Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition January 2, 2008


WWW, January 2 2008 - As we see the Internet bringing people and movements together, these last years we have witnessed how conscious Rasta and Reggae websites team up with others in what is usually called the "Truth Movement".

Just like the Movement of Rastafari is diverse and cannot be placed in one "religious" box, so is this "Truth Movement".

Rootical Christians and conscious Rasta's, and those who are both, contribute to the Truth Movement in an increasing manner as well.

The Dubroom only contributes in a humble way to this massive Movement that only has one thing in common: A love for the truth.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)




WWW, December 2007 - Remember Tenor Saw's "Ring The Alarm", and Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam"? Sure, they're both on the same riddim but there's another connection to be discovered.

With the exception of one or two digital contemporary remixes, each and every track in this Podcast comes straight out the 1980's catalogue of what was one of the leading labels in the Rub a Dub time.

We hear true gems by a then very young Sister Nancy. Tenor Saw's classic "Ring The Alarm" comes to us in three different versions, we hear some rather obscure Dillinger Tracks and Augustus Pablo enters in every now and then as well.

The Techniques label was founded by Winston Riley, who in the 1960's was part of a group call The Techniques, of which we can also hear a track. But the group should not be confused with the label that would decades later release some crucial Rub a Dub niceness, even though Winston Riley was behind the label too.

Winston Riley is also responsible for the Stalag Riddim. Definitely one of the most played Reggae riddims of all times, and so it should not be a surprise to hear a couple of Stalag tunes right at the start.

However, to limit the view on what the Techniques Label released on the Stalag riddim is to do seriously short to Winston Riley's work. And that is a thing DJ Dr. Tahl doesn't want to do.

The result is an interesting excursion into Rub a Dub with a few sidesteps into a more recent time-frame but only because of the reflections of the past that they contain.

Definitely designed to make you move and groove from the top to the very last drop.


01 Super Beagle - Dust a Sound Boy
02 Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm
03 Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm (Hip Hop Remix)
04 Prince Mohammed - Bubbling
05 sister Nancy - Bam Bam
06 Courtney Melody - Bad Boy
07 Super Cat - History
08 Dillinger - Judge Not
09 Techniques All stars - Zion I
10 Sister Nancy - One, Two
11 Sister Nancy - Money cant Buy My Love
12 The Techniques - Love is not A Gamble
13 Admiral Tibet - Woman is a Trouble
14 Dillinger - Melting Pot
15 Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm (Remix Ft Buju Banton)
16 Dillinger - Fe Me Woman De Bes
17 Sister Nancy - Transport Connection



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