Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Rent-A-Rasta": Sex Slavery in Jamaica (Video)

WWW, April 11 2008 - After some disturbing background information surfaced on the Dubroom Messageboards and was even provided by the producer of the video "Rent A Rasta" himself, the Dubroom will no longer embed the video on-site (or elsewhere).
The producer of the video turned out to be a very nasty person who definitely has more interest in making money over the backs of people he interviewed (and paid a mere 20 dollar) and spreading false information about people who actually want to forward the information presented in the video.

WWW, September 2007 - In sight and sound, "Rent a Rasta" portays the many fronts in which Babylon fights the Movement of Rastafari in Jamaca. How slavery continues until this very day.

When Babylon "discovered" the "New World", the original inhabitants were either killed or ghetto-ized while millions of Africans were taken from their homes to work as slaves on the land that was stolen by their slave masters.

The whole western "Judeo-Christian" "Civilization" is built on the slave trade and colonialization. Although everything is officially abolished many years ago, the practice continues until this very day.

Who feels it, knows it, as they say.

In Jamaica, they know it.

It was there, that the Movement of Rastafari was born with the crowning in Ethiopia of Ras Tafari Makonnen as Haile Selassie the 1st, the 225th descendant of King Solomon.

There was the true Judeo-Christian Civilization!

Ever since it's birth, the Movement has been the target of Babylon System. Persecution, disinformation, condemnation, infiltration, corruption, every trick in the book is used against this group.

"Rent a Rasta" deals directly with Babylon's downpressing of Jamaican people and Rastafarians in particular. The raw picture of what Babylon is really doing becomes clear.

The term itself refers to a practice of sex-slavery: hordes of tourists flood the island in search for paid sex with black dreadlocked men. The practice is shown in the video, people openly talk about it.

In the Rastaman's Camp, there's a completely different picture. Several Rastas are interviewed as they speak about the suffering, about being in Babylon.

The contrast in sight and sound is shockingly clear. While the narrator does his best to make sense out of the con-fusion shown in sight and sound, the video proofs without the shadow of a doubt just how abominable and evil Babylon really is.

While the real Rastas are suffering, telling the people to stop sinning and live a righteous life, Babylon has her own per-version of Rastafari which makes some others filthy rich.



  1. I don't know these people nor will i disrespect pictures of people I don't know to say if they are in love, being given a tour or on a date or etc. I do understand that in many parts of the carribean men will resort to mingling with foreign woman of all colors for opportunity purposes.The woman also do the same. i just don't know if these people in these photos are victims are not. You see Love is the first and hardest commandment and God knew this. Love is not color it is from the heart. No shade or disrespect will ever come from me. Many people take photos they see aand write the wickedest things. When someone can show me this is a crime for mixed relationships to exist then holla until then I don't suport bashing interracial couples - I do not support men or woman who use others for financial gain of any color

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