Tuesday, October 23, 2007

See You On The 27th!

Dubroom Online - Edition October 23, 2007


WWW, October 23 2007 - Greetings! The Dubroom requires a lot of work, that's kind of obvious. It's the kind of work that will always be there, will always grow as soon as you start working on it.

So that is good.

However, developments sometimes require an adjustment. in my case, it means that I have to re-structure the work schedule for the Dubroom from a daily into a weekly "routine".

I'm working hard, to get everything into this new schedule. I hope to be ready at the 27th. In the meantime, enjoy a brand new free download of the full album Showcase in reasonably high quality MP3.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Messian Dread album "Showcase" Available For Free Download

Messian Dread album "Showcase" Available For Free Download


WWW, October 2007 - The Messian Dread album "Showcase" can now be downloaded for free as a podcast of reasonably high quality.

"Showcase" was Messian Dread's first full-length album only available on CD. Since today (October 23, 2007), the album can also be downloaded for free as a podcast. MP3, Stereo, 96Kbps which is kind of like FM quality.

Try before you buy, they say. So download the album, enjoy it (or not) and buy it (or not). Whatever the case, Messian Dread hopes that you will be blessed by the music and the lyrics. He is simply grateful to be able to share his works with you.


Download "Showcase" in Hi-Fi MP3
Download "Showcase" in Lo-Fi MP3
Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in WAV
Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in MP3
Get "Showcase"

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