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Dubroom Online - Edition September 29, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 29, 2007


WWW, September 29 2007 - Say "Consciousness" and you will immediately start an endless and equally useless debate about everything from politricks to re-lie-gion.
Consciousness implies a certain state. Usually, we would call it "to be awake" or "a state of awareness".

Say "Promote Consciousness", and you will say something different. For "to promote" Consciousness has everything to do with ringing the alarm wherever this is needed rather than experiencing a certain thing.

Conscious people don't have to be told anything. They will find out things for themselves, they will be active with their gifts and talents.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MP3 Podcast: The Amazing Heptones - We Are In The Mood
Video: Sugar Minott - Rough Ole Life (Babylon) Live At Reggae Sunsplash 1983

MP3 Podcast: The Amazing Heptones - We Are In The Mood


WWW, September 2007 - In an hour we are introduced to the works of one of Reggae's strongest Harmony Vocal Groups: The Heptones.

According to the selector of this magnificent introduction, the group started somewhere in 1965 as the "Hep Ones". He starts of with their first release, a track called "Gunmen Coming To Town" released by Studio One.

The rest is history.

Like most Harmony Groups, the Heptones have a central figurehead. In their case, this is Leroy Sibbles. Not only is he the lead singer, he is also the reason why the Heptones have recorded so much for Studio One.

Leroy played many, many, many basslines at Studio One. This means, that he is responsible for creating too many legendary riddims to mention, as Studio One riddims are re-done until this very day.

The Heptones themselves made quite a name in Reggae History too. "We Are In The Mood" presents their work in 20 titles, some DUBS and even a great -and rare- DJ version by I Roy.

There's a little pause between the tracks, enabling you to create your own CD from the MP3 File. A Labour of Love!


01. Gunmen coming to town
02. Tripe Girl
03. Look a Boom (I Roy Version)
04. Fatti Fattie
05. Equal RIghts
06. We are in the mood
07. Every Day and Every Night
08. Why did you leave me to cry
09. Take a tip from me
10. Purple lights
11. I've got a feeling
12. Mama Say
13. Country Boy
14. Cool Rasta
15. Daddy's Home
16. Black on Black
17. Blackmans Memory version
18. Suffering So
19. Autelene
20. My world is empty without you



Video: Sugar Minott - Rough Ole Life (Babylon) Live At Reggae Sunsplash 1983

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, September 2007 - The year is 1983 and the music of the time is Rub a Dub style. Many people credit Sugar Minott as the godfather of Rub a Dub, and he's right here to play at the "Mother of all Reggae Festivals"!

The Reggae Sunsplash Festival can indeed be called the Mother of all Reggae Festivals. All the Reggae Legends have played there, the video's that registered the performances are desired objects for every collector.

Sugar Minott's performance in 1983 was wonderful, as we can see. He's singing, dancing, performing, and behind him there's a full-blown Reggae band. Together they treat the audience to a magnificent, long version of "Rough Ole Life (Babylon)".


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