Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 9: UK DUB and ROOTS Vibration Steppers

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WWW, March 2011 - A heavyweight selection without objection of steppers DUB and some vocal parts featuring some of the top UK DUB producers. From Mad Professor to Alpha and Omega, from Bush Chemists to Vibronics: not to mention Nucleus Roots, Fullness and Black Roots.
We're kicking of with Jah 'Dub Activist' Free from his Break-Out album, of which we play the vocal and the Dub track. After the magnificent 'Dub Reaction" mixed by Mad Professor for Lush Records on their excellent AKA DUB compilation and a hard hitting mix by Fullness, it's time for the Nucleus Roots DUB and Roots collective. Heartical and militant vibes combined fe true.
Cyrenius Black's more-than-heavyweight discomix opens up a selection from the Conscious Sounds studio, with Dougie Wardrop and others at the control delivering some crucial Steppers in DUB. The Conscious Sounds selection end with the vibefull Dub and Vocal by King General asking you about your membership of JAH Army. Conscious Sounds, fe true.
This show also contains a long selection all produced by the Dynamic UK DUB Twins Alpha and Omega, containing some massive material with their outstanding bass lines and vibefull, much varied mixing works. These ones go deeper than deep and higher than high fe true!
The last three selections of the set is reserved for two steppers tunes produced by Steve Vibronics, whose sound contains the best of the digital and analogue possibilities. Ending with another mix by Mad Professor (Courtesy Universal Egg), this chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011 surely is exactly that which the title says: nuff vibes, stricktly UK Steppers!
01. Jah Free - Wicked Can't Run (MORE)
02. Jah Free - Wicked Dub (MORE)
03. Mad Professor and Black Roots - Dub Reaction (MORE)
04. Fullness and Izyah Davis - Arise Dub (MORE)
05. Nucleus Roots - Run Come Dub (MORE)
06. Nucleus Roots - Dub Rule (MORE)
07. Nucleus Roots - Jah Rule (MORE)
08. Cyrenius Black - Jah Is My Rock (Discomix) (MORE)
09. Bush Chemists - Enigma Dub (MORE)
10. Bush Chemists - Dub Secret (MORE)
11. Bush Chemists - Heigher Heights (MORE)
12. King General and Bush Chemists - Army Dub (MORE)
13. King General and Bush Chemists - Jah Army (MORE)
14. Alpha and Omega - Jah Protection (MORE)
15. Alpha and Omega - Protect I Dub (MORE)
16. Alpha and Omega - Dub Tribulations (MORE)
17. Alpha and Omega - Island of Dub (MORE)
18. Alpha and Omega - Elephant Dance Dub (MORE)
19. Vibronics - Jahlight Jahlove (Version) (MORE)
20. Vibronics - Brimstone and Fire Dub (MORE)
21. Mad Professor - Raging Storm (MORE)

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