Thursday, November 3, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 12: JAH Kingdom Come


WWW, November 2011 - It's been a while since the previous chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011 has been posted online, but good things come to those that wait and here it is: a brand new 1 1/2 hour long non-stop mix carrying some heavyweight Roots and Dub from different times and places.
Starting with a healthy selection of old-skool Jamaican material, this chapter surely has many different styles to offer. The Congo's with their classic "Ark of the Covenant", Cornell Campbell's excellent discomix "Lion of Judah", the magnificent Horace Andy with a meditation of the "Youth of Today" (also in Discomix) and Gregory Isaacs with yet another classic from the motion picture "Rockers", followed by Dillinger and Prince Fari form the opening segment. Classic, old skool material that will not only appeal to the elderly among us but equally to folks born at a later point in tome. Good DUB included, of course.

After this, we're diving straight into a selection of UK/Euro DUB and Roots. Dutch singer Lyrical Benjie with two massive tunes, one carrying a heavyweight Dub part and from the UK there's the Talking Dog with not just crucial vibes but equally crucial lyrics. Lyrics that should appeal to the lovers of consciousness as Babylon System is falling even though she claims the opposite.

There's more: From the excellent AKA Dub Part One compilation released by the Scandinavian LUSH RECORDS label, to the Italian DUB Community and even to Japan where Dry and Heavy keep playing their massive Roots and DUB in Old Skool Style. There's French DUB as well, with conscious contents: almost a given when it comes to European contemporary Roots and Culture.

The show closes off with an extended version by the UK based "Dub From Atlantis" collective, more or less a cover version of a classic track of which yours truly has forgotten the name. Last but not least, here are the Abassi All-Stars with vocalist Kenny Knots once again explaining that Babylon really has a Wicked Intention, something that has to be mentioned.


01. Congo's - Ark of the Covenant (Discomix) (BLOOD & FIRE)
02. Cornell Campbell - Lion of Judah (Discomix) (BLOOD & FIRE)
03. Horace Andy - Youth of Today (Discomix) (BLOOD & FIRE)
04. Gregory Isaacs - Slavemaster (BLOOD & FIRE)
05. Dillinger - Take A Dip (BLOOD & FIRE)
06. Prince Fari - Talking Rights (BLOOD & FIRE)
07. Prince Fari - Talking Rights Dub (BLOOD & FIRE)
08. Lyrical Benjie - Seven Times To Fall (Dub Plate) (MORE INFO)
09. Lyrical Benjie - Rastaman Style (Discomix) (MORE INFO)
10. Talking Dog - Dogs Of War (FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS HERE)
11. Talking Dog - Never Swear Allegiance (FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS HERE)
12. Kevin Eastwood and Mad Professor - Conscious Man Dub (FROM: AKA DUB PART ONE)
13. Vibronics - It's A Crime (MORE)
14. Habesha - Martin Luter King (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
15. Weeding Dub and Naima Mansri - Bad Frontiers (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
16. Dry and Heavy - Dawn is Breaking (FREE DOWNLOAD)
17. Dry and Heavy - Heavy Special (Dawn is Breaking Dub) (FREE DOWNLOAD)
18. Dubamix - Acting Dub (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
19. Dub from Atlantis - Talking Dub (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
20. Kenny Knots - Wicked Intention (MORE)

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