Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Red, Gold and Green (1) - Webmaster's Column

Dubroom Online - Edition November 6, 2007


WWW, November 6 2007 - The African Tricolor is well represented, wherever you go in Reggae land. Many people would even speak about the "Reggae Colors"...

Obviously, this has to do with the fact that the Movement of Rastafari has such a great influence in the development of the music, even though you cannot say that Reggae is necessarily Rasta or even Religious or Spiritual music.

The Dubroom also makes use of the Red, Gold and Green, but not just because this happens to be a Reggae website.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Dennis Alcapone - Wake Up Jamaica! (MP3 Review)
Aswad - Roots Rocking (Live) (Video Review)

Dennis Alcapone - Wake Up Jamaica! (MP3 Review)


WWW, October 2007 - In the 1960's, there was a trend in Jamaica wherein young criminals would name themselves after famous people in movies and crime. Reggae toasters ("rappers") would follow suit and so we have Clint Eastwood, Charlie Chaplin and... Dennis Alcapone!

Today, we know all about musical styles wherein vocalists rhythmically speak over drum and bass driven riddims. Hip-Hop, Rap, et cetera. The discipline, however, started in Jamaica when the MC's in the Sound Systems would chant over the music.

It was U Roy, who first cultivated the discipline and started to record his vocal skills on vinyl. "Daddy" U Roy soon had to deal with the fact that others would follow him and make their own interpretation of the style.

Dennis Alcapone was considered to be U Roy's main rival back in the early 1970's (Source: The Rough Guide To Reggae). His output was massive in quality and quantity as he voiced 100's of tunes for almost every producer of significance in Jamaica.

In twenty tracks and 56 minutes, we are introduced to the man's voice, "insured for six million dollar" as he claims on one of his humorous tracks. Different styles, different vibes, the versatility of one man becomes crystal clear along the way.



01. Teach The Children
02. Squeeze You Right
03. SIx Million Dollar Man
04. Revelation Version
05. Alpha and Omega
06. Spanish Omigo
07. Upsetter Version
08. I Don't Want To See You Cry
09. Wake Up Jamaica
10. Musical Liquidator
11. Alcapones Guns Don't Argue
12. Zaka-Za-Za
13. Pop A Version
14. Africa Stand
15. Get In The Groove
16. Honkus Ponkus
17. Ball Of Confusion
18. Bawlin' For Mercy
19. Out De Light Baby
20. D.J.'s Choice



Aswad - Roots Rocking (Live) (Video Review)


WWW, October 2007 - In this professionally recorded live performance, we'll see Majesty in the Palace as a full-blown Aswad plays the bad vibes away with some crucial niceness.

Four horn blowers, an extended drum kit, two guitars, a complete keyboard corner: indeed, this is a full blown band. It's all there and the band plays smooth as smooth can be.

At 3 minutes 30, the track begins to take a different direction. Pretending to have played the complete tune, the band stops and starts again... in a Dubwise style!

The quality of the video itself is superb, recorded and directed by a professional crew. Especially when you take into consideration, that this review is written almost one quarter of a century after the actual recording.


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