Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 9: UK DUB and ROOTS Vibration Steppers

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WWW, March 2011 - A heavyweight selection without objection of steppers DUB and some vocal parts featuring some of the top UK DUB producers. From Mad Professor to Alpha and Omega, from Bush Chemists to Vibronics: not to mention Nucleus Roots, Fullness and Black Roots.
We're kicking of with Jah 'Dub Activist' Free from his Break-Out album, of which we play the vocal and the Dub track. After the magnificent 'Dub Reaction" mixed by Mad Professor for Lush Records on their excellent AKA DUB compilation and a hard hitting mix by Fullness, it's time for the Nucleus Roots DUB and Roots collective. Heartical and militant vibes combined fe true.
Cyrenius Black's more-than-heavyweight discomix opens up a selection from the Conscious Sounds studio, with Dougie Wardrop and others at the control delivering some crucial Steppers in DUB. The Conscious Sounds selection end with the vibefull Dub and Vocal by King General asking you about your membership of JAH Army. Conscious Sounds, fe true.
This show also contains a long selection all produced by the Dynamic UK DUB Twins Alpha and Omega, containing some massive material with their outstanding bass lines and vibefull, much varied mixing works. These ones go deeper than deep and higher than high fe true!
The last three selections of the set is reserved for two steppers tunes produced by Steve Vibronics, whose sound contains the best of the digital and analogue possibilities. Ending with another mix by Mad Professor (Courtesy Universal Egg), this chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011 surely is exactly that which the title says: nuff vibes, stricktly UK Steppers!
01. Jah Free - Wicked Can't Run (MORE)
02. Jah Free - Wicked Dub (MORE)
03. Mad Professor and Black Roots - Dub Reaction (MORE)
04. Fullness and Izyah Davis - Arise Dub (MORE)
05. Nucleus Roots - Run Come Dub (MORE)
06. Nucleus Roots - Dub Rule (MORE)
07. Nucleus Roots - Jah Rule (MORE)
08. Cyrenius Black - Jah Is My Rock (Discomix) (MORE)
09. Bush Chemists - Enigma Dub (MORE)
10. Bush Chemists - Dub Secret (MORE)
11. Bush Chemists - Heigher Heights (MORE)
12. King General and Bush Chemists - Army Dub (MORE)
13. King General and Bush Chemists - Jah Army (MORE)
14. Alpha and Omega - Jah Protection (MORE)
15. Alpha and Omega - Protect I Dub (MORE)
16. Alpha and Omega - Dub Tribulations (MORE)
17. Alpha and Omega - Island of Dub (MORE)
18. Alpha and Omega - Elephant Dance Dub (MORE)
19. Vibronics - Jahlight Jahlove (Version) (MORE)
20. Vibronics - Brimstone and Fire Dub (MORE)
21. Mad Professor - Raging Storm (MORE)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 8: Step Out Of Babylon

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WWW, March 2011 - Heavyweight Steppers from the top to the very last drop: Here is Chapter 8 of Radio Dubroom 2011. Presenting a big selection from the World Wide Web as well as tunes from some of the top UK DUB Masters, like Mad Professor and Disciples. Twenty-one titles: three Vocal tracks and 18 DUB Shots, well over 1 hour and 30 minutes of energy!
The show starts with a massive steppers track released by GoldHeart Music: Daweh Congo tells us what the music is all about and how it works on to provide Jah Children with yet another blessing. Much needed down here inna Babylon, and so we forward with a remix of the Babylon Children title by Vibronics and Boney L.
After the two vocal tracks, we dive deep in Dub. We're talking Vibronics, Disciples, Iration Steppas, Mad Professor, Alpha and Omega: representing the TOP of DUB Material from the UK. Also included in the mix is a very healthy portion of music released by the many Hi Quality DUB Net Labels. Here, we're talking too: Italian DUB Community, Kris Naphtalie, Original DUB Gathering, French Dub Released, they're all presented with one or more titles.
There's even more: a massive DUB by the UK based Nucleus Roots, Swedish Lion Dub and French I-Plant. A highlight towards the end is the extended mix of No More Babylon with Kenny Knots at the microphone stand, available for free and legal download from
All in all, a selection of very powerful and uplifting DUB and other Roots Reggae from the last two decades in which the DUB Movement spread all over the world, providing Consciousness and other blessings that will definitely motivate you doing JAH Works even more as we Step Out Of Babylon to Mount Zion.
01. Daweh Congo - Step Up Conscious (MORE)
02. Boney L and Vibronics - Babylon Children (MORE)
03. Boney L and Vibronics - Babylon Children Dub (MORE)
04. Vibronics - Return Version (MORE)
05. Disciples - Dub Revolution Version (Dub Plate Style) (MORE)
06. Iration Steppas - Kilimanjaro Version (Dub Plate Style) (MORE)
07. Mad Professor - Psychological Warfare (MORE)
08. Mad Professor - 6 Million Dub (MORE)
09. Alpha and Omega - Rastafari (Version) (MORE)
10. ODG - 6 Million Ways (MORE)
11. Dub Fighta - Yes I (MORE)
12. Dub All Sense - 40 Inches Of Dub (MORE)
13. Suino Production - Late In The Morning Dub (MORE)
14. Mark Mostec - Dub Interview (MORE)
15. Brizion - Good Over Evil Dubwise (MORE)
16. Vibronics - Fistful Of Dub (MORE)
17. Vibronics - Dub Lalibela (MORE)
18. Nucleus Roots - Shoulder To The Dub (MORE)
19. No More Babylon and Kenny Knots - Bring Jah Love (Discomix) (FREE AND LEGAL DOWNLOAD HERE)
20. Lion Dub - Colonial (MORE)
21. I-Plant and Ras Martin - No Corrupt (MORE)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 7: Message From Ancient

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WWW, March 2011 - The message from ancient is almost 1 1/2 hour of Jamaican Rockers Reggae from the 1970's, with DJ's and Singers chanting down Babylon and singing Jah Praise: timeless truth on some really heavy duty drum and bass lines carefully mixed by the Founding Fathers of DUB Mixing and Reggae Music.
The show opens with a classic tune by Yabby You singing praises to Yesus Kristos, JAH Himself Who came down to save His children. The tracks also contains a warning for those that play with fire while Jah Jah soon come. More actual than ever before as I would say! Sylford Walker also comes with a warning because when Jah Jah come Judgment come along with Him.
The second part of the show is reserved for some of the best Jamaican toasters (Reggae DJ's) of the 1970's: Dr. Alimantado, I Roy, Tappa Zukie, U Brown and Trinity are there to deliver their message of Truth and Righteousness.
Third part comes in a stricktly, stricktly Dubwise style mixed by some of the Founding Fathers of DUB: King Tubby, of course, as well as Prince Jammy and Ernest Hoo-Kim who mixes a crucial riddim by Inner Circle (aka Fatman Riddim Section). Roots at the Control fe true!
Chapter 7 of Radio Dubroom 2011 ends with a selection of vocal tracks with their Dub version, some of them even with two Dubs: Junior Ross, Errol Holt and Yabby You are there to once again remind us of the Message of Ancient that you can find throughout the whole set.
Blessed Vibes!

01. King Tubby's - Jerusalem Dub
02. Yabby You - Walls of Jerusalem
03. Sylford Walker - Eternal Day (Discomix)
04. I Roy - Holy Satta
05. Tappa Zukie - Jah Is I Guiding Star
06. U Brown - Satta Dread
07. Dr. Alimantado - Mash it Up
08. Dr. Alimantado - Chant To Jah
09. Trinity - Tribal War
10. Trinity - Tribal Dub
11. King Tubby and Soul Syndicate - Tinmson Pen Dub
12. Gregory Isaacs - War Of The Stars
13. Prince Jammy's - Great Man Called Kenyatta
14. Inner Circle - Too Much War
15. Tappa Zukie - Jah Speak in Dub
16. Junior Ross - So Jah Jah Seh (Discomix)
17. Tappa Zukie - Way Over In Dub
18. Junior Ross - Send Me Over There (Discomix)
19. Tappa Zukie - Way Over In Dub
20. King Tubby's - Fire Dub
21. Yabby You - Fire In A Kingston
22. Errol Holt - Yes, Yes, Yes (Discomix)

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