Friday, August 31, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition August 31, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition August 31, 2007

WWW, August 31 2007 - As we conclude this turbulent month in the Dubroom, things are kind of settling down and new perspectives start to shine at the horizon.

Slowly, the Dubroom Studio is being prepared for the massive changes as we'll be recording our Studio Band, the Iriginal JAH Roots (est. 1987), instead of just dealing with solo works and DUB mixing.

Kind of crucial...

And as we do, there's a whole pack of reviews waiting to be put online too. Some very, very interesting material from Hawaii to the UK, from the Middle East to the USA.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Video: A Meeting With Sly and Robbie (Interview)

Babylon Observer Video Review: UFO's, the Greatest Story Ever Denied
Babylon Observer Video Review: The Secret NASA Transmissions

Babylon Observer Video Review: UFO's, the Greatest Story Ever Denied


"Are UFO's Real?", is a question that used to be asked by especially those people that had never seen one. Those who had seen UFO's, more often than not were too afraid to even share their experience as most people would ridicule them.

And of course, there still are a lot of people who think that UFO's "don't exist".

However, with the free flow of information that came with the Internet, this is gradually changing. Polls reveal that most people will "believe in UFO's", that is: believe in the existance of the things.

The question has become: "what are these things?"...

In this video we are being introduced to the whole matter of UFO's in just over 1 1/2 hour. Widely considered to be one of the best video's out there on the topic, UFO's: THE GREATEST STORY EVER DENIED will be a real challenge to the skeptics out there.

But it's not just for the skeptics.

The video will absolutely proof to be quite informative for those people that do "believe in UFO's" as well, as the makers dig really deep.

We will see Craft and Critters: Flying Saucers and Flying Serpents. We will see credible witnesses: Astronauts, Military Personell, and Scientists.

We will see DENIAL.

We will see, how the governments of the world have carefully tried to cover up the existance of UFO's for reasons that can only be speculated about.

The cover-up itself, however, is kind of really clear.

The video shows us how the cover-up came into existance, and was subsequently perpetuated into the next generations.

We will also see flying serpents, or "rods" as they are called too. It's actually quite interesting to see people describing them, explaining them, in exactly the same way as the Bible describes them, too.

Supernatural entities, that are usually outside of our visible realm and can only be seen with infra-red camera's, although people are reported to have seen them with their physical eyes too.

The "rods", or flying serpents, are not the only "forms of life" the video shows us. As we move from the atmosphere to space, we will see stuff that is even more enigmatic.

Why are the governments covering this up?

A number of retired NASA and military people come into the picture, as they openly discuss what they have seen: there is intervention from other dimensions, related to the military industrial complex, and "we the people" are not to be informed...

They talk about crashes of the craft. They talk about beings in the craft. They talk about having contact with these beings, as they tempt the governments with technology of every kind.

The makers of the video are evidently quite impressed by the technology that the so-called aliens are offering. Dreams of "free energy" and exaltations of other "technological advancements" form

Obviously, the ancient Book of Enoch comes to mind, that speaks about the Watchers as they provided technology to the leaders in the days of Noah, the days before the Flood.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who takes the ancient accounts as serious as the evidence provided in this video compels the viewer of the reality of supernatural beings in contact with the governments of the world.

The video gives clear evidence of the existance of these beings and their crafts, as well as the communication they have with the governments of this world. Clear evidence that these beings are flying around in our air, and in space around the earth, even though many times they are unvisible for the naked eye.

So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who takes the Bible serious either, as there is a clear mention in the Book of Books how the Powers Of The Air are really the Rulers of This World...

The video also takes us to the ancient ruins on earth and beyond...

Ancient ruins on the Moon, on Mars, giving evidence supporting the idea that "once upon a time" there were "civilizations" which have been destroyed ever since.

It turns out, that there are many similarities between the ruins as well.

Too much similarities between the ancient accounts and the incredible stories in the video. Incredible, but not really that incredible either...


Babylon Observer Video Review: The Secret NASA Transmissions


Make yourself comfortable, and watch what not many people in the generations directly before us have ever seen.

In this truly remarkable video, we are being introduced to something that is -to say the least- enigmatic. Enigmatic, because nobody can really positively say just what's going on in the LIVE FEED that NASA transmitted to Planet Earth, other than that there are massive amounts of objects flying in space and they are... inteligently driven.

The video camera's of the American Space Agency have a much wider spectrum than the human eye. Infra-red and other parts that are usually invisble for us, become visible through the lenses of the precision camera's.

The recordings themselves have been authenticated as coming directly from NASA. Not in the least, because NASDA themselves keep claiming that what we actually see in the video is space debris...


Well, just look at the video. After being introduced to the man who recorded the material and to the material itself, we can look for ourselves.

The makers of the video seem to be convinced about the idea, that the inteligent forces that drive the vehicles recorded on video are simply "people" from another planet. This idea, obviously is not the only explanation one can give to the video.

There is definitely something out there. Something, that is not human. Something, that is inteligent. Something, that is massive. Something, that is not visible for the human eye.

The proof is in the video.


Meditation: Three Levels Of Consciousness


As we trod forward in what is usually called "Spiritual Growth", there is one thing that is kind of really important to know about ourselves. Or maybe I should say: three things.

In debates about the Trinity, I usually refer to the fact that we as humans are little trinities ourselves. I find the fact that we are created in His Image kind of relevant here, too.

How can it be, that we have the Father, the Son, the Spirit, all having a Self-consciousness and still One Person? Pages, pages, pages of debate...

As usual, we only have to look within to find many answers. We only have to look to ourselves in order to see how this "can" be...

Well, simple.

We are Body, Soul, Spirit, and all these three "aspects" of us have a self-consciousness.

Our bodies have a self-consciousness. We can find this out by simply realizing that our brains will tell our hearts to keep beating, for example. This is a self-consciousness of our bodies, that "we" are not always aware of.

"we"? Yes. Usually, when we talk about "me, we", we talk about that second aspect of us: our souls. In our souls we feel, we meditate, et cetera. In our soul, our personality can be found and every artist as well as music lover knows that the soul is very, very real.

We are not aware of the self-consciousness of our bodies. At least, not to the fullness. We would become crazy if we would have to keep our bodies alive on a soul-conscious level.

Now, watch this.

This very same principal applies to our spirits, too.

Let me just speak about the situation as it applies to ones who are born of Spirit.

Our souls are not always, not fully, aware of what our spirits are doing. Our spirits, born of JAH, can not sin, will not stop praying, will work for JAH, will not have to learn anything.

When we talk about "we", when we talk about "consciousness", all of the above is very relevant to take into consideration.

For what do we mean with "consciousness"?

Which level are we speaking about?

Usually, we will be conscious on the soul level. Our souls will be conscious of the self-consciousness of our bodies, too, but only to a certain degree.

Just try to breath consciously in your soul, use your soul to make your body breathe, and you will know what I talk about here: there really is a self-consciousness of the body that we do not always have in our souls.

And this goes for our spirits, too!

I believe, that what we call "growth" is not as much that our spirits grow, but it is more that our souls become more and more aware of our spirits.

However, most people will not reach this level. And the reason for that is, that they are not able to discern between what is their soul and what is their spirit.

And I have seen this too many times.

People getting in total confusion because they do not know that what they think is their spirit in reality is their soul.

That's why I started explaining to people, how we have these three levels of consciousness.

there is much more to say about this, I hope that I could give your soul a little bit food for thought, I hope that Jah will use this meditation too...

Meditation: The Difference between Spiritual and Supernatural


More often than not, the word "spiritual" somehow refers to the supernatural. But is this a one-on-one comparance?
A meditation.

Gal 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
Gal 5:20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

Just this year, Jah told me to be more open in a certain part of what I do for Jah, which has to do with spiritual warfare. Demonic things, supernatural things.

And we often think, how the supernatural and the spiritual are interchangeable concepts.

But, looking at this scripture from the Book of Galatians, witchcraft -a thing we often see as supernatural and rightly so- is called a "work of the flesh".

There's much more scriptures that say the same thing. Somewhere in Collosensians Paulus says that all these things are just for the satisfaction of the flesh!

We can hardly call the flesh "spiritual", so what's going on here?

I will not pretend I know what's going on, but I do think I tasted a little bit from what is going on.

When you are spiritually dead, not yet born again, you can be involved in all kinds of supernatural things. Witchcraft, whatever.

But it is just to satisfy the flesh.

Using supernatural stuff in order to get yourself some revenge over some stupid carnal fuss-or fight, for example. Brag about being able to see UFO's all the time, is another thing. Just to be sensational, for it sure..... FEELS good.

But these feelings are all carnal.

Even the eastern mystics who completely deny themselves carnal lusts (and some of them actually manage to come very far there) are -by trying to save themselves- serving yet other carnal lusts.

The feeling to be enlightened, for example...

So, I'm not saying I know it all or so. I don't. But I do know there's a difference between supernatural and spiritual and even though there are overlaps and thing, I think that for those who are born of spirit -you know who you are- this is a relevant piece of information.

Meditation: Spiritual Warriors


In the Kingdom of JAH, there are Spiritual Warriors. Some of them are known, others are not. But who are they, and what are they doing?

A spiritual meditation...

Spiritual Warriors of JAH, you know who you are. This is a meditation from the Ites of I...

Some of us are known and others are not known. Some of us are still waking up to who we are, others are growing into a deeper knowledge where they were aware of themselves.

Spiritual Warriors fight the good fight. Like all Spirit People, it has to do with our own trod in Christ as we fight down the sin in our flesh from our spirit by the means of our soul. Sure thing there. Yes, that is the good fight.

But there is more to Spiritual Warfare and it has to do with let's say the bigger picture. The picture that goes beyond our own lifes.

What is that big picture?

Well, in short: it is the story of the Creator with his creation. The Story of the Eternal One, seen from within the timely realms where we speak about a present, a past and a future. The Story of the Eternal One, in an understanding that JAH deals with things from HIS Perspective, not ours.

It is the story of mankind, fallen in sin. Creation, fallen in sin. It is the story of all kinds of beings, all kinds of warfare, as darkness is desperatly trying to find a different way to hide for the light than just to dissapear.

JAH uses angels, warrior angels even, in this war. No, not that He needs anyone to fight for Him. That would be foolishness to think. After all, He is the Creator. But He chooses to use created beings like warrior angels.

Jah also uses Spirit People in this. Spirit People, born again in Yesus Kristos and therefore born of JAH. Higher than the angels when it comes to their spirits, lower than the angels when it comes to their bodies. And within their soul there is always a lot of things going on as well.

Spiritual Warriors are ones who have learned by JAH, not in a book and not in anything other than the teaching of Yesus Kristos Himself, to connect between their soul and their spirit.

The spirits of the born again spiritual warrior, namely, is born of Jah and knows excactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Even why it should be done.

So there is no problem there at all.

When John speaks about that what is born of Jah cannot sin, does not need to be taught et cetera, John speaks about our spirits.

In our soul there is a different story.

Our souls are kind of like the nerve-center for everything. Even though our spirits and our bodies are self-aware, our main consciousness is our soul consciousness and therefore we do not always know in our soul who we are in spirit.

Jah teaches people to use their soul to listen to their spirits rather than the sin in their flesh, rather than their flesh even. We call this spiritual growth but actually it is a growth in the soul as it connects more and more with our spirits.

Spiritual Warriors are also involved in this process. Their souls and their spirits connect as their spirits, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Jah, do spiritual warfare.

This warfare is manifold. But most of the time, it has to do with setting captives free. It has to do with chanting down strongholds which are like fortresses in the spiritual realms but they have also their localities here in this world.

The warfare also has to do with breaking down Babylon. Yes, that is right. The Queendom of Lucifer in all her facets, is falling. To many of us it seems like Babylon and the New World Order are like building things, and even reaching to their purpose and goal, but in fact Babylon is heading for her own downstruction.

Spiritual Warriors fight in the spirit. They will free souls that are held captive. Souls of possessed people, for example. Souls of slaves held in bondage by their slavemasters, under trauma based mind control.

Spiritual Warriors will also be on the offense. They will agressively chant down Lucifer and his soldiers, they will fight against beings that some call "aliens", or "spirits", or "duppies", these are all the same.

Spiritual Warriors will not fight flesh and blood. But this means, the flesh and blood of humans. Like the sons and daughters of Eve, the seed of the woman if you will.

When David slew Goliath, David was NOT fighting flesh and blood. He was fighting the nephilim BIGTIME.

But the difference between David and I and I in this dispensation is that our weapons are not carnal. We will never touch the body of a demon possessed individual, a Satanist, et cetera. We will not need a physical slinger to kill Goliath. But we will fight their spirits.

Our weapons?

Well, even the Bible speaks about it. The Bible speaks about "The Sword Of The Spirit Which Is The Word Of JAH". YESUS.

I and I only have one weapon. And it is the Power of the Trinity. The NAME of YESUS. As He guides our spirits in this battle, we simply use one weapon.

Yes the weapon may look like a sword, spiritually. In the spiritual realms. But it can also look like a lasergun, or whatever. Just a beam of light. That's not important.

Our Weapon is YESUS KRISTOS Himself!

Meditation: I Preach The Gospel


Most Christians would think, "preaching the gospel" means to talk about Yesus to lost sinners. But "preaching the Gospel" goes much further...

I preach the Gospel to satan. I tell him the good news that YESUS is the CONQUERING LION OF JUDAH WHO HAS CONQUERED OVER DEATH AND EVIL, but to him it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the demons and fallen angels. I tell them the good news that YESUS is the POWER OF THE TRINITY and that THEY HAVE LOST ALREADY BEFORE THEY EVEN BEGIN, but to them it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the Satanists, including those Satanists that speak of their god as "Jesus Christ". I tell them the good news that YESUS is THE ONE AND ONLY TEACHER AND PASTOR, and that THEY HAVE CHANGED THE WORSHIP OF CREATOR INTO THE WORSHIP OF CREATION, but to them it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to Babylon. I tell her the good news that she is BOUND TO FALL, as YESUS KRISTOS WILL SOON COME IN THIS DIMENSIONAL REALM TO REVEAL THE TRUTH FOR ALL TO SEE, but to her it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the seekers of redemption. The ones that desperatly try to seek JAH. For Yesus is Jah and Yesus is the Way. Jah is the Way.

Most of the time, I preach the Gospel to the enemies of JAH. But still I preach the Gospel. It is not about making them repent. Not at all. The Leopards cannot change their spot.

The Ethiopian cannot change his skin. Whether Spiritual or Carnal or Both. I am who I am.

When I am created to be with Jah forever, I will become born again in this life. I might even become born again at the end of this life like the sinner on the cross with Yesus.

When I am not created by Jah, I will not become born again. I might go to church and thing and think I am born again but I am not born again at all.

It is not up to us.

What is up to us is to preach the Gospel.

When I do spiritual warfare I preach the Gospel. When I reason with people I preach the Gospel. When I write a review I preach the Gospel. When I breath I preach the Gospel.

And I will give thanks for everyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear.

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