Friday, August 31, 2007

Meditation: I Preach The Gospel


Most Christians would think, "preaching the gospel" means to talk about Yesus to lost sinners. But "preaching the Gospel" goes much further...

I preach the Gospel to satan. I tell him the good news that YESUS is the CONQUERING LION OF JUDAH WHO HAS CONQUERED OVER DEATH AND EVIL, but to him it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the demons and fallen angels. I tell them the good news that YESUS is the POWER OF THE TRINITY and that THEY HAVE LOST ALREADY BEFORE THEY EVEN BEGIN, but to them it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the Satanists, including those Satanists that speak of their god as "Jesus Christ". I tell them the good news that YESUS is THE ONE AND ONLY TEACHER AND PASTOR, and that THEY HAVE CHANGED THE WORSHIP OF CREATOR INTO THE WORSHIP OF CREATION, but to them it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to Babylon. I tell her the good news that she is BOUND TO FALL, as YESUS KRISTOS WILL SOON COME IN THIS DIMENSIONAL REALM TO REVEAL THE TRUTH FOR ALL TO SEE, but to her it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the seekers of redemption. The ones that desperatly try to seek JAH. For Yesus is Jah and Yesus is the Way. Jah is the Way.

Most of the time, I preach the Gospel to the enemies of JAH. But still I preach the Gospel. It is not about making them repent. Not at all. The Leopards cannot change their spot.

The Ethiopian cannot change his skin. Whether Spiritual or Carnal or Both. I am who I am.

When I am created to be with Jah forever, I will become born again in this life. I might even become born again at the end of this life like the sinner on the cross with Yesus.

When I am not created by Jah, I will not become born again. I might go to church and thing and think I am born again but I am not born again at all.

It is not up to us.

What is up to us is to preach the Gospel.

When I do spiritual warfare I preach the Gospel. When I reason with people I preach the Gospel. When I write a review I preach the Gospel. When I breath I preach the Gospel.

And I will give thanks for everyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear.

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