Saturday, April 12, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition April 12, 2008


WWW, April 12 2008 - Just like scientists today are discussing the creation of the "post human", Hitler tried to do the same when he attempted to create the "new man".

And just like Hitler wasn't the nationalist he claimed himself to be, just look at his "expansion" which is said to have caused World War 2, we see that Globalism and internationalism is driving the political powers of today just as much.

Additionally, Adolph Hitler was an adept (initiate) into the Mystery Religion of Babylon, he was a strong believer in the Secret Doctrines of the "Plan of the Ages".

That Plan is to create a global superstate, a global "Utopia", or should we say: "Atlantis"?

More Tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Saturday, April 12, 2008



WWW, April 2008 - With a slice of Lovers' tunes towards the end of Part One, "Hold Your Corner" is an upfull mix of contemporary Roots and Dancehall that will brighten up your day fe real.

Sometimes, people wonder how it can be that within Reggae Music you can find Conscious themes and Lovers' going hand in hand. The reason for that is obvious, though: Reggae Music is all about living life.

Living the life you love, and loving the life you live.

Enter "Hold Your Corner", a three-part mix by the French Steppin' Youth Sound System. Based in Paris, France, the Youth spread upfull Reggae vibes on an international level.

In the first part, they bring us an upfull blend of contemporary Conscious and Lovers' Reggae and Dancehall.

Live and Love!


01. He's the light-Queen Omega
02. Giving praises-Macka B
03. Receive-Junior Kelly
04. Not I-Junior Kelly
05. Revelation time-Ultimate Shines
06. Herbalist-Alborosie
07. Sound killa-Alborosie
08. RastafarI anthem-Alborosie
09. Come around-Collie Budz
00. Blaze-Ziggy
11. Blind to you-Collie budz
12. Ghetto life-Pressure
13. Wadada-Yahadanai
14. Life gives us everything-Chezideck
15. Guards up-Morgan Heritage
16. On spot herb spot-Anthony B
17. Africa prepare-Sizzla
18. Holy mount zion-Alborosie
19. Never give Jah up-Sugar Minott
20. Wine of violence-Freddie Mc Gregor
21. Waiting in vain-Bob Marley
22. Buffalo soldier-Bob Marley
23. Beautiful girls-Sean Kingston
24. Beautiful girls(radio edit)-Sean Kingston
25. Gal clown-Sean Kingston+Chams
26. What's goin on-Marvin Gaye





WWW, April 2008 - WWW, April 2008 - In september 2007, the Dubroom published a review of the video "Rent-A-Rasta". The aftermath of the Dubroom review uncovered some interesting background information surfacing on the Dubroom Message Boards as well as from the producer himself.

Messian Dread reports.

When you write someone an email, it's possible to add a subject to the mail. If the recipient decides to reply, usually an email program will add "Re:" to the subject line.

When you have an email in your in-box that says "Re: pirate rastas", it means that someone is responding to an email that originally had the subject "Pirate Rastas".

I got an email that had "Re: pirate rastas" as the topic. The fact that I couldn't remember to have written an email with that topic as well as the name of the sender, drew my interest.

The email informed me, that the Dubroom contact pages were not working. Still, the sender somehow knew my email address and he wasn't responding to an email I had send him.

The email turned out to be written by the producer of the video "Rent A Rasta". The video was reviewed in September 2007 and recently, some very interesting background information about the documentary surfaced on the Dubroom Message boards that added, let's say, extra dimensions to the whole thing and not very positively.

The guy wrote me to remove a page from the Dubroom website, claiming that it linked to a "pirated copy" of the video. Since the video was uploaded to Google Video, I wrote him back that if he thinks the video should not be on the Google Video servers, he should write to them.

This is where he became kind of nasty.

He wrote me back and more or less announced, after calling Google a "typical Babylonian corporation", how he would start to spread a rumor that the video was actually uploaded by the Dubroom or at least in cooperation with the Dubroom.


I wondered why he would do such a thing. Would he be writing this to all the websites that may have his video embedded? After all, it's simple. If he thinks the video shouldn't be on Google Video, he should write to Google and not to websites that have the video embedded. If there's truly a mention of a "pirated copy", then Google will take it off and the websites that have the video embedded will not "link to a pirated copy" anymore either.

I wondered if it had anything to do with the things that came to the surface on the Dubroom Messageboards after the review was written. A positive review, by the way, for which the producer of the reviewed material had no interest whatsoever.

It was all about money, so it seemed. Even spreading false rumors was apparently allowed in that cause!

This was exactly the same vibe we got from the information that surfaced on the Dubroom Message Boards.

A visitor of the Dubroom told us, how she saw the video while in Jamaica. Since she knows some of them personally, she came to know that the youths who "eagerly participated" in the film, were all paid $20 for their cooperation.

"Hear-say", was the initial response of the producer when I asked him about this particular fact. "Ethical", he said, after being asked again. But he continued to call it "hear-say" and said he had no time to deal with it since he "wasn't a talk show host"...

Apparently, though, he had time to write to the Dubroom, even to find out the email address, only to call us names ("Pirate Rastas") and threaten us to spread false rumors about us uploading material to Google Video.

The producer of the video refused to answer the question if he sent such threatening letters to every site that may have his video embedded. After all, there is no (legal) reason to do so. When the uploaded video truly is a "pirated copy", you should write to Google Video and not to sites that have Google video's embedded.

Besides, he was responding to an email that was not sent by me or from the Dubroom, with the topic "Pirate Rastas". He knew the Dubroom's email address as well, since he informed me that the contact page wasn't working and wrote directly to one of the Dubroom email addresses.

Now, was that video uploaded to Google by or in connection with the Dubroom? NO. If you ever hear so, you know where the rumor came from.

It came from a guy who is more interested in making money than in spreading information. A guy who is more interested in spreading false rumors than in being happy with a positive review.

A guy who "co-incidentally" writes to the Dubroom exactly at the time when his video is discussed and information comes to the surface that puts his work in, let's say, a different light and perspective.

He wrote me, that he was only familiar with that page on the Dubroom that had the video embedded. Was he not even familiar with the review? Was he not aware of the things that surfaces on the Dubroom Message Boards?

He said, no... But can you believe someone who privately announces to be willing to spread false rumors for money?

Nuff Said.

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