Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fearing File Sharing (4) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition November 29, 2007


WWW, November 29 2007 - There is a mention of "Internet 2". Partly to "protect" the entertainment industry against file sharing, people are working hard to create a form of Cyberspace where Big Brother knows even more about you than he does now and will shamesly decide for you what to see and what not to see.

Independent producers who walk the Party Line and complain along with the majors about File Sharing, do not realize how they themselves will be a victim of their own actions.

For really, there is no real Fearing of File Sharing. The established industry simply fears the independent nature of the Internet as they have seen the rise of the Online Artist Community and an emancipated customer-base who will at least try before they buy...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Rootical Part 7: Pause For the Cause (MP3 Review)
Ziggy Marley - Could You Be Loved? (Live, Video Review)

Rootical Part 7: Pause For the Cause (MP3 Review)


WWW, November 2007 - "Too much claiming of the word DUB without foundation", says the selector of the Ambassada High Power. Subsequently, he delivers yet another foundational mix to the online (DUB) Reggae Massive.

And yes, there's DUB too!

An Ambassada Hi Power Podcast is an experience. Each one of them will come with their own vibe, and that vibe is a dominant vibe. Even when you know the tunes, as they become part of the mix you'll hear a completely different track in a way.

In "Pause For The Cause" there is an exceptional amount of well-known tracks by -obviously- a number of well-known artists. Jr Delgado's "Famine", "Children of JAH" by the Chantells, DJ Ian Irie makes us hear them in a completely different way.

A Jimmy Cliff DUB stands out as well, when it comes to exceptional aspects of the 11th Podcast by the Ambassada. In fact, most tracks come with their DUB or DJ (on DUB) version, like Big Youth chanting over Dennis Brown's "In His Own Way".

Roots Rockers galore in this one, another Foundational One coming from the UK based Ambassada High Power Sound System, who have been serving the (DUB) Reggae Massive with crucial music since the late 1970's!


01) Festival 10
02) Children Of Jah - Chantelles
03) Time Fe Unite - U Brown
04) Concentration - Dennis Brown
05) Concentration Dub
06) Famine - Jnr Delgado
07) In His Own Way - Dennis Brown & Big Youth
08) Go Seek your Rights - Mighty Diamonds
09) Material World - Jimmy Cliff
10) Material Dub
11) Peaceful Warrior - Taxi Gang
12) Reality - Mykel Rose
13) I don't Know - Jah Mali
14) Jah a we father - Freddie McGregor



Ziggy Marley - Could You Be Loved? (Live, Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, November 2007 - Germany is known to have been favored by Bob Marley, and so it is no surprise to see his son performing on one of the country's most popular Reggae festivals.

South Germany, Bavaria to be precise. The place is Chiemsee, a magnificent lake and the location of one of Germany's most popular Reggae festivals. It's the perfect place for a performance by a son of the King of Reggae, given Marley's preference for Germany being one of his favorite U-ropean countries.

Thanks to the Internet, a world-wide audience can now enjoy what otherwise would have been reserved for the ones fortunate enough to be able to receive the Bavarian Public Broadcasts: Ziggy performing one of his father's greatest hits.

Himself being part of the Next Generation, his audience contains a large portion of youths as well.

Enthusiastically, both performers and audience take Bob Marley's work into their generation and make it their own in their own special way.



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