Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Consciousness In Cyberspace (1) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition December 18, 2007


WWW, December 18 2007 - The Dubroom promotes (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness, a combination that can not be appreciloved by everyone.

However, the Dubroom is still strong after ten years and can be seen as one of the first sites where the lyrics of Conscious Reggae are not just taken seriously, but put in a broader context.

In 2007, we fortunately see more and more websites and individuals doing the same thing with the result that we see some very interesting developments.

Consciousness in Cyberspace could very well be just a little bigger than you might think!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

The Arch 2005 - Part One (MP3 Review)
New Age Rage: Michael Tsarion

The Arch 2005 - Part One (MP3 Review)


WWW, December 2007 - The one is stepping, the other one prefers to take a cool runnings. The one hails from France, the other one has his Head Quarters way up north in Suomi Finland.

It can be considered general knowledge, that Reggae Music has a root in the UK for as long as the music exists. The island in front of the European Continent has obviously been instrumental is spreading the Roots and Culture vibration all over the continent and so it was done.

In 2007, Europe knows many, many, many Sound Systems that have an emphasis on Roots and Culture. Paris based "Steppin' Youth" is one of them, and so is the Finnish based Cool Runnings.

Two years earlier, in 2005, the two European Sound Systems came together for a friendly "Sound Clash": top selections in their pocket, energy in their souls, love in their hearts.

Love for Jah, love for the people, and love for the music: it is so very obvious when you experience the first episode of "The Arch 2005". Vinyl scratches, joyful words of wisdom, jingles and sound effects are all there to satisfy our needs.



01. ?? (Dublifter)
02. Chant Jah victory - Errol Alphanso( SteppinYouth)
03. Children of the Emperor - Albert Malawi(SY)
04. Don\'t moke Jah - Donovans SY
05. Dub - Ras Indian
06. Deliver me - Mikey General DL
07. dub - Ras Indian
08. Negus nagast - Buju Banton SY
09. Which man - Luciano DL
10. Care fi di children - Anthony B DL
11. Dub - Ras Indian
12. Rasta know sey- Morgan heritage SY
13. Jah no dead- Junior Kelly
14. Say thank you- Beres Hammond SY
15. Never let me down - Sister ShaƮa DL
16. Dub
17. Get up for your rights- Don Carlos SY
18. Dub



New Age Rage: Michael Tsarion


WWW, December 2007 - Introducing Michael Tsarion, New Age apologist and defender of the Luciferian faith.

Don't tell anyone who he really is, though: "The only debate I'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist."

Meet Michael Tsarion, descendant of a long bloodline of Irish druids.

For a couple of hundred dollars, he will sell you a DVD set wherein he will brainwash you for well over ten hours with what can only be described as a total apology of Satanism.

The Babylon Observer heard him talk about the "fine book" of Mme Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled. Blavatsky can be seen as the mother of the New Age Movement, as she published a number of books in the 19th century that laid down the foundation for what we now call the New World Order, the restoration of "Atlantis" or to put it biblically: the Days of Noah.

Another time, he will defend Aleister Crowley, father of modern Satanism and "World Culture" who channeled "The Book of the Law". Satan's law, to be precise. Crowley was known to be a ritual abuser of children, and even tried to create a body for the Antichrist, which he called "The Babilon Works".

Tsarion will start his DVD set with stating one has to put the Bible aside, and instead turn to mythology and treat it like "Gospel Truth". However, he himself will continually quote the very Bible he says should be put aside, to make his points.

Let's take just one example of the fact that his logic is very far from what is usually seen as such.

The Babylon Observer heard him say in the DVD set: "The Bible says that God created man and woman, this means that God is neither man or woman. Additionally, the Hebrew word for God is female".

Not, that Mr. Tsarion will explain just why God cannot be a male and create male and female in the same time. Apparently, God is a female because some man-made language supposedly has the word in a female form. And apparently, the female God is able to create Man and Woman, but the male God is not.

With logic like this, and a clear agenda to make people believe the New Age agenda, it is obvious that people will disagree and even expose him for what he really is: an apologist for Luciferianism.

One of these people is Chris White of the Nowhere to Run broadcast that can be heard on the American Revere Radio Network as well as the Internet. In two great broadcasts, he has exposed Michael Tsarion's doctrines as well as his long bloodline of generational Luciferians.

Just recently, the Babylon Observer learned just how Michael Tsarion responds to the fact that he is being exposed. To be more accurate, Tsarion responds to his followers who asked why he didn't want to "debate" Chris White.

While admitting to what he calls "a few errors", he basically says he doesn't want to debate Chris White because the broadcaster hasn't purchased all of Tsarion's material, which costs 100's of dollars by the way.

That is to say, a debate with words. Someone like Tsarion who claims to know all about language, is unable to use this very same language to make his points.

Quoting Tsarion in a response on his forum: "The only debate i'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist."

Read all about this latest example of NEW AGE RAGE in a recent news item by Outlaw News and join the Most High Jah in a good laugh (Psalm 2) over Tsarion's response, that is included as well.


Outlaw News
December 16, 2007

New Age guru Michael Tsarion, who has recently been publicly exposed as a Freemason and generational occultist, has threatened physical violence against one of the people who assisted this exposure - Chris White, of the 'Nowhere to Run' internet radio show, who recently did a show on Tsarion's occult connections, noting among other things that he is an admitted member of the Rosicrucian Order.

This show was brought up on Tsarion's forum, and rather than respond to any of the facts brought up by Chris, Tsarion simply called him "trash who has emerged from his fucking toilet" and then stated that "the only debate i'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist" (entire response posted below).

Though this comment was somewhat offhand, and not something one would really take to court as a threat of assault, it shows Tsarion's mindset. By degrading Chris with Ad Hominem attacks, Tsarion claims that he has no obligation to respond to any of the facts he brought up.

When I tried to go on his forum and bring up some of the facts mentioned on the show, my comment was denied approval by one of the Admins. This doesn't surprise me. If you go on his forum, you will see that people are talking about the show, but none of them have said one word about the actual content of it. This is because any mention of the facts brought up in the show is disallowed from Michael Tsarion's forum. I encourage anyone who doubts this to go and try to post something negative about "Mtsar" on his forum.

His forum is filled with people who follow him with religious fervor, and on my own forum, I have found that his followers will viciously attack anyone who mentions anything negative about their great spiritual leader. This is no different from the behavior of the members of any other cult.

All of this is simply further proof of what those of us in the know were already well aware of: Michael Tsarion is a fake and a shill, put out by the powers that be to mix fact with fiction and create mass confusion among our movement. He promotes the belief in aliens as well as a mass of other occult garbage including tarot cards and astrology. He also promotes the Rothschild funded philosophy of Theosophy, and is an apologist for the very high Freemason and founder of the OTO, Aliester Crowley, who it is recently declassified was a paid agent of MI-6.

Alan Watt, though apparently hesitant to say all he knows about this situation, has several times indicated that Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, and the rest of that little club are all disinformation agents, put out there to mix the truth with the sci-fi/fantasy world of the New Age religion. Here is a recent interview where Alan discusses this (MP3).

It is also worth noting that Tsarion's forum is hosted by Red Ice Creations, the Admin of which, Henrik Palmgren, does a radio show where Michael Tsarion is a regular guest. Alan Watt used to appear on this show every month, but recently he has stopped being invited, claiming on his own show which airs on RBN that this was due to the fact that he refused to go along with the "alien agenda" propaganda which most of the Red Ice guests promote. I like the guy, and we regularly like to each others sites, but apparently, Henrik has become a member of the club.

Chris White is a friend of mine, and after the threats and hateful statements which Tsarion has made against him, this issue is pretty close to home; I also feel that the people doing what he is doing, sabotaging our movement from within, are actually more damaging that the attacks from without. I am going to continue to do everything I can to make sure this man is fully exposed, so as he is no longer able to harm people with his psychologically and spiritually destructive propaganda.


Here is Tsarion's full explaination of why he will not respond to the facts brought up on Chris White's show, from his forum (this will probably removed when attention is drawn to it):

what are you people talking about when you say debate? debate with this trash who has emerged from his fucking toilet?

do any of you know what a true "critic" really is? it appears not.

some skinflint muckslinger has a bash at a few short free webstreams and that is now regarded as criticism. he has not the dvds, and has not bought the book. that is obvious. a few errors is all he can summon to mucksling at.

he did not contact me like a decent respectful being, and ask me personally about all this. he launched a vicious online attack hoping to be somebody by slander, slander of someone who actually has achieved important things.

these vermin are a dime a dozen. they'll can spew what they want, and mucksling, and waste valuable time.

my work has been complimented by veterans in the field of research from every part of the globe. and i don't even need or require these people's endorsement, although its nice when it comes from a sincere person.

this undereducated, spluttering inarticulate christian (not) moron needs to shut his cakehole, and stop making a total idiot of himself. but being so terribly desperate for attention, this is the way ENVIOUS people go about. the only debate i'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist.

send the creature these two articles, and ask him to comment on me, and say i'm a disinformationalist or a servant of the illuminati.


ask this genius of criticism, to show me his articles. ask him to prove he is not a servant of the secret societies that are clearly out to silence the servants of truth?

exposed, am i? the sewer rat does not even know the meaning of the word. he could not find a tit in a whore house.


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