Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 13, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 13, 2007

WWW, September 13 2007 - The Dubroom receives all kinds of e-mail. Most of it is either too private to mention or will result in an article, but a portion of it goes into the category of Funny Feedback.

Funny Feedback can be both positive and negative, but it will always provoke a smile. And sometimes more than that.

Take this e-mail from that bloke who claimed our independence meant we had to be "objective". "Objective", as defined by him obviously, and it basically meant we had to konform to the norm.

It provoked more than a smile. It provoked a prayer of thanks to Jah for our independence.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MP3 Podcast: House of Reggae #5
Video: Alpha and Omega with Gregory Isaacs - Bush Ganja
CRC In-Depth: Dealing With The Insanity (by Zeph E Daniel)

MP3 Podcast: House of Reggae #5


WWW, September 2007 - An ultra-rare white label Barrington Levy track is just one tune in another crucial selection by Brother Ian, as he opens his House of Reggae for the 5th time.

As soon as we enter the House, we can do nothing but establishing how our host has done his homework once more. Bigtime! The hour starts with a floor shaker from 1961, gradually takes us further in time, and back again, while we are given some relevant information on the side.

Information about Marcus Garvey, for example. This Black Freedom Fighter continues to be an example and source of inspiration a lot, if not most, if not all Jamaican musicians.

Information about the music, too. Information that goes way further than just listing the musicians, as we learn about the real struggles behind the music that we all love so much.

This truly is Reggae Edutainment of the highest quality!


Broadcaster's Comments: More musical treats from the House of Reggae have been dusted down and given a spin on the turntable for your enjoyment, including the fine record in the photo above which features speeches from Marcus Garvey in Garvey Chant and a rare Barrington Levy white label 12" from 1980.....

01. Clue J & The Blues Blasters - Silky
02. The Wailing Souls - Mr. Fire Coal Man
03. Jah Grundy - Shaolin Disciples
04. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Kick To Yu Chin
05. Jah Cure - Trod In The Valley
06. Marcus Garvey, Sky High & The Mau Mau - Garvey Chant
07. Cutty Ranks - Retreat
08. Jimmy Riley - My Woman's Love
09. Barrington Levy - untitled white label
10. unknown dj - untitled white label
11. Turbulence - Blood Stain
12. Pat Kelly - Sunshine
13. George Faith - So Fine



Video: Alpha and Omega with Gregory Isaacs - Bush Ganja


Within Reggae Music, it is not uncommon for artists to get together and produce a couple of works. Artists like Gregory Isaacs and Alpha and Omega, for example. A very, very interesting combination of which we will hear and see the result in this official AO video.

The Cool Ruler joins the Dynamic UK DUB Duo and the result is another killer tune with some great graphics in the way only Alpha and Omega do it. A killer tune with a message, too.

Bush Ganja, as Gregory Isaacs sings, isn't the High Grade Superskunk and what have you. But that's not the message in this tune. The message is straight to the head of Babylon: time to legalize the herb, any herb whether Superskunk or Bush Ganja!


CRC In-Depth: Dealing With The Insanity (by Zeph E Daniel)


by Zeph E Daniel
- Published on Monday, March 19, 2007, reprinted with permission -

WWW, September 2007 - "Christianity" is more often than not a word to describe an insane religious system wherein money-making, white supremacy and politricks go together in perfect evil harmony.

"Dealing With The Insanity" exposes such an evil harmony as the author Zeph E Daniel identifies the true nature of large portions of the "Internet Christendom" and "Alternative Christian Media": psy-op's, ego's and even nazi's!

Let's face it. By now you're onto the fact that the entire world is controlled by criminal syndicates, and that the matrix itself is controlled by a very powerful spiritual hierarchy that no man can battle on his own. Period.

The result should be this: RELY FULLY ON YAHSHUA and rely NOT on humans. Do not trust a soul, and the reason is a philosophical one: first of all, all that exists is YOU and GOD. He is the I AM and and you are conscious of yourself being outside looking in, and yet, you do not exist apart from Him. This paradox has plagued man for eons, and yet it is a very simple thing: He made you to Glorify Himself, and thus you are an intregal part of God Consciousness as Self Consciousness. You were made in His likeness and image--what you don't understand is how others fail, if they also serve the same God. Thus, He is the I AM and nothing else truly exists outside of I AM. Therefore, the I AM is the source of all comfort, power and knowledge.


You have to get that through your head to surpass this matrix and move onto the farther shore of Spirit. Most Christians just use Jesus as a cloak, and continue right on in their abominations -- or rather, their obedience of the rules of this world, which states emphatically: You will bow down to man and Lucifer, or you will not eat.

That's right. They intend to break each and every person of their sovereignty and power in innocence and in Christ both, and render them little more than hapless slaves with fixed results as to achievement, thus ensuring a crooked ladder to success, where the results are known ahead of time, and all who achieve only serve the least that is their basic raison d'etre, and those who go along with this "plan" are evil, sick, perverted, criminal murderers, liars, thieves -- or a Collective, as shown in Proverbs 1.

There are no innocent ones in this: their wills are engaged. They do it because they don't want to be left out; they want money and the things of this world, and are not willing to sacrifice The Game and their part in it for Yahshua-Jesus Messiah.

That includes most in so-called Alternative Internet Media, which is simply Mainstream Media ReSpun, this time by different servants of the satanic oligarchy and the layers of slave programming. It is breathtaking to see them argue over the timing of the much ballyhooed Rapture, when all that are beholden to this delusion are simply in another mind control cult. Some are innocent victims, sure -- but the perpetrators of this heinous and bogus theory know exactly what they are doing, which is great harm to anyone snared in the delusion, which then also leads to the serpent seed, white Israel, and a host of other Wasp Criminal Syndicate maneuvers. And of course every syndicate has its maneuvers!

Certainly, when I heard of Patrick Heron extolling the wonders of the Rapture, and then now promoting the Serpent Seed Nazi doctrine revealing the true nature of his AntiChrist agenda, I just cringed at the fact that I had this traitor on the air at all. So many like him too, pushing their mind control memes hoping for a few crumbs from the TBN table, with false prophets such as Hal Lindsay, Kim Clement, and a host of other approved of slaves to the world system, posing as Christians. I know, I know, they do it so well, they have convinced most of the world of their holiness. Nonsense.

Here is what the Serpent Seedliners believe . This is quoted from, one of the most despicable sites on the web, and home of notorious Jew hater, Frank Weltner, one of many serpent seedliners like Heron, Shriner, and others.

"Because the Serpent raped Eve, we now have his vile sons around us, those who are the Mongrelized half-breeds of Godly Adam including Negroes, Asians, Arabs, Indo-Europeans, and false Jews who are immigrants from Mongolia East of Russia who falsely converted but lie about their beliefs. They are all of serpent seed, and so they are forever filled with the serpent's vileness, and they are unredeemable by God."

This is what they all believe if they promote the serpent seed doctrine. So ask yourselves, who would want to promote this doctrine? And who are they that promote it?

Yes, this was the famous Hitlerian doctrine:

[1] NAZI THEOLOGY According to Nazi/Satanic Theology, Eve did have sex with the "Serpent", the devil, and gave birth to Cain. This teaching then twists the Bible, just as a swastika twists the cross as it says Cain's Line survived the Great Flood and the Jews and the blacks are the children of Satan, "serpent seed".

Hitler believed that when he "cleansed" the earth of the "serpent seed", the Aryan super gods would return to earth, set up the Golden Age of Mankind and anoint Hitler as "king of the world".


And lo and behold, here is what the Bible actually says!

And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.
Genesis 4:1

Does it say that Satan fucked Eve to get Cain? (yes, I intend the F word most vehemently: if it offends you, go read your articles elsewhere.)

Should we feel sorry for these liars who promote such lies? That is not helpful -- best to pray their delusions and lives are broken up by the Lord -- that all they counted on fails. Only in this way will they have a chance at changing.

Otherwise, they continue on the downward spiral to eternal death, ever so much faster.

Add to this your Net-Media false Christians and their shortwave abominations, and ultimately a picture develops. NEVER WAS REAL, never, not even one time! Suffice to say that those who do not oppose vehemently the Serpent Seeders are ultimately complicit in their racism, delusion and showing how they are utterly devoid of the Holy Spirit, liars and fakers. You can add the rapture cultists to that list too.

My advice to you is TO JUST TURN THEM OFF. Don't listen. Since the list includes almost everyone, then it's pretty safe to assume that most are providing a disservice to you, either through ignorance or willing syndicate participation (which is the more likely).

Yes, they are supported by several psyops programs and they will flourish ultimately, as racism pays.

Yesterday someone sent me a note about Chuck Youngbrandt and his claiming that he is one of the two witnesses and other prophetic nonsense. There are thousands of guys like this, and they get their power from the mind controlled unwitting dupes who somehow think that demagoguery passes for the Christian walk.

We've seen them come and go, the Elijahs, the Moses people, the Christian Identity pontificates with their Serpent Seed Jew hating racist Nazi doctrines -- blending the UFO cult with the Serpent Seed and other pop-culture mind shaping memes, and creating basically a Mind Kontrol Listener/Reader base that ultimately hate Jews, Catholics and everyone else, form little separatist communities to lift up their demagogues. Women have gotten into this field as well: Sherry Shriner, notorious Serpent Seedliner and famously false prophet and occultic witch posing as a "servant of the Most High" (read that Lucifer), along with the Judaizing cults such as so-called Elizabeth Elijah, the self-proclaimed "ring maiden" and Elijah Returned and a host of other titles, which of course entitle these charlatans to lots of money from their dupes, who have been beguiled by witchcraft, rather than Christ.

In the case of Elizabeth Elijah, she enlists people to pray for the destruction of others (all in the name of God) when she is outed for her phony money-grubbing ministry. And there are many more just like these women, waiting in the wings to step up into "ministry" -- and behind all this is psyops, planned mind control experimentation, and satanism.

Others have come and gone, such as the insane failed prophetess, obscure Linda Newkirk and all her dupes (actually, this is an expired cult from a few years ago, semi-known on the Net in End Time circles)...and even when the game is over, if someone does not fill the void, the needy co-dependent followers will prop up a new cult leader -- as their pathetic lives show profoundly how impotent Jesus really is.

And of course that is the ultimate lie.

It is not Jesus or the Holy Spirit that is impotent, it is that there is no room for other gods, such as these dilletants-turned-prophetic leaders. Same goes for others that I have seen in our own forum (now extinct due to infiltators), and I am in mind of one who has now propped herself up as a cult leader and spiritual mentor of her little group of insecure people, who do need help, but not from her.

You see, there are rewards for creating these mind control circles of shame and slavery. Plenty of rewards. The perpetrators believe they will get money, power and fame ultimately. That's why they do it! All the religious jargon is just that--an act.

I am reminded of a Bible teacher, whom most people adore, that throws curses on anyone who leaves his Florida congregation.

The most disturbing thing I have seen is this: The Evangelicals who say they love the JEWISH PEOPLE.

These always believe in the phony Rapture Doctrine, and much of the time get involved in the UFO cults as well. Bottom line is this: this syndicate goes to British Israel, yet is a distant cousin of the racist Identity movement, and ultimately is polluted by the Serpent Seed doctrine, which then expels the Jews -- they do not consider themselves grafted in in the long run, they believe that they are the Israelites of God and will eventually replace the Jews in Jerusalem, though on the surface they claim that the Jews who reject Jesus are still the chosen people, ,which then remakes YHWH into a pathetic fool in their subconscious minds, allowing them to be controlled for life.

So the ruse is that they claim the Jews are superior in all ways, when indeed this is simply a mask for hatred and a secret genocidal doctrine -- and all of this is AntiChrist.

They are so layered in mind control that they can't see how they have all become puppets of a greater AntiChrist force that uses them and all apostates for various purposes, which ultimately is to destroy all that is of God.
Anyway, Yahshua the Lord is about faith, grace and spirit -- NOT RACE! Anyone who believes in Him is counted as the Seed of Abraham, as stated in Galatians 3.

In the US, there is no real faith -- it's just End Times programming mind control and various factions pushing their wares, as Christianity is big money; it is also dead.

Someone reminded me of the Nicodemus dilemma in the Gospel of St. John. Yes, that which is of Spirit is spirit. That which is of flesh is flesh. If you are not born to Spirit, you die. You do not escape this matrix.

Unless you are as a child, you won't see it anyway.

To access the Metaverse, or the Kingdom, which is multidimensional, one must become Spirit, which is what is meant by being born again. Not just lip service or acting spiritual. One is either spiritual (and thus misunderstood, even hated by the World), or carnal (loved, accepted, part of the hierarchy) .

Being of spirit is really a state of Grace given by God. It means, literally, that you are no longer subject to the law of the world--the hidden rules of slavery. It means that you are here as a visitor, and whatever the earthdwellers say has nothing whatsoever to do with your life and where you come from . Your power supply comes from beyond this world, and they just can't, won't, will not ever understand that.

And finally, all this has to do with Esau and Jacob. God hated Esau and those like him because they so easily give up their birthright, revealing total spiritual ineptitude and a pathetic sense of "self" or "worth". The false prophets and teachers want their followers to commit the same sin: give up Jesus and salvation in exchange for doctrines of men, like the Rapture, and so many other theories, end-times programming, and all manner of escape and entertainment for all the wrong reasons.


And so, to avoid all this insanity, do not listen to the so-called leaders who prop themselves up and say they know something about God. You know more than they do if you are His, and you are.

So follow God and not man, and do not become a sycophant of the Most Low Base Human Desire for filthy lucre, fame and power.

Walk free. You've seen me expose the falsies here, one after another. I will probably do exposes on some of them in the future, such as on the upcoming rapture cult UFO fest in Roswell led by Guy Malone who is far too enamored with UFO cults than spiritual truth. His list of speakers of course are also part of the club, read that syndicate that promotes late night radio, conspiracies, and the like, with the proviso that Jesus will save you from the evil UFOs and Aliens, so go ahead and focus on UFOs, Aliens, and other paraphernalia--and do come to the conferences, and do bring you wallets. And it really isn't about educating the masses about the "force," or evil spiritual hierarchy that destroys lives, but glorifies it, by spreading fear and awe regarding the very simple truth of evil, punctuated beautifully with end-times programming, false prophecy smack, and all kinds of theories about aliens... oh yes, from a Biblical point of view, which makes it all ok!

Most people that have received deliverance from the demonic encounters parading around as alien never get free UNLESS they leave the strange circles of UFO people behind.

That is a fact. Alternative UFO, the good UFO clubs are Christian? Bullshit. The Christian UFO phenomenon, which they re trying to gin up into an industry comes from the same syndicate that brings you the serpent seed, the Nazi wing of the NWO. Racism and White Supremacy are usually lurking... call these cults recruiting centers for more deep programming on God's true plans. And most of these are satanists to begin with, having NEVER left the circle of shame they were initiated into by their parents, meaning, NOT born again, not children of God, period.

They're still running a game, and being manipulated as whores in the media circuits to shape minds and lives and recruit those who will be useful.

I pray for all the followers of these cults to wake up and take their freedom back by thinking, finally, for themselves. For that's where the answers lie: WITHIN YOURSELF. God put that in you--as you.

That is where your answer lies, where you communicate truly with God. Or not. It is within your power and nowhere else.


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