market as well. We're treated to several great examples of the extended mix with fatter bass than on LP or 7".

Another great episode of a Podcast series that has proven it's right to existence and actually adds something to the enormous wealth of material out there.


01. Ken Boothe - Moving Away
02. Roy Panton - Run Old Man
03. The Jays - Born To Be Loved
04. Prince Hammer - Wareika Hills 12"
05. True Persuaders - Roots Man Skank
06. Beenie Man - Row Like A Boat
07. Michael 'Joshua' Manley - Power For The People
08. Morgan Heritage - Politician
09. Hortense Ellis - Somebody Help Me
10. Errol Shorter - Wild Inna 81 Style 12"
11. Owen Isaac & Frank Davis - Three Little Mice
12. Ken Boothe - Freedom Street



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