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The Mad Professor (Dubroom Artist Review And Much More)


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WWW, July 2014 - He is definitely one of the founding fathers of (UK) DUB and there is so much more that can be attributed to the works of Neil Fraser better known as The Mad Professor. From his London-based ARIWA Studio's to the world (wide web), it's impossible to count the works that this genius has released throughout the decades. The Dubroom's rather large number of reviews of Mad Professor's albums covers only a small portion of his work. A -rather personal- review by the Dubroom editor.

When he was a young child, he had more than an average interest in electronic devices. Perhaps it came through an interest he had, as he reportedly asked his mother who that little man in the radio actually was. Whatever it was, a strong determination and even more efforts led him to start his own recording studio in his home in London, where he recorded the Punk band Ruts DC and also started recording Reggae music.

dub me crazy

Gradually, he became known and this got a real boost with the introduction of his now standard listening material for anyone even remotely into DUB and far beyond that: the DUB ME CRAZY series. Almost single-handedly, he took what was then (early 1980's) a fading trend in Jamaica and popularized it in the UK, Europe and the rest of the planet eventually. The creativity and, yes, without apology, genius mind of the Mad Professor was captured in these early releases and has never disappointed throughout the decades that followed.

It was during these days, that yours truly as a teenager had discovered the sound of DUB and after buying several chapters of the DUB ME CRAZY series phoned the number that was printed on the record sleeves. The Mad Professor took like half an hour, just to talk with this Dutch teenager that was "dubbed crazy". A memory that is precious and a half hour that turned out decisive. 

dub, lovers' rock and roots daughters

Good vibes and always a place for known and unknown musicians and vocalists. Back in the days of, several artists had a Dub of their music mixed by the Mad Professor. In the same time, he recorded Reggae Greats like Yabby You and Michael Prophet and created more essential Dub listening like New Decade of DUB with JAH Shaka.

Legendary for his DUB, another side of Mad Professor is his many Lovers' Rock releases. Lover's Rock is a very sweet, silky form of Reggae to which the UK seems to have some kind of signature and ARIWA plays -just like with that other trademark UK DUB- a central role. Usually, slackness is far away with Lovers' Rock and it's absolutely gone with the ROOTS DAUGHTERS that Mad Professor recorded and released. His recordings with singers like AISHA have reached classic status.

massive attack and the orb

ARIWA has not just recorded Reggae Music of the highest kind. Mad Professor has made a rather classic remake of Massive Attack's album No Protection, the ORB used his recordings with AISHA, and that's just two examples from the 1990's. 

thief can't hold him

He got an enormous blow when it turned out that in spite of the good and necessary vibrations produced in Ariwa studio, some wicked person(s) decided to become a thief in the night and robbed everything. A wicked, wicked thing indeed which too not just a lot of time from Mad Professor and his Ariwa crew. Fortunately he regained his desire to share his music with the rest of mankind and we are now obviously at the point where ARIWA is the name for one of the essential sounds of Roots Reggae that is present in this time.

reel to reel reggae

With the rise of the computer and other digital technology came the rise of computer-based music. After the initial time it took to overcome prejudice, computer-based music is now considered to be equal to that which is not directly programmed into a Pentium or what have you. Mad Professor released the second volume of "Reel To Reel Reggae", an excellent sample series for producers which is purchased, reviewed and used by the Dubroom.

reel to real dubwise

Only a short period after Reel To Reel Reggae Volume Two was released and reviewed by the Dubroom, this website released a three-track EP with extended Dub created directly with Mad Professor's Sample Pack. A tribute called "Reel To Real Dubwise", which can be downloaded for free from the Dubroom and a variety of Online Music Distributors like,, and

world wide web

It is not so difficult to find information and music by the Mad Professor on the Internet. Take YouTube, where it is rather easy to find several video's where he performs live or gives interviews. Even tutorials, when you look a bit deeper. It's not so hard to take a listen, for example at ARIWA's Channel At Youtube or straight from the ARIWA website.



Female Vocals Reviewed (Studio Dubroom Download Review For Producers)


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WWW, July 2014 - They have absolutely nothing to do with (DUB) Reggae as far as the online information gathered for this review has shown, but that doesn't really mean anything as far as (DUB) Reggae goes. A little cryptic perhaps, but nevertheless quite accurate when it comes to the three free female vocal packs reviewed in this article.

When King Tubby started to develop the Art of DUB, he started a technique that would be incorporated in just about every electronic musical genre you can think of, from Hip Hop to EDM. A few styles like Dubstep or Drum 'n' Bass even have Reggae phrases incorporated in their names. This mere fact alone completely justifies and explains why it could be interesting for your online (DUB) Reggae producer to browse a little bit through sample sites aimed at producers of EDM.

One aspect of Electronic Dance Music is the use of female vocals, very similar to the way vocals are used in Dub: lyrics, words, lines and adlibs drop in and out at strategic moments in the mix. This opens up a door of possibilities for the producer of DUB and even your non-DUB Reggae, because the availability of vocal packs for EDM producers is pretty wide.

For this review, we take a look at three different female vocal packs. The packs can be downloaded for free and they include a license for use in your productions, even commercial releases are possible. One nasty point: one of the packs can only be downloaded by registered members of Facebook but then you could get a friend who is registered at that website to do it for you.

First, there are two different packs containing the talented and skilled voice of UK based singer MANDY EDGE. They are available for free download at the SAMPLE RADAR website, you can find the first pack carrying 426 mB weight here, and the second one (237 mB) can be downloaded from this page. Then there is a free Vocal sample pack from UK based Dubstep Singer/Producer AIVA, which you can get after liking her on Facebook. That's just very unfortunate for those of us who do not have a Facebook account but then, again, you could ask someone who does. 

All three packs contain a really impressive set of vocal lines, phrases and adlibs. They also contain lines and phrases that you might not want to use: slackness is easy to extract but then, slackness is always an easy road. In the same time, slackness is such a  thing where a self-inflicted blind spot usually functions very well. In fact, such a blind spot in necessary for all conscious artists wherever they perform or produce so let's take-this-truth-to-be-self-evident.

The samples come with information about pitch and BPM included in the filenames and folders, some are dry and others come with effects. The effected samples can easily be incorporated in an already existing tracks you might have made, the influence of DUB is not just undeniable present, these are dubbed vocals. 

When used with care and respect for the singers, the way it should be done anywhere and everywhere, are -literary- priceless additions to your sound library. They can add an extra dimension to your track(s), and -depending on your creativity- that extra dimension does not have to be a "techno vibe" or something like that. 

Just listen to the following 30 seconds of so with a Dubroom riddim and two vocal lines from the Sample Radar packs:


That's just two lines out of really hundreds that you can pick and insert. Creative minds will probably hear their own riddim behind it. Or take this track featuring two lines taken from AIVA's pack (among other things described here):


You can even say that just these two lines give a very special and atmospheric elements to the riddim, even an identifiable element in the sense that the lines keep ringing in your head after the track is done.

Three excellent vocal packs, well, more than excellent. These are very talented and skilled singers that control their voice in an impressive way. When done respectfully, the samples can bring your riddim(s) further without dragging everything into slackness or other evidently cheap abuse of the female part of our human race. 


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Junior Kelly - Receive (Dubroom MP3 Review)


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WWW, July 2014 - Contemporary Jamaican Reggae, with Junior Kelly riding the smooth riddim alongside backing vocals and a well worked out arrangement is something we can only thankfully... receive. As far as we could tell, the track was released on 7" vinyl in Jamaica and is now also available for free download at Junior Kelly's Reverb Nation page.

Junior Kelly shows just how versatile he is. A heavyweight Roots Rasta track or a more smooth one like this: he is perfectly able to voice the riddim and share a good vibration while doing so. Download "Receive" and while you're at his page at Reverb Nation, consider buying a track or two more.


Junior Kelly (Dubroom MP3 Artist Review)


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WWW, July 2014 - Junior Kelly's life hasn't been easy. Born and raised in Kingston, he saw his older brother -a DJ for Kilimanjaro Sound System- brutally murdered. That's right, and on top of that his brother was the primary source of income for the whole family. He was also the example for his younger brother, who since then has been working hard to spread a positive message as a vocalist. 

Knowing about this background of Junior Kelly can only lead you to a deep sense of respect for the Jamaican singer. Someone who does not turn to violence and criminality but instead uses music and spirituality is -or should be- an example to many. His affiliation is with the House of the Bobo Shanti and thus with artists like Capleton and Sizzla, but musically he takes a different direction and with that, he appeals to ones who prefer their Reggae sung rather than chanted over. 


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Ras Khaleel (Dubroom MP3 Artist Review)


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WWW, July 2014 - Ras Khaleel actively started voicing in the year 1999 and has been riding many riddims ever since. His talented, skilfull voice is versatile and of a consistently high quality. His faith in Jah is one of his main inspiration sources and that can instantly be felt in the heart. Download some of his musical tunes from and the Dubroom's music carrying his voice and you will not be disappointed. Instead, you will be encouraged.

Often compared to Luciano, a definitive fact is that Ras Khaleel knows how to deliver a conscious message as well as a more lighter thing like a lover's tune. Never losing dignity or consciousness, he is definitely an example to just too many vocalists doing the slackness thing.


Presenting A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection



WWW, June 28 2014 - With 16 Tracks released and another 14 already done and scheduled for release, the year 2014 is definitely one of my most productive these last five or so. In this update, I would like to expand a little bit on these releases and my "Ariwa Sessions" (work title!) project as well as a number of other things.

Yesterday was the official release date of a virtual 7" featuring Ras Kitchen, which included an official videoclip as well, the second official video clip I did with one of my productions. I'm hoping that this release will raise at least a little bit of support for this remarkable Jamaican brethren.

This year is a productive one thusfar, that's something I can safely say. Both in quantity and, I hope, in quality. I've been sharing some unreleased tracks with some producers and I got positive feedback. A couple of brethren who are close friends of mine could not even recognize my mark, which is, well, remarkable. 

It's not just the fact that I've been shopping licenses (and attached recordings) that made my music change significantly, or the fact I'm using different effects and a lot of additional techniques that were previously unavailable for me. Not just the fact that all of this is enormously inspiring as I am able to reach deeper (or higher, if you will) levels. It's not just the fact that I am absolutely learning enormously, just by trying and applying things.

It's also the new hardware: 64 Bit, 8 Gigabytes of RAM and some more impressive computer tech-know that goes beyond my comprehension but something to do with dual core Intel whatever. The system is now running more or less smoothly after an initial two weeks of enormous frustration with hanging sound devices, Windows 8 with bizarre ways of denying you access to your own computer's hard drive locations and what have you. For an old-skool guy who started with MSX computers and MS-DOS back in the 1980's, it can be very frustrating to have to deal with gadgets designed for people who do not know how to deal with hard drives, programs, even files, and not knowing how to bypass these gadgets or "apps" as they're called. 

But I did it.

My programs (not "apps") are functioning, the few programs that do not work on this one do work on an older computer which I have here, so I should be technically ready to produce.

In fact, I am.

Even more: I'm grateful for the music that is already out there. 

Thus far, I have only released a couple of discomixes, one of which a mini one. The rest is stricktly dubwise. It's absolutely my intention to release more full length lyrical tracks with Dub mixes and I can say that because I already have the full length lyrical recordings plus licenses right here in the Dubroom. I'm not going to drop names here, because that's a thing I do in an upcoming album that is already mixed and mastered. It has the truthful title MESSIAN DREAD PRESENTS A HEAVYWEIGHT DUBWISE SELECTION WITHOUT OBJECTION, about which more later in this update.

I've been uploading my music at a number of Online Music Distributors (OMD's) these last weeks as well and wrote an article featuring some of them. They all have their pro's and con's, but that is what that article was about and I know the difference between a repeat and an echo, at least I think I do, so I'll leave it at that. Just one little thing, though: that article will -Jah Willing- definitely get a follow-up. 

Here is where the current musical productions can be found, if you want to take a look: - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK

Next to a number of tracks which are scheduled for release in the coming weeks, and the many vocal tracks which I hope to be able to produce later this year, I felt myself drawn hard into what I privately call my "Ariwa Sessions". It's just a private work title so don't take it too literal. It's the result of my purchase of Mad Professor's Reel To Reel Reggae Volumes One and Two, the latter just released by Loopmasters this last July 2014. For the non-technical reader: this is a wealth of material straight out of Ariwa's studio's to be used in own productions. 

I already released a three track EP with extended Dubs called "Reel To Real Dubwise", but at this moment I have fourteen different riddim tracks which -after just a little bit more tweaking here and there- should be ready to be transformed in a full length Dub album. This album will sound like a combination of Mad Professor's work and that of myself, which it actually is. A virtual Ariwa session for me. I want to take my time with this, because this is material that not just deserves to be treated with respect, it simply demands it.

All this work in the studio that I'm kind of busy with since around May this year is now starting to show public fruit. I'm not really promoting my releases like I used to do, just through the various OMD's and a forum here or there, but I'm really grateful to see that sometimes as quick as twenty minutes after a new release is published at the Dubroom, the downloading starts from all over the world right here at the Dubroom server or it's mirror at Kim Dotcom's 

One of the planned releases is a full length Dub album entitled MESSIAN DREAD PRESENTS A HEAVYWEIGHT DUBWISE SELECTION WITHOUT OBJECTION. It's a rather lengthy and little bit theatrical title, but truthful. This is a twelve-track Dub album which has many, many vocal parts in the tunes and definitely gives an indication to things I hope to be able to release later this year.

Click For Large Image (1500x1500)

The album features well known and even legendary names like U Roy, Kojak, Dillinger, Trinity, Prince Jazzbo, Dennis Alcapone and Horseman. Also featured is Iration Steppa's Dan Man plus singers like Seamus, Ras Khaleel, Tallis and a female DJ called Piracy. At a later stage, the Dubroom will pay in-depth attention to these vocalists but for now I just mention these names. 

Then there is what I consider to be a more than excellent backing vocals by a UK based Dubstep singer called Aiva and another non-Reggae UK based vocalist called Mandy Edge. Both singers definitely give a touch to the music, because they are talented and skillful where Reggae by it's very nature can absorb elements from other musical ways without even losing a millimeter in authenticity. I like to think that this is an accomplishment in my more recent material.

Here is the track list:

1. Dennis Alcapone - Dub The Dub You Dubwise (4:15)
2. Dan Man - Blaze The Dubwise (3:41)
3. Dillinger - Dwell In Love And Dubwise (3:45)
4. Trinity - Light Of This Dubwise (3:55)
5. Kojak - Prevailment Of Dubwise (3:43)
6. Messian Dread - Loving Dubwise (3:46)
7. Prince Jazzbo - Rastafari Dubwise (3:29)
8. Seamus - Babylon Dubwise (5:15)
9. U Roy - Mash Down Satan Dubwise (4:00)
10. Horseman and Dan Man - Robber Dubwise (3:39)
11. Messian Dread - Crazy But Dubwise (3:43)
12. Lone Ranger - Rock And Come in Dubwise (3:48)

In fact, I am so happy with and grateful for the fact I'm able to release this work that I'm currently looking into several possibilities of having the material presented on physical CD as well as (free) download. Just a service for people who would like a CD with full artwork wrapped in cellophane sent to them by mail. The CD, by the way, will have a few extra tracks which are already released to make it into a full 70 minutes Dub experience.

13. Messian Dread - His Imperial Dubwise (4:03)
14: Dennis Alcapone - Dub To Be Conscious (3:54)
15. Horseman and Dillinger - Dangerous And Dubwise (4:16)
16. Dillinger - Dwell In Love And Dubwise (Ext.) (5:26)

The Artwork is already made and at the moment I write this, I've just concluded an upload to since they have this print-on-demand service just like, where the CD is already available. However, Shipping and Handling costs for one CD there are 15 dollars to get it in the Netherland where I live. I'm not going to actively promote the CD at Reverbnation since I think 22 dollars is a bit too much and this is only a service to people who would like the extra dimension of having the physical CD with Artwork (click to enlarge a little). 

Since I have to wait about ten days before the CD can go live at Amazon, I'm just mentioning the whole CD project here in this newsletter. I've probably made a mistake or two as well in my Amazon submission, so it might even take longer than that before I myself have a copy and can decide if it is ready for promotion or in need for change.

Something else that was on my mind but never really possible is to work on video clips. 

Thus far I've done just one, and a promo for my Reel to Real Dubwise EP, but Jah Willing there will be more as I'm trying to discover just what you can do simply by using Windows Movie Maker. Making a YouTube video is a good way of getting something across, like a musical track or a message or both, and hopefully this will be a regular with new musical releases.

Well, hopefully I've summed up about everything and added some new information as well concerning the current musical projects I find myself involved in. Looking forward to your feedback!

One Love,
Messian Dread


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Ras Kitchen - Anything Inything/Stay When it Dubs (Virtual 7")


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WWW, July 2014 - Visitors and readers of Studio Dubroom will have had the opportunity to get to know RAS KITCHEN, whose voice is used for this two-track Dubwise release. Now is the time for all readers and visitors of the Dubroom to get acquainted with this remarkable Jamaican brethren as we humbly present almost eight minutes of Ras Kitchen In Dub!

Ras Kitchen lives a humble life with his family in the hills of Jamaica. At times, he welcomes visitors in his yard and introduces them to this life, giving them a wealth of knowledge and insight that they would never have gotten if they would just have visited the tourist places. Another thing the Ras is known to do is to introduce Ital Cooking and Jamaican Cooking to the world wide audience and nation-wide on Jamaican television. His video's are priceless, even when you are not into cooking!

In order to raise a little bit of money, for just a a little bit more decent living if you will, Ras Kitchen released two free vocal sample packs from his website. They are reviewed for Studio Dubroom, a sub-site of the Dubroom where producer of (DUB) Reggae can find information and download things. It's not really something for people who are not actively involved in producing Reggae Music, but when Ras Kitchen comes with two Dubwise tracks produced in the Dubroom Studio especially for the Ras things obviously change.

The first "side" of this "virtual 7 inch" is the more relaxed one. As Ras Kitchen speaks about Rastafari and how the music will "just gwaan, right on and on" while the -excellent- backing vocals speak about "no regrets", the drum and bass leads us all the way from the top to the very last drop while some heavyweight Dub mixing goes on, at times completely scattering the chords into a thousand pieces.

"Stay When It Dub" has a much more intense vibe, both in the hints to JAH, the Source of Living Water, as well as the music and mixing. The effects are layered on top of each other, while the heavyweight bass and drum keep on playing. Every now and then they make room, sometimes for a flute and at other times something different happens.

The music is created and mixed with JAH love and respect for RAS KITCHEN. When you at least like the music a little bit and you have a little bit of money to donate, please visit his website and use PayPal to donate. And tell them the Dubroom sent ya. Or don't.

With Backing Vocals of Dan Man and Aiva.




1. Ras Kitchen - Anything Inything
2. Ras Kitchen - Stay When It Dub

Please do not re-publish the actual music, because unlike Dubroom releases before 2014, this release is © Messian Dread/Dubroom. Available for free: 128 Kbps/320 Kbps MP3 Files, CD Quality Wave Audio.


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Rasta Vocal Samples Featuring Dan Man


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WWW, July 2014 - Voicing with one of the heaviest UK Sound Systems (Iration Steppas) is a heavyweight job. Almost as heavy as the bass going through the many speakers of the sound. You need to have the right voice, the right words and the right attitude. Dan Man has it all and some of this is captured in RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES.

First things first: do not just go by the names and here is why. When you check the reviews of Sound System Vocals Parts one, two and three, you will find out that the material featured in these packages are applicable in much more than "just" a Sound System or DJ live set. Since the Dubroom released several full lyrical tracks from the material, that's an easily establishable fact.

When you read "Rasta Vocal Samples", you do -unlike with the name of the previously mentioned products- expect more than material for a live Sound System or DJ-set and yet it takes a lot of work to get there. In other words, this is not your primary vocal package when you are looking for material to make full length Reggae tracks. There is simply not enough variation and material in general to construct a sensible lyrical track. Possibilities will not be more than a few lines.

In fact, the main focus of RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES is not the producer of Reggae or even DUB. This is definitely a product that should be considered first and foremost by owners of Sound Systems, virtual online or in the Outernet. The major part of the pack contains shouts and short phrases which will -when placed strategically- give an extra touch to your selection without the shadow of a doubt.

Unfortunately, it has a part reserved for your typical Sound Clash phrases: "killing soundboys" and stuff like that. Not directly something to put in your righteous Roots track, and even a bit outdated as the vibe in Roots land is more and more that of One Love instead of clashing. It could be that the producers of RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES have focused a bit too much on other forms of music, music where Sound Clashes may very well be popular. The fact that there is a part two, not with Dan Man, which will not be reviewed in the Dubroom doesn't promise too much good either. 

Fortunately, you can just choose to ignore the verbal violence since there is more than enough material left. Especially when you've already purchased Sound System Vocals Parts one, two and three at and have not spent the virtual cash you own with each purchase, the few euro's or pounds or dollars it costs will definitely provide you with a valuable addition to your vocal sound library. 

For DJ's and Selectors, this product is definitely recommended. Producers of DUB will also benefit from the material as there are many short phrases, shouts and even a few singing lines you can use. RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES is all about the music, about original music and about spicing up the music. This is a spice that gives a Jamaican flavor to non-Reggae tracks and adds some thrill and excitement on top of Roots Reggae riddims.


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Messian Dread - Reel To Real Dubwise EP


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WWW, July 2014 - With a title obviously referring to Mad Professor's excellent REEL TO REEL REGGAE Parts ONE and TWO recently purchased and reviewed by the Dubroom, the three extended DUB mixes on this EP carry only the musical sounds from ARIWA Studio present in the two-part Sample Pack from Loopmasters and no extra stuff other than the vocals. Yes, it's an unofficial promo without apology and equally a full-quality release aimed to please everyone who likes to enjoy their (DUB) Reggae. 

Two Steppers and a One Drop riddim: Opening up with a pumping call to praise Jah rather than be afraid for those that seek to harm His children, continuing with Dubhorse Lane (a hint to the street where Ariwa Studio is located in London) carrying Mad Professor's voice and closing with a majestic, very atmospheric Dub that has more than enough message in it to get the point across: while the soldiers march and kill, I and I know that the day will come that JAH shall correct things and I and I cannot wait for that day.

The music was recorded in Mad Professor's ARIWA Studio's and legally obtained for use in Dubroom productions through the purchase of the excellent Reel To Reel Reggae Volumes One and Two. In simple terms, you could say that this is Messian Dread working with and on top of Mad Professor material. Those who know their ARIWA catalogue will surely recognize elements from Michael Prophet's "Rootsman" Album, or the guitar lick from "Africa Must Be Free By 1983". Things are obviously re-arranged and made into original productions, three of which are captured by this EP. Those who know their Dubroom productions will surely recognize Messian Dread's own style of mixing and arranging as well.

From Ariwa's Reels of Reggae to Dubroom's Real Dubwise: Reel To Real Dubwise is definitely one of Messian Dread's hardest Dub releases to date since he started putting his music online back in the late 1990's. Read his more personal comments here


1. Dub Weh Blasphemer (6:17)
2. Dubhorse Lane (5:33)
3. Dub Weh Senseless Killahs (6:16)

Please do not re-publish the actual music, because unlike Dubroom releases before 2014, this EP is © Messian Dread/Dubroom. Available for free: 128 Kbps/320 Kbps MP3 Files, CD Quality Wave Audio.


New Releases and Features (Dubroom In-Site #33)



WWW, July 19 2014 -  In the 33rd chapter of Dubroom In-Site, Messian Dread writes about his latest and upcoming musical releases as well as a number of other issues related to the Dubroom website. What can -JAH Willing- be expected, what has been done already, and how's the website doing in general?

With an EP scheduled for release tomorrow, a virtual 7 inch and a virtual 12 inch as well as a Dub Album scheduled for release in the coming weeks and with another DUB Album under construction, there's quite a bit of musical output at the Dubroom momentarily. After a couple of years of silence, silence no more!


Those who have been following the Dubroom lately, must have read about the EP that is scheduled to be released tomorrow. It's an EP with ARIWA recordings which I have transformed into Dub. It's the result of my purchase of Mad Professor's Reel to Real Reggae Parts One and Two, hence the name "Reel To Real Dubwise". Three riddims, which also be featured on a DUB Album I am currently working on. Jah Willing, this album will be released somewhere next month.


Producers and other visitors of Studio Dubroom will have read something about Ras Kitchen. He has his own TV Show on Jamaica where he teaches Ital and other Cooking. Living with his family, he receives guests and gives them an authentic Jamaican experience during their stay. Ras Kitchen has also released two vocal sample packs for producers and I've used material from these packs to make two Dubs.

In a way, the virtual 7 inch can be seen as a fundraiser. Not for the Dubroom, but for Ras Kitchen. Living in Jamaica as a Ras is not easy at all, in spite of the romantic "Irie Irie Mon" sentiments some might have with the idea. Surviving in a righteous way when all around you there is violence, crime and corruption, wickedness. This means that everyone who has a little bit of money left, and likes the music (when it's released), is humbly requested by me to donate some money to the Ras on his website and tell them the Dubroom sent ya.


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Don Goliath - Rootsstep Colossus



WWW, July 2014 - Twelve selections directly from the enormous catalogue of Don "Rootsstep" Goliath, who was recently reviewed and interviewed in the Dubroom. Twelve selections of pure niceness for the lover of Roots Reggae and Dubstep alike, an enormous accomplishment in itself. It's yours for free!

According to the folks at LCLWEB, the Net Label responsible for this 12-pack of digital roots niceness, it wasn't that easy to pick twelve tracks and we here at the Dubroom can only have empathy for that. When you love this sound, you just can't get enough of them and since the quality of the music is rather consistent, you just want it to play on and on. Well, we can do that for a full 50 minutes long at least, thanks to what must have been days of choosing time.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Radio Dubroom Extra Chapter 2: Messian Dread Plays Bunny Wailer And Solomonic Sounds


Chapter Page

WWW, July 2014 - In the second chapter of Radio Dubroom Extra, Messian Dread plays some of his favorite Bunny Wailer tracks plus two relatively rare selections from Jah Bunny's Solomonic Sounds label. Some tracks from Dubd'sco, Rock 'n' Groove, Gumption and Rule Dance Hall plus an alternative version of Rise and Shine as well as some 12" and 7" versions. Cool Runnings!

Bunny wailer is a favorite singer of the Dubroom's webmaster even though his favorite tunes are not the ones generally considered his best. Where many love Bunny Wailer's Roots Rock a' la "In I Father's House", Messian Dread prefers the more dubby parts captured on one of his favorite albums: Rock 'n' Groove. No surprise this mix features a couple of tracks from that album. There's also a healthy portion of relatively unknown tracks by Jah Bunny and a couple of selections from his albums Gumption and Rule Dance Hall.


01. Bunny Wailer - Mellow Mood Dub
02. Bunny Wailer - Rock and Groove Discomix
03. Bunny Wailer - Galong So Dub
04. Bunny Wailer - Galong So
05. Bunny Wailer - Another Dance (Discomix)
06. Bunny Wailer - Boderation
07. Bunny Wailer - Rise and Shine (7" Version!)
08. Bunny Wailer - Camouflage
09. Bunny Wailer - Rule Dance Hall
10. Bunny Wailer - See and Blind
11. Bunny Wailer - Warrior
12. Bunny Wailer - Liberation
13. Marcia Griffiths - Woman a Come
14. Wadada and Solomonic Players - Reggae Sunsplah (Wadada)
15. Wadada and Solomonic Players - Reggae Sunsplash Dub (Wadada)
16. Bunny Wailer - Conqueror
17. Bunny Wailer - Conqueror Dub
18. Bunny Wailer - I Stand Predominate Dub
19. Bunny Wailer - Hypocrites
20. Bunny Wailer - Hypocrites Dub
21. Bunny Wailer - Walk The Proud Land Dub
22. Bunny Wailer - Rootsman Skanking (Discomix)
23. Bunny Wailer - Cool Runnings (Discomix)
24. Bunny Wailer - Rule This Land Dub


Radio Dubroom Extra features music which cannot be played on the Radio Dubroom podcast for legal copyright reasons. The shows cannot be downloaded. All tracks in this show (C) by artists and labels. This show (C) by Dubroom. The actual mix is hosted on and should be completely legal. For copyright issues visit

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Don Goliath - Rootsstep To The World Chapter 24


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WWW, July 2014 - Yes, it could be that you missed the Dubroom's interview with and review of DON GOLIATH and his unique sound called ROOTSSTEP with links to volumes 1-23 of his ROOTSSTEP TO THE WORLD series. It could be, but it shouldn't given you just had the link provided. Well, you can read on too and check the link later for that's a thing you simply just want to do. Introducing the 24th Chapter of Don Goliath's excellent series and this time he brings U Roy, Wayne Mc Arthur. Victor Tebebe and Princess Black Inna Rootsstep Style!

It's truly incredible to see just what Don Goliath has produced just the last 1 1/2 year or so. In spite of his name, this one Goliath has nothing against Jah and even more, he is active in spreading JAH Music into this next century and generations with his unique sound. It's a sound that many will say is "Dub Step" and not just because of the four-letter word in the term Roots Step. However, this is Reggae and it is even Roots Reggae. 

Reggae is a rhythm that one can play in many styles. Roots Reggae is a rhythm and a vibe that one can play in many styles as well. Yes, it is a big mistake to look at Reggae as a genre of music. It's not. It can be that old Studio One Sound, it can be the 21st Century Rootsstep Sound, but it remains to be the same rhythm. This, in a nutshell, is Don Goliath's Rootsstep Sound.

This is a sound that will appeal to lovers of Dubstep and it will appeal to more open-minded lovers of Roots Reggae too.

This is a sound that gets the support from a whole army of well-known vocalists like U Roy, featured on this album. Not without reason, for what it shows is that the sound might change throughout the generations, the message does not and the music does not.

This is a sound that you should check out and support, when you are positively interested in the promotion of (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness. You will find many, many conscious messages throughout the 24 chapters. Messages that need to be heard by every generation. RIGHT-CLICK HERE for a legal mixtape of the album straight from the Don's website or better: CLICK HERE FOR ITUNES.

Or CLICK HERE for our interview with the Don himself.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Dubroom Website Review:


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WWW, July 2014 - French speaking/reading? It's not everybody's ability but in days of Google Translate it is possible to check out a website even when you don't read the language. In this case, a website that does make you positively envious at those who don't need such a tool because of the wealth of information alone. Presenting CULTURE DUB presenting the dynamic French DUB/Reggae scene!

It's a label. It's a Radio Show. It's even a stricktly vinyl show that's recorded on video. It's an ongoing series on the history of DUB Music. It's filled with reviews of new releases and updates about upcoming live events. It's a website. It's in French. For the French speaking and based tribe of DUB. A very vibrant and active part of Europe when it comes to the Roots Dub Reggae scene. On the Internet for example, where French based Net Labels are no minority.

This is the situation where we find the website CULTURE DUB and the first thing that comes to mind is: heavyweight, both in quantity as well as quality. The webmaster is writing an ongoing sequel about l'histoire de Dub, for example. That's not to hard to translate, right? The title that is. You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but this looks pretty academic and therefore in-depth.


Saturday, July 12, 2014




WWW, July 2014 - In this May 2014 release from the Maltese Net Label DUB KEY, we are getting introduced to Singer Tempa inna Showcase Stylee! UK DUB and Roots Reggae as authentic as it can be, from the top to the very last (DUB) drop. Skillfully played by the MessenJah Music Players, mixed by Apocalypse Dub Faction's Rod Chaplin, and skillfully voiced by a veteran in conscious Roots Reggae. Read on and download this gem for free!

First things first: this is Singer Tempa's debute album. He is the house MC for the Lion Heart Sound System, while he voices for MessenJah as well. Yes, he is based in the UK where a culture of Roots Reggae Sound Systems dates back decades. It is in this culture that Singer Tempa was born and where he grew his vocal talents by continually performing with sounds.

"Cut More Collie" is a ShowCase album. You will get the vocal tracks but the dub versions as well. Niceness fe true. Four vocals, four dubs, one Discomix long. Everything in the UK Roots and DUB Tradition, which simply means a massive piece of work that cannot be absent in your collection of better and higher quality free/legal DUB Reggae Music. 

A crucial release by DUBKEY once again! 


Friday, July 11, 2014



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WWW, July 2014 - The first thing you should avoid is to take the title of this EP serious. You should take the name Bryan Art serious, though, and the four excellent musical works of this release even more. Why? Well, that's the four dollar question you will see answered in this review of Fresh Start, the EP.

First, the music. Four excellent contemporary Jamaican Roots Reggae tracks, perfectly recorded into the multitrack by Bryan Art's FILE13 Band. This is the kind of Roots Reggae that counters the slackness and emptiness that is the majority of (Jamaican) Dancehall. This is the kind of Jamaican Music that brings blessings to the whole world. 

With special appearances by none other than Sizzla and Queen Ifrica accompanying his evidently talented and skilled voice, "Fresh Start" is an essential introduction to this multi-tasker in Reggae Music as well. The name Bryan Art, namely, should need no introduction and the fact that it might is a shame. So in a way, Fresh Start is a proper title. It's a fresh start for us as listeners, a fresh chance to get ourselves familiar with this very interesting brethren.

Bryan Art is a guitar player, song writer, band leader, and a singer. Among other things. He has toured all over North America and Europe, sometimes as part of a backing band and sometimes in a different setting. He has been the guitar player of the Fire House Crew, that is King Tubby's House Band personally formed by the Godfather of Dub himself, band leader for Bushman's backing band, the list goes on and on. The music of this Art is not to be ignored or underestimated!

So, what's this with a four-dollar question? Isn't that just a tip on a meal? Well, yes. It's also the price you pay for the four excellent musical works when you CLICK HERE. Get your Fresh Start now and if you must, you can also listen to this quartet of excellency before you do below.


Thursday, July 10, 2014



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WWW, July 2014 - Two full-length Discomixes and three Dubs: yes, with almost 30 minutes of music this is the first EP from the Dubroom Studio in the new 2014 sound. Featuring Horseman and Dillinger as well as a number of singers delivering a conscious message, this release brings you both a Steppers Roots and a Rub a Dub vibe. Here is a Musical 45 to keep you alive!

The concept of a DJ chanting over a riddim and singers jumping in and out is not new, not original, not uncommon. Where many styles and genres have incorporated the concept, no one can take away the fact that this all started in Jamaica during the 1970's and even before that. No one can deny that Roots Reggae music, mixed in Dub style, is a perfect foundation for a DJ to chant over and exactly that is what you can find in the two Discomixes. The first one (Love Not War) is a pumping Rub a Dub style, the second a joyous yet serious Steppers Roots. 

The concept of a vocal track followed by it's Dub version in a non-stop mix isn't anything new, original or even uncommon either. Neither is Dub mixing. Both have been developed in Jamaica as well, a fact nobody can deny and therefore many will simply ignore. Not so in the Dubroom, where we are aware that we owe Jamaica a lot, if only for the musical and cultural upliftments. Therefore, two authentic Discomixes and two authentic Dub mixes, plus one bonus Dub just because music is nice.

All five tracks carry the voice of Horseman, who has been chanting since the 1980's and was released on the Greensleeves label. Two tracks carry the voice of Dillinger as well. The man who brought the world "Cokane in my Brain" and a flood of Roots Reggae DJ Tracks even a decade before Horseman came to the (UK) scene. Both deliver a musical message, a Conscious message like Reggae and Rastafari have been doing for decades and will keep doing.

All five tracks are original Dubroom productions. The vocals are legally obtained and licensed, the music and vocal arrangement created and mixed by Messian Dread using the new Dubroom 2014 sound with real horns, real this-and-that and of course real, authentic Dub mixing. Feel free to include the music in your podcast or broadcast, but please do not put the actual mp3 files on your website blog or other distribution format.  


1. Horseman - Love Not War (Discomix)
2. Horseman - Dub Not War
3. Horseman ft Dillinger - Dangerous & Famous (Discomix)
4. Horseman ft Dillinger - Dangerous & Dubwise
5. Horseman - Dub Controler

This two track release is presented as 128/320 Kbps MP3 Files or true CD Quality WAVE Audio, as usual with releases out of the Dubroom Studio. Click "DOWNLOAD" to go to the Download Page. All Rights reserved © 2014 Messian Dread/Dubroom 


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WWW, JULY 2014 - In what could very well be the first review of the product, we take a look at Mad Professor's Reel to Reel Reggae Part Two as it was just released by Loopmasters. They've been visiting the Professor in his Ariwa studio once again and came back with some very, very interesting material. Read all about it, at least download a demo for free and find out how your productions can be served and improved by the package.

Without a doubt, part two goes further than it's predecessor. It has several things that you could only crave for and probably did, which gets clear at the beginning. So let's start there. Unlike part one, you can choose to buy certain segments rather than the whole pack which can come in handy when you're not able to purchase everything in one go or when you're simply just interested in certain aspects. Here they are:

  • Drum Loops
  • Bass Loops
  • Music Loops
  • One Shots (with sampler patches)

For this review (and of course for the Dubroom's musical productions) we've purchased the Music Loops and the One Shots. For the drum and the bass, we simply took a listen to the streaming demo's and dived in the downloadable 55 Mb free demo pack. In the the knowledge that we're dealing here with stuff from Mad Professor's Ariwa Sound Studio, and with reference to Part One, we find ourselves having a solid foundation for our examination.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sites For Your Musical Productions: Messian Dread Reports For Studio Dubroom



WWW, July 2014 - During these last months, the Dubroom has been releasing new original music in a new original sound. This music has been put on the Dubroom website, and equally -without too much noise on the Dubroom about this- put on a variety of sites that enable producers, artists and/or labels to present their music online. Why? Just to see what these sites are doing in themselves for your average online (DUB) Reggae artist. Messian Dread reports how over 10,000 of ads on sites only led to 8 free downloads...

Let's call them free Online Music Distributors or OMD's for the sake of this article, shall we? For that is what websites like SOUNDCLOUD, REVERBNATION and others we're going to take a look at, actually do. You upload your MP3/WAV file(s), some pictures and write a little bit of info and voila, there's your page. Ready to be viewed by what many sites call "fans", your music available for download and/or streaming and/or purchase.

This is exactly what I've been doing during these last months. I've been uploading the new Dubroom music to a number of sites, just to see what would happen. An experiment, of which some results are not yet available which in itself makes a point. Yes, that first. There is no website that will instantly give you "fans" or even views. You'll have to use the OMD's as part of your own route, like they do with your music. You see them as distributor of your music where they see you, us, as content provider for their websites. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing to overlook either. 

Indeed: gone are the days where just one website could boost an artist and could even become a threat for established musical industrialists. Gone are the days where you could reach out to that large audience by committing yourself to one OMD. This here is a scattered Internet, where listeners have to look for the good music using all kinds of websites and we, music creators, have to do the same. We have to use all the websites or at least three or four, and we have to have a website for ourselves as well. Even a facebook page won't do. 

With all this in mind, I took a look at some websites. Just because I hadn't released a track in years, even the websites where I already had an account needed some serious work. It was kind of an opportunity to see the various websites through the eyes of a new artist. Other websites needed me to make an account, so there was my chance to get a quick discovery look at them. Here they are, in a particular order:


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