Friday, September 14, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 14, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 14, 2007

WWW, September 14 2007 - The (almost) daily editions of Dubroom Online have begun taking the form of an e-zine. Most editions have more or less something of a theme, covering one or more aspects covered in the Dubroom.

There's always a review of some crucial Reggae in one format or another, more often than not completely free of charge too. Articles, news and other material is put out on a regular basis, too.

Most of the readers and visitors of the Dubroom apprecilove our combination of promoting (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness, as it covers their interest.

Reasons enough to start a brand new Mailing List, bringing you the latest edition of Dubroom Online straight to your in-box.

No more need to register yourself on the Dubroom Message Board, just have a valid email address and sign up while you listen to some very rare and underrated Wailers material.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MP3 Podcast: The Wailers Record Shack Chapter One
New Mailing List Replaces Old Ones (Dubroom In-Site #6)

MP3 Podcast: The Wailers Record Shack Chapter One


WWW, September 2007 - The Dub Organiser brings us a very interesting selection of some rare and very ancient Wailers material, and not the kind of music you'd expect to hear!

No matter from which you approach Reggae Music, sooner or later you will be confronted with Bob Marley and/or the Wailers, if they have not introduced you to Reggae Music in the first place.

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer formed the original Wailing Wailers back in the 1960's, and they started to record material for Sir Coxsone Dodd's Studio One an Lee Perry's Black Ark to name just two studio's.

Along the way, the Wailing Wailers became Bob Marley & the Wailers and large portions of the planet were introduced to Reggae Music in a special way. The rest of the story can be considered too well known to be told in this review, which goes for this Podcast as well.

The Wailers Record Shack Chapter One is a well organized selection by the Dub Organiser. A large portion is reserved for Tuff Gong productions, Bob Marley's own Studio named after one of the names he carried. Peter Tosh's own Intel Diplo Label isn't forgotten, either.

However, the most interesting stuff comes in the second part of the show, when it's time for some Bunny Wailer productions from his Solomonic Label. Most interesting, as the unmistakable sound of Solomonic is disgracefully under-rated by a lot of Reggae connoisseurs, selectors and collectors.

So big up once more to the Dub Organiser!


01. Fire Fire - The Wailers (Wail n Soul M blank)
02. Dog Teeth - Peter Tosh & The Wailers (Intel Diplo)
03. Midnight Ravers - Bob Marley & The Wailers (Tuff Gong)
04. Ravers Version - Wailers All Star (Tuff Gong)
05. Craven Version - Big Youth (Tuff Gong)
06. Eastern Memphis - Family Man & The Rebel Arms (Cobra)
07. Version/rebel Am I - The Wailers (Cobra)
08. Bide Up - Bunny Wailer (Solomonic)
09. Bide - I'Ony & Big Youth (Solomonic)
10. Dreamland Version - The Wailers (Solomonic)
11. Search For Love - Bunny Wailer (Solomonic)
12. Search For Love - The Wailers (Solomonic)



New Mailing List Replaces Old Ones (Dubroom In-Site #6)


WWW, September 2007 - Until recently, the Dubroom had several Mailing Lists. A new Mailing List now replaces all the others, and there are many benefits to the change.

This year marks a lot of changes in and around the Dubroom. The site definitely moves forward and so does the contents. The Dubroom's "formula" if you will, to promote (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness doesn't change but gets more profound along the way.

A few years ago, we started with a couple of Mailing Lists. They all had their specific topic, you had to register to the Dubroom in order to receive them, and the e-mail themselves only contained a link.

This is now changed.

This year, the Dubroom's Front Page becomes more and more like a daily magazine as we publish a daily mini-column and new reviews, releases and research material almost every day for close to a year now.

It's called Dubroom Online, and you can find the most current edition on the Dubroom Frontpage. Or a stripped version of one of our blogs or messageboard postings.

We also have a rather extensive weblog at, where you can find the mini-column and full reviews/articles with the necessary links (for example, in the case of an MP3 file).

More important, though, is our new Mailing List, because it contains the full editions of Dubroom Today. Not only do you get the column, unlike our other publication the mailing list contains the full reviews and articles as well, including the graphics.

A few things you can expect in the Mailing List:

(DUB) REGGAE MP3 REVIEWS - The top of the online (DUB) Reggae Artist community as well as free/legal downloadable music from "established" Reggae Artists are reviewed and linked too

(DUB) REGGAE VIDEO REVIEWS - Clips, Reports, Documentaries and more: highly recommended material which can be seen straight from the Dubroom Website.

NEW MUSICAL RELEASES - Be among the first to download the latest Dubroom Studio or Net Label releases

STUDIO DUBROOM - Occasionally we'll put out material that may be of service for the online (DUB)_ Reggae Artists, especially those who work with modern digital technology.

MESSIAN DREAD UPDATES - The Dubroom Webmaster is also a writer, and his articles and meditations contain a wide variety of topics that will often provoke in-depth discussions.

RESEARCH - We have several research projects, about a wide variety of topics, ranging from Babylon System to the Movement of Rastafari, from Yesus Kristos to Geezus Cryst.
You don't have to register at the Dubroom Message Boards, all you need is a valid e-mail address.


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