Monday, November 19, 2007

Blessing or Offense? (3) - Webmaster's Column

Dubroom Online - Edition November 19, 2007


WWW, November 19 2007 - Stitchie preaching the Gospel, Easy Skanking on Warrior lyrics and baldheads singing "Crazy Baldhead": what many would consider offensive outside of Reggae Culture, others simply see as a blessing.

For today, we have a Podcast review with the title "Dangerous System". It contains a selection of tunes that some would call slackness, adult even, mixed with tunes that speak a completely different language when it comes to love and relationships.

This is exactly what happens in the dance too. Conscious vocalists and those that sing slackness will perform together and pay each other respect. So, is it kind of hypocrite? Just words? Kind of like making music about Santa Claus, knowing that he doesn't exist?

More tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Dangerous System (MP3 Review)
Sly and Robbie - Shine Eye Gal Dub (Live) (Video Review)

Dangerous System (MP3 Review)


WWW, November 2007 - Those who refuse to listen to computer-based Reggae, may want to skip this one. However, they would be missing out some crucial Jamaican Dancehall vibes from the late 1980's, early 1990's.

Dangerous System contains some serious tunes. The music crucial, highly and deeply danceable and many tunes contain an uplifting message in the category "Righteous Loving".

No slackness?

Sure, it depends how you look at it. It's just like Digital Dancehall: if you can't stand it, or don't know in which perspective to place it, why not simply skip it?

Or skip directly to the second half of the mix and listen to a combination of Rub a Dub and Dancehall

However, as said, you would be missing out some serious music that uplifts the heart and may nourish the soul for the level of hearticality in this selection by the Paradox crew is high!


01. Tony Tuff - Good To Control Me (Greensleeves)
02. Johnny Clarke - Love Feeling All Over (Napthali)
03. Super Black - Baby Father (Live & Love)
04. Carl Meeks - Who A Tell The Tale (Photographer)
05. Junior Mervin - Armagiedon (Firehouse)
06. Robert Ffrench - When You Come A Dance (Parish)
07. Pad Anthony - Dangerous System (Live & Love)
08. King Kong - Can't Distress Me (Parish)
09. Johnny Clarke - Teach Them The Right (Firehouse)
10. Admiral Tibet - Victim of Babylon (Live & Love)
11. Chuck Turner - Ah No Me She Love (Jammys)
12. King Everald - Afraid Of Them (Firehouse)
13. Sister Charmaine - Ha Fi Get A Job (Techniques)
14. Anthony Red Rose - Canta (Firehouse)
15. Johny Wayne - Me No Response (Firehouse)
16. Wayne Smith - E20 (Greensleeves)
17. Tonto Irie - World's Best Lover (Melodie)
18. Trevor Levy - Key Card (Firehouse)
19. Anthony Red Rose - Dub Organizer (Firehouse)
20. Steve Knight - See Dem A Come (Tachyon)
21. Sugar Minott - Victim of Society (Heartbeat)
22. Colourman - Plain Truth Lyric (Creation)
23. Little John - Youth of Today (Skengdon)
24. Junior Delgado - Poverty (Incredible)
24. The Viceroys - Take Care Of The Youths (Greensleeves)


Sly and Robbie - Shine Eye Gal Dub (Live) (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, November 2007 - When Black Uhuru is not there to perform on the concert, Sly and Robbie will "simply" play a DUB version of the classic tune and it goes like this.

The horn blowers sing the chorus at the start, with Sly just playing the hi hat and the guitar playing the familiar hard rock style lick.

A mighty drum roll introduces a long part of stricktly Drum and Bass and (a little too much) synthesizer, which is only broken down to come back stronger throughout the entire 5 minutes and 7 seconds.

Every now and then, it gets a bit chaotic but hey, it's live and what the riddim twins lay down in this performance will be very, very hard to imitate even by the best of the best.

You could say, that they simply show why they are called the Riddim Twins!


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