Saturday, December 18, 2010

Radio Dubroom 2010 Chapter 22: Cybernautic Uprising

Radio Dubroom Chapter 22 Podcast Picture
WWW, December 2010 - In what is (one of the) last podcast(s) of Radio Dubroom 2010, we're partially looking back at some crucial Steppers selections plus a couple of brand new tunes. Vocals and Dubs, a lot of Dubs, over 90 minutes long!
One thing is certain: the year 2010 ends more turbulent than it started. JAH's Revelation Time in full swing, if you will. Obviously this is also felt by the workers of (DUB) Reggae music, as this musical upliftment to the Conscious Cybernauts clearly shows.
Steppers from the top to the very last drop, extra bass and effects, everything mixed live into this 90 minutes of heavyweight stuff.
01. Madu and Bush Chemists - Stand Up Version (MORE)
02. Madu and Bush Chemists - Stand Up (MORE)
03. Jah Melodie and Slimmah Sound - Get Active (MORE)
04. Vanya O and Vibronics - Oh Jah Come Now (MORE)
05. Vanya O and Vibronics - Oh Jah Version (MORE)
06. Jah Melodie and Slimmah Sound - Get Active Dub (MORE)
07. Vibronics - Dub In the Valley (MORE)
08. Abassi All-Stars - Dub Of Correction (MORE)
09. Messian Dread - Chant Down Babylon Queendom (Discomix) (MORE)
10. Alpha and Omega - Jah Is Calling (MORE)
11. Vibronics - History Dub Version (MORE)
12. Kanka - Ring dub (MORE)
13. Lyrical Benjie and Livication Riddim Section - Overcome (MORE) Version
14. Lyrical Benjie and Livication Riddim Section - With Jah I Shall Overcome (MORE)
15. Pablo Gad - Technology (MORE)
16. Pablo Gad - Technology Dubwise (MORE)
17. Bush Chemists - Speaker Rockers (MORE)
18. Mykal Rose and Dub Terror - Time Bomb Dub (MORE)
19. BR Stylers - Fire from Hell (Madaski Remix) (MORE)
20. Me Zion Dread - Dub Doun De Dragon (MORE)
21. Me Zion Dread - Secret Place Of The Most High (Discomix) (MORE)
22. Me Zion Dread - Rhythm Of The Spiritual Warrior (Discomix) (MORE)



December 2010 - A joyful, vibrant track from not-just-the-son-of, provided for
free by use of the Creative Commons Copyright: Here's one of the latest projects
of Ziggy Marley which he did together with friends and family.

project, called "wild and free singles", can be considered an
in-between albums studio session. According to Ziggy, "here is the first
song, it's called africa land. I wrote it cause of the world cup in Africa as a
way of cheering on Africa as one team and celebrating a new day in African
history. My brother Stephen and my good friend Angelique joined me for this
celebration. Enjoy."

This track was released under CreativeCommons Copyright, which means you can share it provided that the original file is being offered without any change. Another aspect of the CC copyright is, that no money should be made and therefor this track is offered to you free of charge. For more specific information, look to the information on the Ziggy Marley Website. When you like the music, consider visiting the Ziggy Marley Website and donate some money or feedback.

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