Saturday, December 25, 2010

Radio Dubroom 2010 Chapter 23: Ethiopian Dub Visions


WWW, December 2010 - One vocal track, followed by 20 different DUB
tracks: here is over one hour and twenty minutes of pure Drum and Bass niceness,
all inspired by the Ethiopian Visions that come with the Rastaman's

The set starts of with a vocal track by Earl Zero riding a Zion Train riddim,
singing about the herbal inspiration that Babylon don't want us to feel. After
that, we're diving into a DUB selection with more than extra bass, everything
mixed together live into one long non-stop mix by Messian Dread.
Not for the weakhearts!

01. Earl Zero - Gimme Good Sensi (MORE)
02. Zion Train - Gimme Good Sensi Dub (MORE)
03. Dub Terror - Turn the Tide (MORE)
04. Alpha and Omega - Rastafari (MORE)
05. Alpha and Omega - Captivity Dub (MORE)
06. Vibronics - Written Dub (MORE)
07. Iration Steppas - One Drop Dub (MORE)
08. Webcam Hi-Fi - Hotta Dub (MORE)
09. Vibronics - New World Dub (MORE)
10. OBF Dub Sound System - Pressure Dub (MORE)
11. Inadubstate - Mission Part 2 (MORE)
12. Vibronics - Govermant Man Dub (MORE)
13. Dub Browsers - Conscious Dub
14. Jah Free - Rod Of Correction Dub (MORE)
15. Vibronics - Mout Zion I Dub (MORE)
16. Dub Terror and Tena Stelin - Child Soldier Dub (MORE)
17. Abbassi All-Stars - Favi Rock Dub (MORE)
18. Zion Train - Life That I Choose Dub (MORE)
19. Bush Chemists - What About The Dub (MORE)
20. Bush Chemists - Rubber Dub (MORE)
21. Bush Chemists - Armagideon Dub (MORE)


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