Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dubroom Message Boards (2) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition December 16, 2007


WWW, December 16 2007 - Some people will visit the Dubroom Message Boards rather than the website, and not just to check the editions of Dubroom Online.

There is the possibility to comment on Dubroom articles, for example. Some are very controversial, which makes the in-depth reasonings that sometimes follow these articles very interesting.

Of course members can (and do!) post their own articles as well, often with the same result.

Because everything is -like the Dubroom website- placed under several categories, it is easy to find what you're looking for. And in the same time, it's easy to avoid those things that may offend you.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Dubsta Chapter One (MP3 Review)
Ska-Boom! (MP3 Review)

Dubsta Chapter One (MP3 Review)


WWW, December 2007 - With an interesting, catchy combination of Old and New Skool DUB, Dubsta Chapter One satisfies the needs of the lover of Drum and Bass Driven Music.

Did King Tubby know, what he was listening to when he first heard the drum and bass with echo's on what was said to be a sound check in his studio somewhere in the late 1960's, early 70's?

Did he know, he was about to launch a completely new discipline in studio technology that would forever change the face of not just Reggae Music, but in fact all contemporary forms of (digital) Dance Music?

The answer we will probably never know.

We do know, that DUB indeed has become just that: the foundation for many styles as well as a discipline within Reggae Music that continues to puzzle the minds of many producers until this very day.

We also know, that this can all be experienced by listening to the first chapter of the two-part Dubsta Series.

After an initial introduction, we're taken straight to Jamaica where Prince Jammy and King Tubby give us some crucial DUB vibes, only to move forward to the UK where the Mad Professor is at the Control Tower and takes DUB even further.

Just three names, and don't think it's all about them either.

Dubsta Chapter One takes us to times and places where many don't think they can find some crucial DUB as their minds are mostly in the past anyway.



(01) 'brown paper bag' - me&you
(02) 'jump up dub' - king tubby & ranking dread
(03) 'storming the death star' - prince jammy & roots radics
(04) 'checkpoint charlie' - mad professor
(05) 'northern lights' - bush chemists
(06) 'blood sweat & dunza dub' - king tubby (king of dub)
(07) 'sufferer's song' - (black magic dub)
(08) 'chapter three' - joe gibbs
(09) 'dub it star' - scientist & ranking dread
(10) 'killer dub' - boozoo bajou
(11) 'dub remedies' - south
(12) 'rockers galore' - butch cassidy sound system
(13) 'jah love rockers dub' - king tubby
(14) 'mass murder & corruption' - scientist
(15) 'strictly dub' - blackbeard
(16) 'dunza dub' - (rockers almighty dub)
(17) 'weep & wail' - roots radics
(18) 'visions dub' - daddy roots
(19) 'sunshine dub' - vibe tribe soundsystem
(20) 'champion dub' - king tubby
(21) 'keep on dubbing' - augustus pablo



Ska-Boom! (MP3 Review)


WWW, December 2007 - "A Good Ska Is Hard To Beat", says Mick Sleeper. He's been "A Ska Man Longer Than A Reggae Man" which says some thing as well and not (just) his age!

Mick Sleeper knows his Ska as he knows his Reggae.
"Ska Boom!" is a very appropriate title of the 10th episode of his podcast, as it is much more than "just" another mix of pre-Reggae Jamaican Music. It truly is a "bomb selection" that doesn't only show where Reggae is coming from, it actually portrays the energy that came with music back in the 1960's as if it was played yesterday.

Surely, "Ska Boom!" is something you want to check out for more than the obvious -essential and historical- reasons. You will actually start to move and groove even when your grandmother was young around the time..


01. STREETS OF GLORY - Basil Gabbidon
02. LEE HARVEY OSWALD - The Skatalites
03. EXODUS - Ernest Ranglin
04. SILVER DOLLAR - Don Drummond
05. RENEGADE - The Zodiacs
06. RHYGIN - Prince Buster
07. CLEOPATRA - The Skatalites
08. GOLDFINGER - The Skatalites
09. WHATCHA GONNA DO - The Techniques
10. PUSH WOOD - Jackie Opel
11. 707 - Prince Buster's All Stars
12. MAGNIFICENT SKA - Lynn Taitt
13. YEAH YEAH - The Riots
14. APACHE - Prince Buster's All Stars
15. BLUE SKA - The Skatalites



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