Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Dubroom Online - November 5, 2008


WWW, November 5 2008 - Babylon keeps people under mental slavery, and the reason why she can do that is because there is a mechanism of some kind behind it.
Actually, there are several.

The first one is what we have come to know as "The Whole Of The Law", Satan's Law that is. It basically teaches people to follow after their feelings, to subsequently strive for the best feeling as the highest goal in life.

One's feeling has become the center of one's universe, and the only thing that Babylon then has to do is give you a good feeling, or even more exact: to deprive you from every good feeling and to give you only a bit when you do what she says.

But there's another one too.

More Tomorrow...

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

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WWW, November 2008 - It's the Art that gave name to this website, it's the Art presented in this superb compilation of Drum and Bass driven rhythms skillfully mixed by some of the best in the trade.



WWW, November 4 2008 - At the moment I write this, it is not yet known who will be selected to be the next president of the USA. By the time you will be reading this, you will probably know who the winner turned out to be.




WWW, November 2008 - Vocals, DJ tracks and DUBS: they're all presented in this versatile compilation of some of the better Jamaican Reggae produced since the mid 1970's.

A more recent version Dennis Brown's "General", followed by a DUB from an older rendition of the same track by the same singer open up this mix filled with Jamaican Niceness.

Although the volumes of the different tracks vary quite a bit which you might like to know before putting the volume to your speakers at a maximum, it's a true joy to listen to the General Mix.

Simply because it's filled with crucial DUBs, DJ and vocal tracks.

Have a beautiful day: not too difficult with the General Mix.





WWW, November 4 2008 - At the moment I write this, it is not yet known who will be selected to be the next president of the USA. By the time you will be reading this, you will probably know who the winner turned out to be.

Lots of people are totally in the ban of the current campaign by the two presidential candidates. Will this be the first black president of the USA, or will this be the first female vice-president of the USA?

Will Bush really go?

Well, it seems so. It seems, like we have all survived the last eight year in which the USA has seen the introduction of the police state, lies which costs millions of lifes, a stolen election and a president of whom it is said that he spent more money than all the president before him combined, leaving the country with an enormous debt.

He is also the most unpopular president of all times. Speeches he gave for the rich and wealthy would include lines like "some people call you the elite, I call you my base", while he made fun for the national press by showing a photo of himself looking under his desk, and "quoting" himself as saying "Those Weapons of Mass Destruction Got To Be Somewhere"...

Just before his term runs to an end, we get the financial crisis. Bush gives billions to the people he called "his base", while making fun of the people that believed his lies on the WMD's and sometimes even go so far to go to Iraq as a soldier and kill innocent people... or be killed.

Man, oh man.

What a situation.

And then, all of a sudden, there he is and he has a word.


Will change really come?

There are Reggae singers who make songs for Obama. Millions of black people will cast their vote, many of them for the first time. They have their hope on a man of who I recently heard that he seems to be related to Dick Cheney.

He's got a who's who of the vampires that loot Jah creation behind him. Henry Kissinger, for example. A man who has to consult with his lawyer before he goes to another country since he can be arrested because of his many, many crimes. Or Colin Powell, the man who lied to the whole world and made the people believe that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

His opponent, John McCain, is far behind in the polls. There are stories that the same people who gave George Bush his presidency, are now working for McCain. Indeed, the same stories we hear the last eight years start to be reported by the Dutch media now again.

When McCain get (s)elected, election fraud is proven.

But when Obama gets the job, will it bring that change?

Asking the question is (almost) answering it.

Obama is the media favorite, he's the elite's favorite, and when he brings change, this will not be for the good of the poor people. Maybe you can even say, that honest people would never be able to reach the position of being a presidential candidate anyway!

Additionally, there is only one way to know if Obama is really not the next guy that the elite pushes forward, and that is when he would be killed just like that other president who was so popular: JFK.

Today, I was thinking about these people who pray for either Obama or McCain to become president.

My prayer is a bit different.

I just prayed one word: "Maranatha".

Come, Lord Yesus, Come!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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