Friday, July 11, 2014



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WWW, July 2014 - The first thing you should avoid is to take the title of this EP serious. You should take the name Bryan Art serious, though, and the four excellent musical works of this release even more. Why? Well, that's the four dollar question you will see answered in this review of Fresh Start, the EP.

First, the music. Four excellent contemporary Jamaican Roots Reggae tracks, perfectly recorded into the multitrack by Bryan Art's FILE13 Band. This is the kind of Roots Reggae that counters the slackness and emptiness that is the majority of (Jamaican) Dancehall. This is the kind of Jamaican Music that brings blessings to the whole world. 

With special appearances by none other than Sizzla and Queen Ifrica accompanying his evidently talented and skilled voice, "Fresh Start" is an essential introduction to this multi-tasker in Reggae Music as well. The name Bryan Art, namely, should need no introduction and the fact that it might is a shame. So in a way, Fresh Start is a proper title. It's a fresh start for us as listeners, a fresh chance to get ourselves familiar with this very interesting brethren.

Bryan Art is a guitar player, song writer, band leader, and a singer. Among other things. He has toured all over North America and Europe, sometimes as part of a backing band and sometimes in a different setting. He has been the guitar player of the Fire House Crew, that is King Tubby's House Band personally formed by the Godfather of Dub himself, band leader for Bushman's backing band, the list goes on and on. The music of this Art is not to be ignored or underestimated!

So, what's this with a four-dollar question? Isn't that just a tip on a meal? Well, yes. It's also the price you pay for the four excellent musical works when you CLICK HERE. Get your Fresh Start now and if you must, you can also listen to this quartet of excellency before you do below.


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