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Dubroom Online - Edition September 7, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 7, 2007

WWW, September 7 2007 - Yesterday, we touched a little bit on the fact that Reggae Music is a living form of music. When we look at the history, and the present, we can do nothing but look forward to what's coming up.

Take Nucleus Roots, for example.

Oh yes, these brethren have chosen their name well as they take Reggae Music into this century with some heavy, heavy DUB vibrations that imitators and parasites can only study and imitate.

Nucleus Roots is the kind of Roots that is reviewed on the Dubroom. We want to promote Reggae Music, not plunder it and make our own little cult in no Jesus Industry.

Confused? Read my latest spiritual update. When you're not easily offended, that is.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MP3 Review: Nucleus Roots
Goodbye, Gospel Reggae! (Messian Dread Spiritual Update September 7, 2007)

MP3: Nucleus Roots


It all began when their Reggae studio in Manchester (UK) demanded more and more activity. Too much talents to record, and too much inspiration to just sit there and do nothing.

In 1995, it was time for Nucleus Roots to start as a band. Their choice of name would turn out to be prophetic. The word nucleus, namely, refers to "a part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction".

In the decade that was about to follow, the band produced a number of albums and performed countless of times in the UK and the European continent. Nucleus Roots worked with Desmond Dekker, Fred Locks, Misty in Roots and a whole host of other big names.

In 2007, the band should really be called a group of veterans. Their music is absolutely solid, solid Roots Music. Roots Music that is skillfully mixed into some heavyweight DUB, UK Style of course.

Veterans, by the way, can be recognized because they absolutely feel at home in the music they produce. You hear, that it really is their music and they know what to do.

Don't download their music if you don't want to be infected by this wonderful group, though. It's a guarantee: you want to hear much more of their material as soon as you've listened to the free tracks.


Goodbye, Gospel Reggae! (Messian Dread Spiritual Update September 7, 2007)



WWW, September 7 2007 - Last August 26, I was blessed to expose Christafari on Shortwave Radio, broadcasting all over the Carribean and Africa as well as the world over the Internet.

It was the release from a burden that I had to carry for ten years. A burden to expose and prophesy to the builders of the "Gospel Reggae Kingdom" within the larger structures of the Christian Industrial Complex.

Actually, it's over ten years. When I took my first steps in Cyberspace, it was 1996. One of the first people I met over the Internet, was a guy called Mark Mohr.

We both had dreads, and we both spoke about Jah and Jesus Christ. We were both playing Reggae Music. We both thought that we had found someone who was on the same road, but it soon turned out that we were wrong.

He was on his way to create a "Gospel Reggae" branch in the Christian Industrial Complex, and I was on my way to start a website that would promote Reggae Music. He was busy stealing and imitating my Culture, and my spiritual Identity too, in order to make himself a name and fame in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Industry, and I wasn't aware of this at first.

At first, I thought that Mohr was just another American guy full of ignorance, and just needed to know a few things so that he would know that there was no reason whatsoever to separate himself from Reggae Culture in order to be able to praise the Lord Jah in his music.

After a decade, I know better. Mohr never intended to be part of that culture. He intended to plunder it, and even infect it with a Babylonian form of "Christianity" that basically says you go to hell if you don't go to the Babylon Church and worship the Pastor and the President.

There is a Gospel Reggae Industry, Mark Mohr sells almost half a million copies of his works, while living gay in one of Los Angeles' most expensive neighborhoods. He writes negative articles about Yabby You, the Iriginal Yesus Dread, while claiming to be the "founder, leader and pioneer" of something he calls "gospel reggae".

And indeed, he is.

Mind you, though: "Gospel Reggae" definitely is NOT the same as Spiritual Reggae created by Dreadlocksmen who love Yesus Kristos.

People like Yabby You, for example.

According to Mark Mohr, the products in his marketplace are the "true Christian" alternative to "the ever enigmatic Yabby You and Messian Dread". He even tells people that God would never want them to buy any other Reggae Music than that which he sells on his "sanctified" webstore.

The Gospel Reggae Industry has become well established, as throughout the years many joined Mohr in his enterprise. I tried to reach out to what I thought were my brothers and sisters in Yesus Kristos and warn them for the true identity of the Gospel Reggae Industry and her "Founder and Pioneer", but all I met was a Deja-Vu.

It started when I was transcribing an interview that was posted on the Christafari website. It contained information about the release of Christafari's album "To the Foundation".

I heard, how Mohr was lifting himself up, marketing his false gospel and his false Christ with.

I heard, how he had deadicated a song to me, that is to say: to the ones who tried to expose Christafari for the false Christians and parasites that they really are.

I listened to lie after lie after lie, even to Mark Mohr quoting the Bible to back up his lies.

He spoke about "thesis's and books" written about "him". Actually these books are about his self-titled religion called Christafarianism".

He told his listeners how he "tried to reason", where actually it was ten years of complete rejection of any reasoning, even articles in which I was publicly handed over the Satan for trying to reason.

Listen for yourself: CLICK FOR AUDIO FRAGMENT (MP3, 566Kb)

Not really a pleasant sound, but nothing much since I know how Mark Mohr loves to back-bite on his albums. After all, he takes every critique on his fake gospel and his fake "christianity" very personal, just like his self-titled religion called Christafarianism.

But that wasn't all.

I was about to be confronted with something that was much more evil.

Mark Mohr told his listeners, how he had attempted to "plant" a "church" in Trinidad. I have written extensively in my second book on Christafari, how the "Church Planter" was more or less booed off the island and how he had written a "letter of divorce" to The Gathering, as the "church" is called.

I also know, that he is a fan of Rick Warren and has played with his band in the Purpose Driven Headquarters of Saddleback Church in California. I know, that he tried to indoctrinate the people of Trinidad with Warrens poisonous "Purpose Driven Life", and I have documented all of this too.

But I was blown away, when I heard Mohr admitting to all of this. I could hardly stop vomiting, as my head started spinning with something I cannot describe otherwise than Holy Anger.

Did I hear that correctly?

Yes, I did!

He deadicated a song on his album to the people of Trinidad and it is called: Too Much... CANNIBALS!

Listen for yourself: CLICK FOR AUDIO FRAGMENT (MP3, 566Kb)

Yes, cannibals. Christafari will point out to their name as coming from the same root as the name Christopher. Christopher-I, planter in Trinidad, was chased away from the island of Trinidad and now he refers to the inhabitants as "cannibals".

En passant, he mentions the fact that he considers "sheep" to more "more dangerous" than wolves, that he wishes to "change" this congregation of sheep as he chuckles: "churches are allergic to change"...

Does anybody care? Does anybody even notice it?

After more or less recovering from witnessing this enormous insult, this curse on Jah's people, this back-biting in name of "jesus christ", I couldn't go on transcribing this interview. My source, who helped me out with the transcriptions, witnessed how I was confronted with this trauma big time.

JAH told me to go and find out just what was the matter and I started my Spiritual Journey called Psalm 91.

I found out what was the matter.

Mark Mohr, being the demonic possessed individual that he is, tried to trigger a trauma I carry with me from since I was a very young child. It is the trauma of being hurt by worshippers of the god of this world order, posing as "Christians" who "worship Jesus Christ". It is the trauma that is also imposed on millions of people world-wide, who we know as the "sufferers".

Again, I could do nothing but concluding how Mark Mohr was deliberately working within that Christian Industrial Complex he calls "the Church". That Christian Industrial Complex that works to get people worship the Church-and-State system the bible calls Babylon, the Beast.

Jah sent Christafari close to where I live, and a few Idren and I went to spiritually confront the workers of Satan. I said goodbye to the "founder and leader" of "Gospel Reggae". I told him, that if he would not repent, Jah would cut him down.

An in-depth report can be found HERE.

A few days later, I was interviewed on Channel Z about Christafari. It was broadcasted live and direct through Short-Wave all over the Carrib and Africa. Over the Internet, a world-wide audience was reached. the Christafari website went dead during the broadcast, as we chanted down Christafari in front of a potential audience of millions.

A report and MP3 file of the interview can be found HERE.

It's of my shoulders now.

I will close down the Christafari File, make a website about them where all the information can be found, and comments can be placed and thing, but I no longer consider it my duty to prophesy to Christafari what will happen to the workers of Babylon that they really are.

I no longer consider it my duty to try and reach out to all those workers for the Gospel Reggae Industry, who do not wish to separate themselves from that system which makes money with jesus and start promoting Reggae Music as a whole.

For me, The Gospel Reggae Industry is burned.

It is gone.

I am dancing on it's ashes.

I already see what the Gospel Reggae Industry means in eternity. I see what it means, their big Gospel Festivals and their Gospel Reggae Awards in which they praise ach other into their high heaven.

It's n.o.t.h.i.n.g. It's n.o.w.h.e.r.e.

And so, Jah set me free to live it up!

When workers of that industry try to contact me, I throw their messages straight into the thrash can. I don't even answer them no more.

When they call me to be a friend on MySpace, I simply press deny and when it happens too much I will even press "mark as spam".

When they will try to post their stuff on the Dubroom Messageboard or try to write a comment on one or more of the Dubroom blogs, these comments will not make it to the public's eye either.

The time to reason is over.

The split is now.

Those who wish to fornicate with the Gospel Reggae Industry and make money of their jesus christ are dead, as far as I'm concerned.

This is not to say that I don't think Jah will not wake some of them up so they can live. Maybe Jah will even wake up Mark Mohr himself! I definitely do not know.

And frankly, I don't really care anymore either. I thank Jah, that I can close this particular thing. I was there when the Gospelreggae industry was built, prophesying against the builders who cursed me away. And now that the building is there, my duty is over.

I choose LIFE and I choose to LIVE IT UP!

Goodbye, Gospel Reggae!

Give Thanks, One Love
Messian Dread

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