Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition February 20, 2008


WWW, February 20 2008 - People who have at least a little bit of sense when it comes to righteousness and truth, oppose the current war against (the people of) Iraq.

It seems like in the first place, this war is waged because of oil. After all, the original military name of the war was Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.).

But there is much more to this war, which has to do directly with Mystery Babylon and the return of the Days of Noah or "Atlantis" as the popular name goes.

Close to the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, we can find the location of the Tower of Babel. This very same location is also described in the Apocalypse.

It is the location of the bottomless pit, the abyss, where JAH has imprisoned the spirits who were responsible for creating the situation in the Days of Noah that caused JAH to send the Great Flood.

More tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Wednesday, February 20, 2008



WWW, February 2008 - The Masters are King Tubby, Scientist, and other pioneers in what is not really anymore a sub-genre of Reggae. Yes, we are speaking about DUB, DUB and nothing but DUB.

Don't look at the playlist, that the Italian B-DUB crew provided with this excellent Podcast. It is not representing the true playlist of the mix, but it gives an idea about the contents.

A great contents, as we go back in time to the era in which DUB music was still hot in Jamaica and the Masters were still doing their thing.


01. Life Is a moment In space – Prince Jammy
02. Loving dub – King Tubby and Thompson Sounds
03. Time Dub – The Wailers
04. Salty Dub – King Tubby and Soul Syndicate
05. Dub of righteousness – King Tubby and Soul Syndicate
06. Dreader dub – Jah Shaka vs. Prince Jammy
07. Dance of the vampire – Scientist
08. Bradsta dub – Carlton Family Man Barret
09. Dub the right way – King Tubby and Soul Syndicate
10. Tam tam – Gregory Isaacs



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