Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition February 13, 2008


WWW, February 13 2008 - The dream that king Nebuchadnezzar had, showed how the "succeeding world empires" which are usually acknowledged in the school text books are all part of that one system of which the head is located in Babylon.

On the other hand, the dream also shows how there is no mention of "evolution", but quite the contrary. Everything started with gold, only to end in a bizarre mix of iron and clay.

There is something more to say about that mix-up, but for now, we notice that there is no mention of evolution and progress.

Oddly enough, this very same thing can be said about just any "civilization" that has been recognized by the scientists and archeologists. Closer research will reveal, how each and everyone of them... started at their peak!

More tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)





WWW, February 2008 - The UK based Reggaenews website has our attention for a long time now. They introduced us to some very interesting artists and bands and with the start of the Reggaenews Podcast we can only give thanks and praise once more.

In just eight titles, of which only one comes without (excellent) DUB version, the first episode of the Reggaenews Podcast takes us back to studios in Jamaica, the USA and the UK.

In chronological order, that is...

And in a no-nonsense style too!

The show starts with a couple of older Jamaican releases, of which especially the legendary King Tubby DUB of Cornell Campbells "Two-Face Rasta" stands out. After a couple of US based releases, we go straight to the UK and listen to some 10" releases by the independent SHEMESH label which at the time the Podcast was mixed were still unreleased.

This is the kind of Podcast that has something for everyone, and the fact that all titles come from vinyl will also be pleasing in the ears of certain ones who can still not get used to the digital sound of the CD.

Get this one while it's still around!


1. Twinkle Brothers - Room full all full (Camel 7")
2. Cornell Campbell - Two face Rasta + Version (Barbell 7")
3. Donovan Carlos - Black Harmony (Rawse 7") + Version (Wackies production)
4. Israel Vibration - Rude boy shuffling (Sonic Sounds 7") + Version
5. Steve Santana - Stay off the streets (Twinkle Music 7") + Version
6. Sandeeno - Warning (Forthcoming 10" on Shemesh Records)
7. Afrikan Simba - Mama Africa (Forthcoming 10" on Shemesh Records)
8. Makating - Warning Riddim (Forthcoming 10" on Shemesh Records)



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